Renee Paquette Is Excited To See Where Rhea Ripley And Nikki ASH Go; Says Some Stars 'Battle Creative'

Renee Paquette looks at a recent development in the Raw women's division.

Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H had a breakout year in 2021. Ripley won her first main roster championship at WrestleMania, Nikki won her first singles championship from Charlotte Flair by cashing in Money in the Bank.

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Eventually, these two would form a tag team and while they were briefly successful, Nikki would end up going on a downward spiral that would be her break away from Rhea Ripley on Monday, January 10, 2022.

Saying that “Almost superheroes don't need any friends,” Nikki appears to be heading down a path where she will be a hero whether anybody wants it or not.

Speaking about this on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, former WWE broadcaster, Renee Paquette said she's very excited to see where this parent goes and spoke about some of the struggles they have had leading up to this moment.

“I feel like this is what needed to happen. I don’t know it’s what everybody saw coming. I think people thought maybe it was going to be Rhea Ripley to be the one to split the group up. But Nikki A.S.H — honestly when she started this character I was like, “I’m not sure what we are doing here,’ I was really on the fence about it. But I love Nikki, I think she's great. I know how creative she is. I know how much she loves what she does and has such a passion for professional wrestling. So for her to take a character like that and run with it, and truly see people jump on this bandwagon. I think was really cool.”

Speaking about Rhea Ripley, Renee Paquette would say that she finds it shocking that Rhea Ripley has fallen through the cracks and any regard with WWE creative because to her, Rhea Ripley is a made star.

“Can you believe that’s a thing for Rhea Ripley? I can’t believe it. She’s incredible. She's this perfect package that is ready to go. She’s young, but she’s so [adaptable]. I think she’s incredible. I can’t believe that she’s somebody that could have for a second fallen between the cracks,” said Renee.

As for the future with the pairing now being on opposite ends, Renee says she's looking forward to this story continuing and that even though both women may be in a position where they are battling the vision that other individuals have for who they are, she's hopeful that the cream will rise to the top, especially in the case of Nikki ASH.

“I mean, I just want to see what they're gonna do with this. You know, I mean, like we were just saying with Rhea, sometimes you get stuck kind of battling against the creative team and what other people's visions for you, maybe I know what that uphill battle can look like. But I do think Nikki is so determined to be doing all the things that her character wants to do I’m sure she’s got some kind of mapped-out vision board at home, of the things that maybe she would like to do. So let’s hope she can get some other people on board and really bring some of this shit to fruition.”

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