NWA Gold Announces Clash Of The Titles II

Clash of the Titles is returning.

NWA announced that Clash of the Titles II is coming in December. An exact date was not given.

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32 belts will battle in a single elimination tournament to determine which title the greatest championship in National Wrestling Alliance history. Fans will vote for their favorite titles.

From NWA Gold regarding Clash of the Titles I:

"Clash of the Titles" is a thirty-two belt tournament fought under single elimination rules over five rounds. The initial first round titles will be selected by active members of the #NWAFam who will be offering up eight championships apiece for your consideration. These belts will go head-to-head in fan polls on Instagram, Facebook and the Alliance Wrestling website lasting only one day each, with the winning belt being announced the next day alongside the new pairing. At the end of the tournament, one title will be declared the winner – and the GOAT of all National Wrestling Alliance championships.

So what *does* make a championship the Greatest of All Time?That’s entirely up to you as the voters. It could be the design, the colour, the shape, the memories you attach to it, the talent who held it, or anything else. You’ll be deciding collectively as members of the NWA family.

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship won Clash of the Titles I.

Regarding Clash of the Titles II:

Around sixteen months ago, in the early days of this account, NWA GOLD offered up a thirty-two belt elimination tournament to find the greatest belt in @nwa history. While it may not be surprising that the #tenpoundsofgold version of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship won that tournament, what may surprise you is that it won it just by a nose - or a domed globe, if you will.

In the end of 2021, “Clash of the Titles” returns for your viewing pleasure. With new brackets, new rules and new titles, your votes will once again determine which title is currently considered by NWA fans to be the greatest championship belt in the history of the National Wrestling Alliance. Will Sweet Charlotte defend her spot on top of the heap? Will Big Gold step up and knock her off? Or will one of the other beautiful straps win the day?

Fightful will provide more updates on Clash of the Titles II as they are known.

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