Paige's Brother Roy Knight Claims William Regal Is Keeping His Family Out Of WWE, Regal Responds

New beef for William Regal.

Roy Bevis, the brother of WWE superstar Paige, went on a Facebook rant where he claimed NXT general manager William Regal is keeping him and his family out of WWE.

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"Been told I can't go to WWE tryouts because I threatened a NXT trainer, or whatever. That's bullshit. The bottom line is, [William] Regal, we heard he was slagging my family off," claimed Roy. "A lot of wrestlers told us he was slagging us off, calling us poutine scum and my dad's a gangster. I mentioned to Mr. Regal, 'what's your problem with my dad, what's your problem with my family? Why do you keep blocking us? If you got an issue, I'll come on my own to meet you at any venue in the world and we can have a chat about it. Or a shoot fight, whatever you want to do. Kick the shit out of each other, shake hands, get done with it.' He messaged my dad and was really nice to my dad. I messaged him saying, 'it's done. Thanks a lot.' Men like to speak to each other because that's what most men do. I'm not a 'Yes Man' like most people you hire. I don't know why you keep carrying this on.

"And James Mason, who also works for [Regal] at NXT, a good friend of mine, slept with the mother of my child a year after we split up, which is fine. I asked him man-to-man ten years ago, 'Did you do it?' He said, 'No.' Then I found out he did. At the end of the day, just be honest in life. I would never change who I am. I am a mental health advocate because I've been abused and beat up as a child. And you're not going to break me, mate. I'll just carry on doing the Indie scene because the UK Hooligans are the best tag team around. The best-known tag team. You're never gonna stop me doing it. At the end of the day, you should pick people on talent, not because they give you a little twisty. I will never do that. If I never go to WWE, I never go. That's fair enough. But don't keep talking shit and blocking my family," he said.

Regal didn't directly respond to the claims but did address Roy's comments in a post on Twitter.

Roy, who wrestles as Zebra Kid and Roy Knight, is convicted of multiple assaults and spent time in jail for drunk driving. Paige recently went to bat for Roy and her other brother Zak, saying both should be hired by NXT UK.

Meanwhile, Paige announced that she would be taking a break from Twitter. But it turned out to be a swerve

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