The Official Rules Of Control Your Narrative Ban Superkicks, Tope Suicidas, And Canadian Destroyers

EC3 bans Superkicks and Canadian Destroyers.

The Control Your Narrative brand is intent on being something different in the world of wrestling and their new set of rules and regulations do guarantee that they will be different from other promotions on television.

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EC3 shared the rules on his Instagram page and aside from rules number one and two being identical to one another, “You are in control,” rule number five may ruffle some feathers.

Rule number five emphatically states there will be no Superkicks, no Canadian Destroyers, and no Tope Suicidas.

From EC3 on Instagram:


Sanctioned “Matches” will take place at all #CYN Live Events and will adhere to the standard #ProfessionalWrestling rule book.⁣

#CYN Live will be #officiated by a well trained and state certified team of “officials.”⁣

⁣• 1st rule: You are in control.⁣

• 2nd rule: YOU ARE IN CONTROL!⁣

• 3rd rule: Fights end when you tap out, get knocked out, can’t stand, or quit. Sanctioned “matches” can end via pin fall.⁣

• 4th rule: Standard “professional wrestling” rules apply for sanctioned “matches.” Chaos ensues in the PROJECT PIT.⁣

• 5th rule: No #Superkicks. No #TopeSuicidas. No #CanadianDestroyers.⁣

• 6th rule: The fight isn’t with your opponent. It is with yourself.⁣

• 7th rule: Fights will go on as long as they have too. Sanctioned “matches” HIT THEIR TIMES.⁣

• 8th rule: If you want to #ControlYourNarrative, you have to fight.⁣

Fights within #TheNarrative? That is a different story.⁣

Control Your Narrative has already had one event in Florida and they plan on being broadcast on the free upcoming platform, Pro Wrestling TV. Learn more here.

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