NXT TakeOver 31 - NXT Championship: Finn Balor vs. Kyle O'Reilly Result

NXT Championship Match

Finn Bälor (c) vs Kyle O'Reilly

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Kyle kicks Finn in the let before they exchange standing switches and Finn takes Kyle down. They grapple on the mat before Finn locks in a standing side headlock before grounding Kyle with it. Kyle hits a belly to back suplex, but Finn keeps the headlock on before Kyle counters a sunset flip into an arm bar. Finn gets to the ropes for two before Kyle focuses on his left arm and Kyle drives Finn shoulder first into the mat. Kyle grounds Finn with a hammer lock before Finn gets to the ropes for the break and hits a basement dropkick. Finn locks in a straight arm bar and grounds Kyle with a hammer lock before Kyle gets to his feet. Finn elbows Kyle and chops him in the corner before Kyle comes back with a running forearm in the corner into several suplexes and a DDT for two. Kyle and Finn exchange until Finn drops Kyle and stomps him against the ropes. The referee backs Finn off before Finn drives his shoulder into the midsection of Kyle and whips him sternum first into the corner. Finn traps Kyle in the ropes and kicks him in the ribs before driving him down onto the mat. Finn locks in a variation of a camel clutch before locking in an abdominal stretch that Kyle gets free of and hits Finn with a bridging suplex for two. Kyle catches Finn coming in and kicks him in the knee when Finn goes for a shotgun dropkick. Finn locks in another abdominal stretch before Kyle locks in a heel hook that Finn counters into a sharpshooter. Kyle gets to the bottom rope for the break before Finn stomps and kicks him against the ropes. Finn stomps a bloodied Kyle in the corner before Kyle comes back with a rebound lariat before they get to their feet and Kyle counters 1916. Kyle locks in a standing guillotine before transitioning into an arm bar before Finn stomps his way free when he rolls Kyle up. Finn hits the 1916 for a near fall before going up top and Kyle kicks his legs out before Kyle hits a pair of dragon screw leg whips. Kyle hits a diving knee to Finn tangled in the ropes before hitting a diving knee drop to Finn's knee and locking in an Achilles lock. Kyle transitions into a heel hook before locking in a double heel hook and Finn gets to the bottom rope right before tapping. Finn then comes back with a pair of jumping stomps into the Coup De Grace for the pin and the win.

Winner: Finn Bälor retains his NXT Championship by defeating Kyle O'Reilly via pinfall.

After the match Finn and Kyle shake hands before Ridge Holland shows up at ringside and dumps an unconscious Adam Cole over the barricade and onto the floor at ringside before leaving. Kyle and officials then rush to Adam's side as we go off the air.

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