Opinion: Tyson Fury Should Ditch The Leotard And Pick Up The Boxing Gloves

It is going to be hard to find a TV episode in 2019 that will make you cringe more than Tyson Fury’s debut appearance on the WWE. In fact, it’s probably impossible all things considered given how out of time Fury was with his ‘punches’ whilst being restrained by a large group of security personnel as they tried to stop him fighting with Braun Strowman.

Even the die-hard WWE fans would have been slightly suspicious at the way the security magically bounced around the ring after Fury’s fist stopped a good 10 inches before connecting with their faces. At times, you could probably have fitted Andy Ruiz Jr in the gap between Fury’s hand and the onrushing men in black given how badly timed the punching was.

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Hell hath no Fury like a heavyweight scorned

That won’t be a surprise to anyone really given that we’re all aware that punches never do connect in the mysterious and often quite humorous land of World Wrestling Entertainment but given how hardworking and talented the wrestlers are, it’s often hard to be sure as they do incredibly well to bridge the gap between fantasy and real life. The problem here is that Tyson Fury is a man renowned for landing punches and very real ones at that, come to think of it, he has also been on the receiving end of a few of the more brutal punches the boxing world has seen in recent times.

Deontay Wilder’s 12th round explosive right hand during their tie at the Staples Center instantly pops into mind as does Otto Wallin’s hook during their recent showdown in Vegas. Wallin’s punches were so hard-hitting that Fury actually had to get 47 stitches put in place after the bout in order to sow it up.

With all this in mind and on the back of these incredibly violent yet pulsating fights that the Gypsy King has had, it’s hard to digest what is now going down in the WWE ring and should he continue to entertain this idea then his legacy is in serious danger. This is a man who is currently unbeaten with a record that reads 29-0-1, why would he be putting his legacy on the line by joining the WWE?

How long will this last?

Some may argue that it is just a bit of fun and a good way to increase the bank balance without actually being in any danger of getting hurt. After all, any boxer that retires as the end of their career with all their senses intact can count their lucky stars. That’s all good and well and it is certainly Fury’s prerogative to decide which best suits him and the long term well-being of his family.

Fury is now a father of five and given how much it looks like he enjoys being a father, he will want to be present and in good health as his family gets a bit older. The 31-year-old will know very well though, that if he is on the receiving end of a few more haymakers, all bets are off as to what type of health he will spend his retirement in. He won't have to worry about any of that, however, when he takes on Braun Strowman in the WWE Crown Jewel event.

Fury is an entertainer but born fighter

The thing is though, even with the very real perils of boxing lurking in the background, Fury is a born fighter who is committed to the sport. The Englishman is arguably the best of his generation and depending on who you ask, the generations before as well. He won’t walk away from the sport anytime soon, especially as a rematch in 2020 with Deontay Wilder is on the cards, and as of the 14th of October, Betway has Fury as the favorite to beat the Alabama native too.

Oh no, there is too much at stake right now in Fury’s career for him to turn his back on boxing which is ultimately why his association with the WWE needs to end so that everyone can find out who will be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

The fear factor that Fury currently has is also likely to diminish should he continue to, in the words of Eddie Hearn, “prance around in a leotard.” The bottom line is that you can’t be both, a WWE star as well as the heavyweight champion of the world and you’d like to think that Fury knows that and is just trying to increase his profile in the States. You can't be certain though because when Tyson Fury has talked about transitioning to the WWE it never seems like it is just a passing phase.

Frank Warren has done nothing to pour cold water on the idea either after he said the 31-year-old was a natural wrestling star but he may just be trying to appease his biggest client. It would be a crying shame if the career of boxing’s greatest anomaly is derailed by the bright lights of the WWE because there won’t be any more 6ft 9in boxers who are able to move like featherweights to come in the future.

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