NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2020 - Women's WarGames: Team Shotzi vs. Team Candice Result

NXT Women's WarGames Match

The two teams come out onto the ramp before being locked in their cages and Kai and Ember start off for their respective teams as the five minute timer begins until the next competitor enters the match which will be at three minute intervals. Kai and Moon start the match off by grappling before Kai jumps on Ember's back and chokes her before Ember hits running moves in opposite corners. Ember drops Kai with a single leg dropkick into a pump kick and a running senton before Kai hits a scorpion kick. Kai strikes Ember in mount before pressing her face against the side of the cage before Ember suplexes Kai into the side of the cage. Ember hits a running cross body into Kai into the side of the cage before Moon counters an avalanche GTK and Kai catches Moon with a kick when she goes for a suicide dive from one ring into the other. Kai then hits a frankensteiner as time winds down and the clock hits zero with Shotzi coming in second, Shotzi bringing a crow bar and tool box into the ring. Shotzi hits a bulldog into a pump kick and a discus forearm into an inverted cannonball against the ropes before Kai manages to temporarily right off both Moon and Blackheart. Shotzi and Ember hit a missile dropkick doomsday device as Raquel enters next and evens the odds before single handedly taking out Moon and Blackheart. Raquel uses Kai as a weapon against Moon and Blackheart before Kai and Gonzalez double up on Shotzi and Ember as time runs down. Rhea comes in next and goes toe to toe with Raquel before Kai distracts her, but Rhea takes them both out anyway. Ember and Shotzi double up on Raquel for two before Rhea hits Kai with a sledgehammer and throws her into the side of the cage. Rhea and Raquel meet in the middle between the two rings and break before spilling onto the first ring as time runs out. Toni comes in and brings kendo sticks with her before suplexing Rhea and ripping the top turnbuckle pad off of one of the turnbuckles in the first ring. Toni whips Rhea into the exposed turnbuckle before Toni and Raquel hit Shotzi and Ember with kendo sticks before the two sides hit a tower of doom and a reverse tower of doom in opposite rings. Io comes in next and slides ladders into the ring before Raquel shuts the door before she can enter the cage. Io tosses chairs in next before kicking Raquel and Toni sends her out of the cage before tying it shut with her belt. Io tries to climb the cage and gets knocked off and down onto the floor before Indi attacks Io from behind before Candice enters the cage with trash cans. Candice locks the cage and holds onto the key before she and her team take control with a four on three advantage. Io puts a garbage can over herself and dives off of the cage and onto everyone in the ring before Team Shotzi come back. Candice saves Toni from getting hit with a wrench before Shotzi locks in a Muta Lock on Toni that Candice breaks up. Shotzi hits Candice with a chair and kendo stick before Kai hits her from behind with a chair and rocks Io with a running kick. Kai puts a trash can over Io and hits a diving stomp for a near fall that Ember breaks up before Ember hits Kai with The Eclipse for a near fall. Toni hits Moon with Storm Zero onto the trash can for a near fall that Moon breaks up before a ladder is set up in the first ring and Shotzi goes for a diving senton, but lands on top of a chair that Candice grabbed and put on top of herself. Io hits a moonsault for a near fall that Toni breaks before Raquel chokeslams Io through a ladder for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Team Candice defeat Team Shotzi via pinfall when Raquel Gonzalez pins Io Shirai.

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