Primo Colon Claims His WWE Wellness Policy Violation Wasn't For Failing Drug Test

Primo Colon has an explanation as to why he has been suspended by WWE for a Wellness Policy violation and it's not due to failing a drug test.

In an interview with Primera Hora conducted in Spanish, Primo discussed the circumstances that led to WWE announcing that he was given a Wellness Policy violation. On December 10, WWE suspended Primo and Robert Roode for 30 days each for their first Wellness Policy violations, but did not specify what were the reasons for either man being suspended. 

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Primo said he wasn't on the road with WWE when he got the call to undergo a drug test and instead in his native country of Puerto Rico. Primo then responded to that call by proposing he go to a lab in Puerto Rico for the drug test just so that he wouldn't have to pay to travel to the United States just for a drug test. 

"I wasn't on the road with WWE, I wasn't scheduled for any event in the near future. I was in Puerto Rico when they suddenly called me, not to use me, but to get me to travel and go through a drug test. I was ready to do it, but I told them that I was in Puerto Rico and was willing to go to a lab [here in Puerto Rico] of their choosing to do the drug test without problems. I just wasn't going to pay for a trip that was simply going to be a drug test," Primo said.

WWE never got back to Primo after that proposal and instead, Primo was given a notice two months later saying that he has been suspended for what he claims was for refusing to undergo a drug test. Primo then claimed he was innocent because he said he hasn't taken any banned substances, nor did he tell WWE that he didn't want to do a drug test.

"From then on, I didn't hear a response on the matter and I thought they would call me when they found a place for me to go do the test. Two months passed and I get a letter saying that I am suspended, according to them, because I denied wanting to do a drug test. And that's just not right. They took it as I was out of the country, but not available," Primo said.

Primo did also say he was going to appeal the suspension, saying that his reputation is on the line because now there is a perception by many that he had been taking banned substances when he claims that he never tested positive for anything. 

"I don't want them to say that I failed for testing positive because that is totally false and incorrect. They usually do drug tests at events, have someone there to recover the urine of wrestlers, employees and referees to do an evaluation once a month. I did not test positive for anything. I was in Puerto Rico. I have to clarify this because my reputation is worth more than any check," Primo said.

It's been nearly a year since Primo last competed inside a WWE ring and more than a year since he was last competed on WWE programming and notes that he is under contract through next year. He's not sure if he'll ever be brought back for the remainder of his deal, but knows that he's going to be paid regardless of what's he doing in the company.

"I'm under contract with them until October 2020. They have the facilities to call me and use me if they went. If they don't want to use me, they still have to pay regardless. They are using new guys and that's how the industry goes. It's basically like sitting on the bench and not playing," Primo said.

While Primo hasn't been seen on WWE programming in a long time, he has remained busy in Puerto Rico, wrestling in Puerto Rico's WWC promotion that is run by his father, WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon.

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