NJPW 11th Annual Young Lions Cup Final Standings (Updated: 12/21/2017)

Here are the standings for the NJPW 11th Annual Young Lions Cup, they will be updated each day that a Young Lions Cup event takes place.

Here is how the point system breaks down:

Win = 2 points

Draw = 1 point for each competitor

Loss = 0 points


Katsuya Kitamura: 10 Points (5-0-0) ***11th Annual Young Lions Cup Winner***

Hirai Kawato: 8 Points (4-1-0)

Tomoyuki Oka: 6 Points (3-2-0)

Syota Umino: 4 Points (2-3-0)

Ren Narita: 1 Points (0-4-1)

Tetsuhiro Yagi: 1 Points (0-4-1)

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