Notable Names Left Out Of 2020 WWE Draft

The WWE 2020 Draft Pools and rules were announced, and some notable omissions were included.

Mostly inactive and part-time talent weren't included. However, the likes of Mojo Rawley and Forgotten Sons where nowhere to be found, either. It also clarified the call-up of Dabba-Kato and Arturo Ruas.

You can see the full list below, and stay tuned to our resources section for updated rosters and transactions.

Becky Lynch- Announced her pregnancy in May. Appeared on Raw prior.

John Cena- Only wrestling part time, and wasn't included in the 2019 draft. Appeared on Smackdown upon his return.

Bill Goldberg- Contracted for two matches per year, and has appeared on both brands. Was not included in 2019 draft.

Edge- Sidelined with an injury since Backlash, appeared on Raw prior.

The Big Show- Was not in 2019 draft pool. Has appeared on Raw.

Samoa Joe- Out of action since February 2020, when he appeared on Raw. Is doing commentary.

Jinder Mahal- Has been injured since spring 2020. Was drafted by Raw in 2019 despite being injured.

Sonya Deville- Lost "loser leaves WWE" match at Summerslam. Was a member of Smackdown prior.

Forgotten Sons- Were taken off TV due to heat on Jaxson Ryker in the Spring after being called up to Smackdown

Singh Bros.- Have not appeared since February. Were on Raw, NXT, 205 Live prior.

Bo Dallas- Hasn't wrestled since November 2019, as a member of Smackdown

Jimmy Uso- Knee injury, had been appearing on Smackdown prior.

Ivar- Cervical injury in August 2020. Appeared on Raw prior.

Mojo Rawley- No known injury, appeared on Smackdown prior.

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