9/2/2019 WWE Raw Results: The King Of The Ring Continues, The OC Makes A Statement & Bayley Joins Up With An Old Friend

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Triple H: 'William Regal Will Be A Part Of NXT Until He Tells Me He Doesn't Want To'

- Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring for the contract signing for the WWE Universal Title Match at WWE Clash Of Champions, Seth Rollins comes to the ring next. Strowman and Rollins shake hands before the signing begins, Rollins says that he and Strowman will beat Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler at WWE Clash Of Champions, Rollins says he’ll also beat Strowman on the same night. Strowman echoes the same sentiments as Rollins, but says he’ll walk away with the WWE Universal Title. Rollins talks about how he defeated Brock Lesnar and Strowman didn’t before signing the contract, Strowman goes to sign the contract and he gets interrupted by The OC. AJ Styles talks about how history is going to be made at WWE Clash Of Champions, Styles questions why Strowman is getting a shot at the WWE Universal Title. Styles also question how Roode and Ziggler are getting a shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles at WWE Clash Of Champions, The OC makes their way into the ring. Styles grabs the contract and he rips it up, Strowman throws the table at Styles and a brawl breaks out between everybody until The OC is cleared from the ring.

Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins vs. The OC (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) w/AJ Styles

The match is joined in progress and we see Rollins working over the arm of Anderson, Rollins drops Anderson before kicking him in the back. Rollins then attacks Anderson with a few chops, Anderson fights back and he tags Gallows in as Strowman tags himself in. Gallows backs Strowman into the corner before landing a few strikes, Strowman recovers and he drops a charging Gallows with a boot to the face. Rollins tags in and he nails the arm of Gallows with a top rope axe handle smash, Anderson tags in and Rollins drops him before wrenching away on his arm. Anderson gets free and Rollins smashes him face first on the turnbuckles, Rollins hangs Anderson up in the corner before landing stomps and a drop kick for a near fall. Anderson gets free and he tags Gallows into the match, Gallows quickly attacks Rollins with some strikes. Rollins fights back and Gallows drops him with a right, Anderson tags in and he works over the arm of Rollins. Gallows tags back in and he kicks Rollins in the face, Anderson throws Rollins out of the ring so Styles can attack him as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Gallows attacking Rollins with a few strikes, Rollins recovers and he drops Gallows with an enzaguri. Anderson tags in and Rollins makes a tag to Strowman, Strowman quickly cleans house against the opposing team. Strowman nails Gallows with an avalanche before missing a charge on Anderson, Rollins tags in and Styles interferes a short time later. Rollins shocks Anderson with a roll up for a three count.

Winners: Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins

After the match, AJ Styles attacks Seth Rollins until Rollins knocks him out of the ring. Rollins follows up by nailing him with a suicide dive, Strowman accidentally takes Rollins out with a shoulder tackle. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler join in on the attack against Strowman and Rollins, Strowman is eventually nailed with a Magic Killer followed by a Phenomenal Forearm.

- Cathy Kelly interviews Cedric Alexander, who says that Baron Corbin doesn’t deserve to be called the King. The OC attacks Alexander and leaves him lying as WWE officials arrive.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

The match begins with Ziggler attacking Ryder with a few strikes before applying a headlock, Ryder gets free and Ziggler drops him with a shoulder tackle. Ryder recovers and he nails a charging Ziggler with a flapjack, Hawkins tags in and he double teams Ziggler with Ryder for a near fall. Hawkins then hits Ziggler with a neck breaker and Ziggler rolls out of the ring, Hawkins gets Ziggler in the ring as Roode makes a blind tag. Roode drags Hawkins out of the ring and he throws him into the barricade, Roode gets Hawkins into the ring before attacking Ryder. Roode then hits Hawkins with a front suplex into the ropes, Ziggler tags back in and he nails Hawkins with a few strikes. Ziggler holds Hawkins down while ripping away at his face, Ziggler then holds Hawkins in a modified chin lock. Hawkins fights back and he nails Ziggler with an eznaguri, Roode and Ryder get tagged in by their respective partners. Ryder quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Ryder then hits Roode with a missile drop kick.

Hawkins makes a blind tag and they hit Roode with an elevated rolling neck breaker for a near fall, Ziggler returns and he knocks Ryder out of the ring. Ziggler then nails Hawkins with a super kick, Roode then lands a Glorious DDT on Hawkins for a three count.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

- Lacey Evans is shown backstage.

Lacey Evans vs. Natalya

The match begins with with Natalya attacking Evans with a shoulder tackle before the bell rings, Natalya then takes Evans down with a headlock and Evans counters with a head scissors. Natalya gets free and she controls the head of Evans, Evans gets free and she works on the arm of Natalya. Natalya gets free to drop Evans and wrench away on her arm, Evans gets free and she nails Natalya with an elbow strike. Natalya drops Evans on her behind before landing a basement drop kick for a near fall, Evans rolls out of the ring and Natalya follows her out there before throwing her into the barricade. Natalya gets Evans in the ring and Evans rolls back up, Natalya goes after Evans and Evans drops her. Evans gets Natalya back in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt, Evans nails the injured arm of Natalya with a knee drop. Evans holds Natalya down while applying the cobra clutch, Evans the corners Natalya before stomping away on her. Evans follows up by nailing Natalya with a bronco buster, Evans goes to the ring apron to attack the head of Natalya.

Evans goes to the top rope and she misses a double jump moonsault, Natalya fights back and she nails Evans with a series of clotheslines. Natalya then hits Evans with a discus clothesline for a near fall, Natalya follows up with a suplex on Evans. Natalya looks for a sharp shooter and Evans gets to the ropes, Evans then sends a charging Natalya into the corner. Natalya gets angry and Evans clocks her with a Women’s Right for a three count.

Winner: Lacey Evans

- Becky Lynch is shown backstage.

- Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring, highlights are then shown of a returning Sasha Banks attacking Natalya and Lynch. Lynch says she heard about all of Bank’s excuses for why she took a break after ‘Mania, Lynch wonders what happened to Banks. Lynch talks about how Banks was the centerpiece of WWE NXT and WWE Raw while Lynch was an afterthought, Lynch says Banks and Charlotte Flair are both frauds. Lynch says it is now time for her to teach Banks a lesson, Lynch says that Bayley has been doing fine without Banks at her side. Lynch says that it hurts Banks that she is the face of the company, Lynch calls Banks out for a face to face confrontation. Banks eventually makes her way to the stage with a microphone, Banks says she was supposed to do all the stuff that Lynch has accomplished. Banks says that the fans started caring about Lynch because Nia Jax broke her face months ago on Raw, Banks says it is all business and not personal. Lynch challenges Banks to a fight and Banks says she won’t do anything for free, Banks challenges Lynch for WWE Clash Of Champions and Lynch accepts. Banks says that Lynch will be her bitch after WWE Clash Of Champions.

- The Street Profits are backstage and they have little to say about what just went down.

King Of The Ring Quarterfinals
Baron Corbin vs. Cedric Alexander

The match begins with Corbin backing Alexander into the corner and Alexander quickly gets free, Alexander then cracks Corbin with a few strikes. Corbin recovers and he drills Alexander with a lariat for a near fall, Corbin follows that up by dropping Alexander with a shot to the back of the neck. Alexander fights back and he nails Corbin with a drop kick, Alexander then knocks Corbin out of the ring with a handspring enzaguri. Alexander follows that up by nailing Corbin with a suicide dive, Alexander gets Corbin in the ring before landing a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Corbin fights back as Alexander climbs to the top rope, Corbin hangs Alexander upside down before smashing his head into the ring post multiple times as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Corbin nails Alexander with elbow strikes to the injured shoulder of Alexander, Corbin then holds Alexander down in a modified chin lock. Alexander gets free and Corbin drops him with a strike to the back, Corbin drops Alexander in the corner before choking him for a few seconds.

Alexander fights back and he drills Corbin with an enzaguri, Alexander then drops kicks a charging Corbin in the knee. Alexander corners Corbin before landing a running drop kick, Corbin catches a leaping Alexander and he lands a spine buster for a near fall. Corbin stands over Alexander while landing a bunch of strikes, Corbin then throws Alexander shoulder first into the corner. Alexander fights back and Corbin nails him with a Deep Six for a near fall, Corbin goes for another lariat and Alexander sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Alexander grabs Corbin and he throws him into the ring post multiple times, Alexander keeps Corbin cornered while assaulting him with kicks. Corbin rolls out of the ring and Alexander nails him with a suicide dive, Alexander gets Corbin in the ring before getting to the top rope to land a missile drop kick for a near fall. Corbin fights back and Alexander nails him with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall, Alexander nails Corbin with a rope assisted enzaguri. Corbin trips up Alexander during a springboard move to land End Of Days and get the three count.

Winner: Baron Corbin

- Highlights are shown of the recent attacks against Roman Reigns, plus what went down with Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan.

- Cathy Kelly interviews Bayley, who says nothing about the return of Sasha Banks, Bayley says she has spoken with Banks and won’t reveal what was said between them. Bayley says that Banks made her choice and Bayley made hers, Bayley says she plans on beating Alexa Bliss in the tag match tonight.

- The Viking Raiders are shown backstage.

The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) vs. Ryan Thomas & Tyler Hastings

The match begins with Ivar immediately destroying both opponents, Erik tags in and he works with Ivar to land a suplex/German suplex on Tyler. Erik drops Ryan with a forearm strike on the arena floor, Ivar then crushes Ryan into the barricade. Erik then power bombs Tyler into Ryan, Ivar tags in and The Viking Raiders hit Tyler with The Viking Experience for a three count.

Winners: The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)

- Sasha Banks is interviewed by Sarah Schreiber backstage, Banks makes the interviewer leave before answering any questions.

- Samoa Joe grabs the microphone and says that the kingdom is full of liars because the only person who is winning the tournament is Samoa Joe.

King Of The Ring Quarterfinals
Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet

The match begins with Joe getting Ricochet down while wrenching away on his arm, Ricochet gets free and he works over the arm of Joe. Joe gets free and he attacks Ricochet with some leg kicks, Joe rolls for a knee bar and Ricochet immediately gets to the ropes. Joe gets up and he stomps away on the injured knee of Ricochet, Ricochet gets up and he attacks Joe with a few strikes. Ricochet goes for a sunset flip and Joe avoids it before getting sent out of the ring, Ricochet goes for a dive and he lands on his feet. Ricochet then does a moonsault from the barricade to take Joe out, Ricochet gets Joe in the ring and he lands a few more strikes. Joe recovers and he pile drives the knees of Ricochet to the mat below, Joe briefly applies the single leg crab to Ricochet. Ricochet fights back and he drops Joe with a head scissors takedown, Ricochet then hits Joe with a middle rope moonsault for a near fall. Ricochet hurts his knee and Joe nails him with a uranage, Joe drags Ricochet out of the ring before suplexing him into the barricade. Joe gets Ricochet back in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt, Joe holds Ricochet down while twisting away on his head.

Ricochet fights back and Joe nails him with a back body drop as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Joe wrenching away on the head of Ricochet. Ricochet gets free and he eventually nails Joe with an enzaguri followed by a rolling drop kick, Ricochet then attacks Joe with a plethora of strikes followed by a rana. Ricochet then hits Joe with a springboard clothesline followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall, Joe avoids a leaping Ricochet to land a power slam for a near fall. Ricochet surprises Joe with a roll up before eating an atomic drop, Ricochet recovers and he knocks Joe out of the ring. Ricochet then takes out Joe with a suicide dive, Ricochet gets Joe in the ring before going to the top rope. Joe crotches Ricochet and he follows him up there, Joe applies the rear naked choke on Ricochet while on the ropes. Ricochet knocks them both off of the ropes and the referee makes a three count while both competitors shoulder were down.

Match Result: Draw

After the match, the referee consults somebody on a headset before heading backstage. Samoa Joe drops Ricochet on the entrance ramp and he gets him back in the ring, Ricochet nails Joe with an enzaguri before landing Recoil.

- Braun Strowman approaches Seth Rollins backstage about having the contract signing next week, Strowman doesn’t like that Steve Austin will moderate the contract signing. Strowman thinks there is a conspiracy going on, while Rollins tries to tell him differently.

- The Firefly Fun House is up and Bray Wyatt welcomes everybody to the show, Wyatt says what The Fiend did to Finn Balor was super rude. A devil appears and he chastises Wyatt for challenging the WWE Universal Champion at WWE Hell In A Cell, Wyatt feeds the devil money to make him go away. Wyatt says that Rollins and Strowman took something away from him in a past life, Wyatt says his team helps him cope with the pain while The Fiend helps him inflict it.

- Corey Graves interviews referee John Cone, who gets interrupted by Baron Corbin and he claims that Samoa Joe and Ricochet are both out of the tournament. Cone announces that Joe and Ricochet will advance to face Corbin in a triple threat match next week.

- Cathy Kelly interviews Rey Mysterio, who says that his son Dominic convinced him to not retire from pro wrestling. Mysterio says he has been blessed to see his son grow up, Mysterio says his son is pushing him to achieve his dreams. Mysterio says he isn’t done wrestling yet and he has more to accomplish, Mysterio says he is doing it for his son.

The Miz vs. Cesaro

The match begins with Cesaro immediately dropping Miz with a running European uppercut for a near fall, Miz rolls out of the ring and Cesaro nails him with another European uppercut. Cesaro then drops Miz on the barricade before getting him back in the ring, Cesaro hist Miz with a clothesline for a near fall. Miz fights back and he nails Cesaro with a neck breaker, Miz follows that up by nailing Cesaro with It Kicks. Cesaro recovers and drops Miz with a European uppercut for a near fall, Cesaro knocks Miz to the ring apron before superplexing him into the ring for a near fall. Cesaro holds Miz down while wrenching away on his arm, Miz fights back and he drops Cesaro with a DDT for a near fall. Miz backs Cesaro into the corner while landing kicks and knee strikes, Cesaro recovers and he nails Miz with a pop up European uppercut for a near fall. Cesaro goes for The Neutralizer and Miz escapes before almost getting rolled up, Cesaro tries cheating on a pin attempt and the referee catches him. Miz gets angry and he attacks Cesaro with a ton of strikes, Cesaro fights back by landing more European uppercuts. Miz eventually nails Cesaro with a Skull Crushing Finale for a three count.

Winner: The Miz

- Becky Lynch and Bayley are shown talking backstage.

Champions Showcase
Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss (WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions) vs. Bayley (Smackdown Women’s Champion) & Becky Lynch (Raw Women’s Champion)

The match begins with Bayley doing some work on the arm of Cross, Cross gets free and she jumps on the back of Bayley. Bayley gets her off before landing a suplex, Cross recovers and she nails Bayley with a headbutt before getting tossed out of the ring. Bayley then nails Cross with a drop kick, Bliss tries interfering and Lynch takes her out before Sasha Banks makes her way out as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Bliss working over Bayley, Bliss nails Bayley with a suplex for a near fall. Bliss keeps Bayley down while holding her in a chin lock, Bliss backs Bayley into the corner before tagging Cross in. Cross hangs Bayley upside down in the corner before landing a running headbutt, Bayley recovers and drops Cross face first on the top turnbuckle. Bayley looks for a tag and Cross knocks her out of the ring, Cross gets Bayley back in the ring before tagging Bliss in. Bliss and Cross double team a cornered Bayley for a near fall, Cross tags back in and she nails Bayley with a knee strike.

Lynch argues with the referee while Bliss and Cross double team Bayley, Bliss tags back in and Bayley drops both opponents. Bayley then sends both opponents to the arena floor, Bayley eventually makes the tag and Lynch cleans house on the opposing team. Lynch drops Bliss before landing a guillotine leg drop for a near fall, Cross interferes and Lynch nails her with some kicks before landing an exploder suplex. Lynch nails both opponents with leaping head kicks, Banks interferes and she attacks Lynch.

Winners: Bayley & Becky Lynch, by DQ

After the match, Sasha Banks grabs a steel chair and she attacks Becky Lynch with it until Bayley stops her, Bayley grabs the chair and she hits Lynch with it.

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