The 205 Live Report Card (4/2/19): The Pressure Is On

WrestleMania is just days away and this week represents 205 Live’s final chance to promote the show’s Cruiserweight Title tilt. Along with that, I’m also sure that we’ll get some hot wrestling action here but frankly, that’s not my priority. Instead, I’ll take this contracted time to promote my own work:

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Well, click on the names that you like (all of them) and then read, share and wildly praise my beautiful work. Thank you, now back to 205 and all that.

DISCLAIMER: this show is in many ways, designed for my distaste. Take all critiques with a grain of salt as frankly, they are almost all misplaced and many even come with a disgusting bias. On the bright side, if I enjoy this programme, it bodes very well for your own enjoyment. In that sense, it’s ideal.

Drake Maverick welcomed us and run through this week’s show. His teeth looked white.

We then transition live as The Lucha House Party once again lied about this being “lucha time.” FRAUDS.

Kalisto vs. Oney Lorcan

To the ring now and Lorcan jumped Kalisto at the bell, landing a violent European uppercut and unleashing some chops. A suplex came next but Kalisto avoided its half and half counterpart, firing back with strikes of his own and then hitting some slightly wacky acrobatics. Lorcan responded right away though, sending his foe flying over the top rope and then launching him into the barricade. Delighted with his handy-work, Oney told Vic and co to “ask Cedric if he saw that.” Bit rude.

He used the apron as a weapon too, next grabbing a hold while backstage, Buddy Murphy arrived and barged two poor men around for no reason. Meanwhile in-ring, Lorcan continued to dominate, dropping Kalisto with a Northern Lariat for 2. Another hold then followed, with Oney grounding things until Kalisto fought to his feet, making a comeback and avoiding the half and half suplex once more. He then hit a hurricanrana for a near-fall of his own, next thinking Salida Del Sol but running directly into a savage European uppercut instead.

The fight then spilled to the apron, with Kalisto landing a spectacular Salida Del Sol for an eventual 2 count. Kalisto was battered and bruised at this juncture, fighting free on the top rope but having his 450 splash blocked nonetheless. After getting his knees up, Oney closed the show, finally hitting his half and half suplex for the win. Lorcan was delightful as the aggressor here and Kalisto’s fire proved a perfect contrast, creating a rather enthralling opening match. Oney is a great addition to this roster and on 205 Live, this is his sharpest work yet.

Grade: B

After that, Cedric Alexander entered Drake Maverick’s office, with the latter suggesting some time off for the former champion. On the other hand, Alexander wants Lorcan but Maverick is making him wait, wanting Cedric at 100%.

An interview with Tony Nese followed, claiming that there’s no pressure on him, as it’s Murphy that knows Nese has him beat. Buddy then jumped him from behind and a brawl commenced, trading strikes backstage and then pouring through the entrance way. Officials eventually began to attempt some form of separation, with one eating a knee from Murphy as Nese landed the Running Knese for an emphatic closing statement.

Mike Kanellis vs. Akira Tozawa

As promised, Tozawa is joined by The Brian Kendrick here, mocking their counterparts’ pose before the first bell. As the action commenced, Tozawa gained the upper hand, using his speed and catching the Octopus Stretch. Mike quickly made it to the ropes but Tozawa continued to flurry, landing a salvo of kicks and running wild until a clothesline stopped him in his tracks. Things then spilt to the outside, with Kanellis unleashing a right hand for just 1. A hold followed, as Mike grounded things before hitting a trio of vertical suplexes for 2.

The aggressive Kanellis stayed on top either way, landing a kick and then once again slowing things down until a counter powerbomb almost closed the show. Before long though, Tozawa fought to his feet, landing a sharp back elbow and using a hurricanrana to send his foe into the middle turnbuckle. A missile dropkick came next but Kanellis stayed in it, kicking out at 2. His momentum continued to build as well, landing yet another crisp kick for one more near-fall. A spinebuster soon turned the tide though, giving Mike a 2 count of his own and resetting the action along the way.

Tozawa was the first to regain control, catching the Octopus Stretch once more until Kanellis powered them both to the floor. This was a terrifying visual and Maria captured that beautifully, swiftly reformatting her game-plan as Mike flattened his foe with a neckbreaker on the floor. This left Kendrick very scared but his protests earned him a right hand, with Kanellis next heading up top only to be cut off in an instant. That allowed Tozawa to land a sudden hurricanrana off the middle rope but Mike kicked out again.

With both men weary, a strike exchange commenced, culminating in Tozawa’s fake-out punch and then moments later, a crisp kick as well. The snap German suplex came next but Maria’s interference cut him off, looking to assist on a roll-up until Kendrick allowed the referee to spot it, breaking his count and allowing Tozawa to score the quick win himself. Excellent main event here, not all action from start to finish but once things escalated, these two gelled for a tremendous closing stretch.

Grade: B+

Following that, we went off the air with a wonderful video package in promotion of Sunday’s title match. It detailed Murphy and Nese’s history as well as their recent conflict, while perfectly setting the table for what’s to come. Perfect ending this week, with the brand’s priority taking center stage.

Final Thoughts

In two segments, the upcoming Cruiserweight Title tilt was highlighted neatly here. We had an enthralling brawl and an effective video package, emphasizing the WrestleMania match while also featuring two incredibly enjoyable singles matches. The main event was strong in particular, especially in its latter stages. Very strong show and an ideal close to this product’s PPV build.

Grade: A

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