Pete Dunne Raises Money For Black Lives Matter With OG British Strong Style Shirt

Pete Dunne isn't able to wrestle as he's in England due to the coronavirus pandemic. But he's still finding a way to help out.

On Tuesday, Dunne announced that he would be selling OG British Strong Style shirts with the proceeds going to Black Lives Matter. In less than 24 hours, Dunne had sold 2,000 shirts, believing to have raised at least £20,000. Dunne said he was going to cap it there to make sure he and his team could handle the order load.

Dunne was one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions alongside Matt Riddle before the pandemic started, but was unable to defend the belts alongside Riddle when travel was shutdown. Riddle & Timothy Thatcher ended up losing the titles to Imperium when Thatcher turned on Riddle.

Shirts are currently marked as sold out and it is unknown if more will be on-sale.

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