NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021: Winners Take All Six-Man Tag Team Match Result

Legado's got no luck tonight.

At NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021, the show kicked off with the winner-take-all match for both the NXT Tag Team Championship and the NXT North American Championship.

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Despite the experience advantage as a unit for Legado Del Fantasma, Bronson Reed and MSK were able to secure the victory and in the process, enhance their own legacy.

Winner Take All NXT North American/Tag Team Championship Match
MSK (c) & Bronson Reed (c) vs Legado Del Fantasma​​​​​

Lee and Raul exchange flips and head scissors before running the ropes and Joaquin and Nash come in and exchange arm drags before Joaquin rolls Nash up for two before Nash dropkicks him and Bronson comes in before Santos makes Raul come back in. Bronson runs Raul over before Santos come in and gets man handled before making Joaquin tag in and MSK double up on Joaquin for two before Reed and MSK triple team Joaquin for another two count. Santos comes in and sends Carter out of the ring before Carter hits a moonsault and everyone takes turn hitting topes before Santos hits a frankensteiner for two before stretching Lee and hitting a brainbuster before LDF triple team Lee for two. Reed comes in and runs over Raul and Joaquin before hitting a double running splash in the corner before hitting a double Samoan drop and Santos comes in and hits the Phantom Driver for a near fall that Carter breaks up. LDF then hit their double team finisher for a near fall that Lee breaks up before Reed tackles Santos through the barricade and MSK take out Joaquin and Raul before Reed hits a diving splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed and MSK retain their respective titles via pinfall.

If you're missing any of the live action, follow along with our live coverage here and make sure you check out the post-show podcast after the event is off the air which will recap all the action.

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