All Of The Young Bucks' Twitter Bios

We bring you the most important resources here at Fightful, so here are the Young Bucks' oft-deleted Twitter bios.

April 13 - Best tag team of all time & not even close. Like not even close at all. We will not see your tweet because your account is muted.

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April 14 - Sparked the movement that created the revolution called AEW. The company wouldn't exist without us. The narrative has been changed. Just a reminder.

April 15 - Last night after opening the Forbidden Dior, we beat PAC & Fenix clean in the middle of the ring. They are fantastic athletes but it wasn't their night.

April 16 - Oh will you look at that. We had another five star match on free TV with only Austin Gunn in the crowd. lol. We'll be appreciated when we're long gone.

April 17 - Wrestling's sweethearts. Needle movers. Goalpost chasers. Polarizing, self-made millionaire. Could've retired years ago so this is all extra credit. Done by 40.

April 18 - We'll be offered an induction into WWE HOF in our 60's but will decline to stay in character.

April 19 - Only check mentions from verified accounts & half the time it's just wrestling asking for jobs.

April 20 - Pioneers. Changed the merchandise business. Popularized the most polarizing style of wrestling. Our coats have tails & you've used them like a steering wheel.

April 21 - This Elite trailer is super nice! AC is cranking. They didn't put a Nespresso inside though.

April 23 - Google "Young Bucks Net Worth." Double it. Double that. Now, you're half way there.

April 24 - Co-founders of AEW. Don't do limb work in matches so ppl think we don't know psychology. Wrestling tried to cancel us 10 years ago for not shaking a hand.

April 25 - Forward thinking innovators attempted to be stifled by the old guard. Wrote a memoir & put a pic of us staring down at our nuts & it was still a best seller.

April 26 - Just put BTE up. You kno, the show we've been making for years for free just to be slandered & have mean spirited messages written about us in the comments?

April 26 - Spammer of superkicks. Killers of business. Backstage politicians. Refuse to look weak. Don't give credit for photos.

April 27 - Few years ago we superkicked a 9 year old boy. Not a lot of stuff we regret doing in our career. Wish we would've saved it for TV.

April 28 - The year is 2045. Teddy Hart's trampoline/half-pipe ring is standard in the industry. We repeat history by slandering new style & reminisce about the old days.

April 29 - What can I say, Tyler? Great minds! ROFL. Sorry we have to beat up your friend tho.

April 30 - Most of these, we plan on selling as NFT's for thousands. So please do not screenshot. Thanks!

May 1 - 日本が恋しいです。 ELITE退場後の日本プロレスはそれほど良くない。ヤングバックスの日本史上最大のタッグチーム。Bullet Clubを有名にし、多くの人を豊かにしました!

May 1 - Often times, we’ll sit together & discuss what new great accomplishment we’ll be discredited for because we wear jeans & Jordan’s, instead of suits & ties.

May 2 - Drug-free. Faithful to family. Self-made. First generation. Street-taught marketers. No wonder people on here don't like us.

May 3 - Saviors of a dying art called tag team wrestling. Our “developmental” days took place in mom & dad’s backyard. Street-taught marketers. Better than your faves.

May 3 - People answer "the match would last 3 mins" whenever someone asks what would happen if we wrestled Road Warriors. LOL. C’mon. We'd beat ‘em in 8.

May 4 - Made independent cool & lucrative. Changed way wrestlers did merch. Wrote blueprint on new match style. Breathed life into AEW. But we're the copycats.

May 9 - Our mom loves us way more.

May 11 - re: @EddieLameston We’ll do you one better. We’ll cartwheel, handspring & then rip your dumb heart out. But brb, g2g put a couple old horses down first.

May 12 - I'm Sorry. I love you.

May 14 - Watched the Pillman Dark Side of the Ring ep. Didn't cry once. Pillman Jr, you want to be a tag champ like your old man? Lol. Not happening, bud. See ya Wed.

May 15 - Currently not on speaking terms.

May 17- We were the ones who told the truck to cut right before SCU hugged.

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