AEW Dark 6/30/20 Results: The Young Bucks, Allie, Brandi Rhodes, Lance Archer & More In Action

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- The show starts with Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon arguing backstage before they are told that they will team up tonight, The Young Bucks approach and they say they’ll teach them about being a tag team tonight.

Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard vs. Max Caster

The match begins with Spears scoring a takedown on Caster, Spears gets Caster back down while working over his arm. Caster gets free after nailing Spears with an arm drag, Caster gets Spears in a headlock and Spears gets free to trip Caster up. Spears keeps Caster down while landing cross face strikes, Spears follows up by nailing Caster with a back suplex. Spears keeps Caster down while stomping away on him, Spears goes back to working over the arm of a downed Caster. Spears keeps Caster down while ripping away at his face, Caster fights back and Spears nails him with a spine buster. Spears then hits Caster with a C4 for a three count.

Winner: Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard

After the match, Shawn Spears punches Max Caster with the loaded glove.

Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts vs. Pineapple Pete

The match begins with Archer attacking Pete during his entrance, Pete fights back and he knocks Archer into Roberts. Archer gets angry and Pete nails him with a few strikes, Pete then sends a charging Archer to the ring apron. Pete uses a drop kick to knock Archer to the arena floor, Pete goes for a dive and Archer catches him before landing a choke slam on the ringside edge. Archer grabs Pete and he throws him right into the barricade, Archer gets Pete back in the ring and he lands a middle rope dive for a near fall. Archer then clobbers Pete with a clothesline to the back of the head, Archer keeps Pete down while stomping away on him. Pete leaves the ring and Archer gets him back in before landing a suplex throw, Pete fights back and he nails Archer with a few strikes. Archer gets mad and he drops Pete with a forearm strike, Archer then hits Pete with a twisting splash for a near fall. Archer traps Pete in the corner while landing a few strikes, Archer goes for Blackout and Pete gets free before landing a few strikes. Archer recovers to hit Pete with a Blackout and EVD Claw for a three count.

Winner: Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts

After the match, Lance Archer attacks Pineapple Pete until Joey Janela makes the save.

Ricky Starks vs. Griff Garrison

The match begins with Starks escaping a slam attempt from Garrison, Starks starts working over the arm of Garrison. Garrison gets free and he cracks Starks with a forearm strike, Starks recovers and he trips up a charging Garrison. Garrison goes for a hip toss and Starks lands a few of his own before nailing Garrison with a drop kick, Starks drags Garrison across the ring while smashing his face on the top turnbuckle. Garrison fights back and Starks drops him with a back elbow strike, Starks corners Garrison while kicking away at him. Garrison recovers and he nails a cornered Starks with an avalanche, Starks fights back and he hits Garrison with a missile drop kick. Garrison fights back and he exchanges some chops with Starks, Starks ends the exchange by nailing Garrison with a spear for a three count.

Winner: Ricky Starks

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