History And Rules Of The UpUpDownDown Championship

The most prestigious title in all of WWE is without a doubt the UpUpDownDown Championship. Even Kofi Kingston, a former WWE Champion, believes this to be the case. The UpUpDownDown Championship is won on the sticks with a wrestler's game IQ put to the test.

The Rules:

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* Matches are contested via a random game
* A "boss" is brought in for a fifth title defense where the game is the specialty of the challenger
* Xavier Woods cannot win the title
* Xavier Woods is corrupt

The History:

April 4, 2019

- Mr. Castle (Mikaze) def. Joey Headrocker (Samoa Joe) in Street Fighter II to become the inaugural champion. (Watch)

* defended against Money Maker (The Miz) in Puyo Puyo Tetris (Watch)

* defend against Mr. 24/7 (Kofi Kingston) in Injustice 2 (Watch)

* defended against Mighty Minx (Zelina Vega) in Mortal Kombat 11(Watch)

* defended against Mr. 24/7 (Kofi Kingston) in Fatal Fury Special (Watch)

May 5, 2019

- Swagatha Christie (Gentleman Jack Gallagher) def. Mr. Castle (Mikaze) in UFC 3 (Watch)

* defended against The Murph (Buddy Murphy) in Saturday Night Slam Masters (Watch)

* defended against OG VG (Shelton Benjamin) in Boxing Legends Of The Ring (Watch)

May 22, 2019

- Mr. 24/7 (Kofi Kingston) def. Swagatha Christie (Gentleman Jack Gallagher) in Mortal Kombat 2 (Watch)

* defended against Uce (Jimmy Uso) in ClayFighter (Watch)

* defended against Tong Po (Rusev) in Teenage Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters (Watch)

* defended against Big Wool (Big E) in Mortal Kombat 11 (Watch)

June 26, 2019

- Jucey (Jey Uso) def. Mr. 24/7 (Kofi Kingston) in Tetris (Watch)

July 3, 2019

- Uce (Jimmy Uso) def. Jucey (Jey Uso) in The King of Fighters All-Star (Watch)

* defended against Get Em (R-Truth) in Weaponlord (Watch)

* defended against Mighty Minx (Zelina Vega) in Primal Rage (Watch)

July 22, 2019

- Joey Headrocker (Samoa Joe) def. Uce (Jimmy Uso) in World Heroes (Watch)

* defended against Buffy (Billie Kay) in Pop A Shot (Watch)

* defended against Samurai del Sol (Kalisto) in Air Hockey (Watch)

August 9, 2019

- The Champ (Seth Rollins) def. Joey Headrocker (Samoa Joe) in Track & Field II Arm Wrestling (Watch)

October 1, 2019

- Soulless Senpai (Becky Lynch) def. The Champ (Seth Rollins) in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite (Watch)

November 19, 2019

- Swiss Tony (Cesaro) def. Soulless Senpai (Becky Lynch) in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Watch)

November 24, 2019

- Miss Bliss (Alexa Bliss) def. Swiss Tony (Cesaro) in Brawlhalla (Fatal Four-Way; also featuring Rusev & Jack Gallagher) (Watch)

- Prince Pretty (Tyler Breeze) def. Miss Bliss (Alexa Bliss) in Saturday Night Slam Masters (Watch)

* defended against Jucey (Jey Uso) in Super Tennis (Watch)

* defended against Money Maker (The Miz) in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (Watch)

* defended against Mighty Minx (Zelina Vega) in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (Watch)

* defended against Joey Headrocker (Samoa Joe) in Magical Tetris Challenge (Watch)

* defended against Austin Creed (Xavier Woods) in American Gladiators (Watch)

* defended against King of Booty (AJ Styles) in Twisted Metal (Watch)

* During his historic title reign, Prince Pretty changed the rules and the championship. The "boss" challenger no longer gets to pick the game for the fifth defense and the UpUpDownDown Championship is now the LeftRightLeftRight Championship

April 20, 2021

- Shelty Slayer (Mia Yim) def. Prince Pretty (Tyler Breeze) in Klax (Watch)

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