NXT TakeOver: In Your House - Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream NXT Title Backlot Brawl Result

NXT Championship Backlot Brawl Match

Adam Cole (c) vs The Velveteen Dream

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Cole comes out in truck while Dream comes out to the lot in a sports car before they get into the ring in the center of the circle of cars parked with their lights on before Adam tries to hit Dream with his belt and Dream turns it into a series of pin attempts for two. Cole rolls out of the ring and back in before dropping Dream with a boot when he pursues him before punching Dream in mount and grabs his belt before he gets into a car and Dream climbs on top of the car before hitting it with a baseball bat. Cole gets out and they brawl among the cars before an Uber shows up and the referee tells it to leave before the brawl continues and Dream sends Cole into a trash can before he tries to hit him with it and Cole rolls out of the way. Dream stalks Cole with a trash can and its lid before Cole hides and Dream opens a door before Cole sprays him with a fire extinguisher, Cole rocking Dream with forearms before they make their way back to ringside. Cole beats on Dream before Dream sends him into the post and hitting a double ax handle off of the apron and rolling Adam back into the ring before Dream goes to cover him, but Cole scrambles out of the ring.

Dream gets superkicked in mid-air when he comes off of the top and goes for another double ax handle before Dream superkicks him when Adam goes for the Panama Sunrise off of the apron. Dream powerslams Cole onto the hood of a car before bringing in a ladder and setting it up against the car before climbing it and Dream is distracted by a car driven by the rest of UE who honk the horn and flash their lights. Dream knocks Cole off of the ladder and into the windshield where he's cut open before the rest of UE attack Dream and beat him down before they check on Adam and toss a large quantity of chairs into a pile in the ring. Dexter Lumis comes out from underneath the apron and attacks UE with a chair before putting them in the trunk of a car and speeding off with them. Cole gets back to the ring and climbs to the top before Dream counters the Panama Sunrise into a DVD onto the for a near fall before Cole sets a chair up and hits the Purple Rainmaker through a chair for another near fall.

Cole then low blows Dream before hitting the Panama Sunrise onto all of the chairs piled in the center of the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Adam Cole retains his NXT Championship by defeating Velveteen Dream via pinfall.

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