NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2020 - Men's WarGames: Team Undisputed ERA vs. Team McAfee Result

Men's WarGames Match

Once the men enter their cages the match is kicked off by Kyle O'Reilly for UE and Pete Dunne for Pat's group. They start the match off by feeling each other out before exchanging submissions and grappling on the mat. Pete matches Kyle move for move before focusing on joint manipulation before Kyle locks in a standing guillotine and drops him with a running knee. Pete hits an x-plex onto an armbar before Kyle locks in a heel hook as time counts down and Oney Lorcan enters the match. Oney and Kyle exchange strikes before Pete and Oney double up on Kyle and Kyle hits a diving knee to Oney before Pete turns him inside out with a dropkick to the knee. Oney locks in a single leg Boston crab while Pete manipulates Kyle's fingers before Fish comes in and suplexes Pete into Oney. Fish hits Oney with a spine buster and UE hit a DDT into a German suplex before Bobby hits Oney with a dragon screw and kicks Pete in the legs. Time counts down and Danny comes in next and brings a bag with a pair of cricket bats before Kyle locks in a submission and Danny taps out, but the match hasn't started yet. Pete breaks up the hold and Danny hits Kyle across the back with the bat before time counts down and Roderick Strong comes in for UE. Roddy is immediately attacked by the tag champs before Strong hits a running double clothesline and hits Pete with a backbreaker. Roddy hits an Olympic slam before being launched into the side of the cage and The Kings retake control as Pat enters the match last for his team and brings several tables in with him. The Kings lay Roddy on a table and hits a moonsault off of the top and through the table before Adam Cole finally enters the match and brings a fire extinguisher and a chair. Cole takes out everyone except Pat before Pete gets between them and counters The Bitter End into a DDT before Kyle attacks Pete with a chair and baits Pat into getting hit by a chair from behind by Adam. All eight men brawl before each team gets two off of a double team and Pat chop blocks Adam before locking in a figure four Adam rolls to reverse the pressure. Pete breaks up the hold before Pat taps before Roddy and Fish and Oney and Danny exchange until they collapse while Adam his an ushigoroshi to Pete for a near fall. UE put Danny on a table and slam Prue onto a table that doesn't break before it collapses underneath their weight. Adam knocks Pete backwards off of the top through another table before UE trap the rest of The Kings between the ropes and the side of the cage. UE hit several running moves before surrounding Pat and beating him down before The Kings come back to save Pat from being finished. Everyone hits a move before seven of the eight men brawl and Pat hits a Swanton Bomb off of the top onto the pile. Kyle and Pete exchange strikes until Kyle drops Pete and Pete snaps his fingers before hitting the Bitter End for a very close near fall. Kyle hits a suplex onto the steel grate between the two rings for a near fall before trapping the head of Pete in a chair and climbing up top. Pat hits Kyle with a chair and knocks him off of the top to save Pete before Adam gets hit with a low blow when he goes to hit Pat across the head with the chair. Adam drops Pat with a pump kick before Bobby spears Burch through a table and Adam superkicks Pat when he teases a Panama Sunrise. Adam hits a Panama Sunrise of his own for a near fall before Oney saves Pat from The Last Shot and Pete hits a Bitter End into a chair. Kyle then pins Danny with a diving knee off of the top with a chair across his face for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Undisputed Era defeat The Kings of NXT via pinfall when Kyle O'Reilly pins Danny Burch.

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