QT Marshall Says His Money In AEW Will Be For Behind The Scenes Work

QT Marshall loves being a professional wrestler but knows that he has a future behind the scenes.

QT Marshall, in front of the camera, was known as Cody Rhodes’ right-hand man, behind the scenes, he also had a role as Cody's assistant. QT Marshall is also a trainer at the Nightmare Factory in Atlanta, Georgia and even Tony Khan has put over QT Marshall's work ethic in the past.

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Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, QT Marshall opened up about wearing different hats in All Elite Wrestling and believing that his future is in a role behind the camera.

“Those are all of my passions. I love teaching and I love behind the scenes. I have one on ones with Tony [Khan] all the time. It’s very fun, but it is time-consuming and tiring. I can definitely see a difference if we are up all night and I have to be in the ring the next day. With that there is pressure. But deep down I know that the money for me is behind the scenes. I have to go above and beyond to make sure I don’t mess that up. If one gets taken away, it will be the wrestling.”

Now, QT has betrayed Cody Rhodes on-camera and he says, this shift in his character was due to fan reception as he started to rise through the ranks in AEW.

“It was around the time that I started teaming with Dustin [Rhodes]. All the comments from the fans saying, ‘I don’t deserve to team with Dustin. It should be this person it should be that person. QT doesn’t deserve TV time.’ Wherever they got that from was the narrative from the beginning. If AEW actually presented me as who I am, a 17-year veteran who has traveled the world. A guy who busted his ass… But we didn’t present me as that, we presented it as Cody’s coffee getter. Think about the first match, I was presented as this guy who couldn't do anything. Then we flipped the opinion of the fans by the end of the match. That was planned. We wanted to get me over and for me to succeed. We were able to do that, but not able to capitalize. Little by little that hard work I’ve been doing, I was offered a backstage deal. So the moment I got in the ring, this was my time. But when I realized I was just going to be in the shadow of the Rhodes family, I started building my own team. I decided it’s now or never, and got Cody to do that exhibition match. No turning back now, let's go full speed ahead and take no prisoners.”

Tonight, QT Marshall will face Cody Rhodes one-on-one on Blood & Guts, a special edition of AEW Dynamite. Fightful will have live coverage beginning at 8 p.m. eastern time.

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for sending along the above quotes. Check out the full interview embedded above.

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