AEW Dark Results 01/05/21 The Acclaimed, Matt Sydal, Rey Fenix, Sammy Guevara, plus more compete

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Nick Comoroto vs. Jungle Boy w/Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt

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The match begins with both guys begin tying up; neither are striking each other yet. Jungle Boy starts with a dropkick. Nick Comoroto hits lateral press on Jungle Boy, and he lands hard. Comoroto hits Suplex on Jungle Boy and now goes for the pin, but Jungle Boy kicks out at two. Comoroto is completely controlling the match and now hits the running powerslam on Jungle Boy. He attempts to pin Jungle Boy, but he kicks out.

Jungle Boy hits Comoroto backflipping and drops his knees to the lower back of Comoroto. Jungle Boy now puts Comoroto in the snare trap submission, and Comoroto taps out.

Winner: Jungle Boy

Nyla Rose w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Alex Gracia

Alex Gracia right away starts the match just dropping Nyla Rose with a knee. She begins to run the drops, but Rose catches her and slams her right down hard. Now, Rose hits a big clothesline. Nyla hits the Beast Bomb and then pins Gracia right away.

Winner: Nyla Rose

- After the match, Vickie Guerrero does a promo making fun of Gracia for losing, and she keeps laughing at her. Rose goes out and grabs a table and brings it to the ring. Nyla then delivers a powerbomb to Gracia, and she goes through a table.

Scorpio Sky vs. Ariel Levy

The match begins with a collar-and-elbow tie-up, and Ariel Levy gets out and hits Scorpio Sky with an elbow, but it does not affect Sky. Sky now hits Levy with a Russian Leg Sweep. Levy delivers a heavy knee strike to the face of Scorpio Sky. Sky and Levy are now exchanging strikes; Levy starts running the ropes, but Sky hits him with a knee strike, and Levy is back up and hits Sky with a neckbreaker and attempts to pin Sky but only a two count. Sky hits the TKO on Levy and pins Levy for the win.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

- After the match, Marko Stunt is out to cut a promo, but right away, Brodie Lee Jr. and Brodie Lee Jr. are cutting a promo, and he is telling is Marko only wins, is when he gets helped. Brodie tells Stunt when he gets older and bigger and taller; he will beat up Stunt. Brodie Lee Jr. and Stunt are going after Stunt. Cody Rhodes, Bryce Remsburg, Tony Khan, and others come out to break it up. Brodie Lee Jr. hits Cody Rhodes and also hits Remsburg. Stunt runs away, and Brodie Lee Jr. starts running after him. Brodie Lee Jr. hits Q.T. Marshall right away and is on his way trying to chase down Marko Stunt.

Rey Fenix vs. Aaron Solow

The match begins with both men tying up, but Aaron Solow hits Rey Fenix with a lateral press. It does not affect Fenix much, Fenix puts his hand out to shake Solow's hand, but Fenix pulls it away, and Solow pushes Fenix away. Fenix hits Solow with a big chop. Fenix hits Solow with a roundhouse kick, but Solow recovers quickly and then stomps on Fenix's chest. Solow is getting some big strikes in on Fenix, but Fenix launches from the bottom rope and kicks Solow in the face. Fenix hits Solow with a stunner, and then Fenix hits Solow with the Fire Thunder Driver and pins Solow for the win.

Winner: Rey Fenix

Louis Valle vs. Brandon Cutler

The match gets started with Louis Valle trying to get ahold of Brandon Cutler, but Cutler escapes and hits Valle with a dropkick. Louis Valle is getting some strikes in but then with Cutler down; he starts cutting a promo for some reason. Cutler takes advantage of Valle not paying attention. Cutler hits Valle with a suplex, but now Cutler his Valle with an enzuigiri and follows it up with the TPK.

Winner: Brandon Cutler

- After the match, Cutler goes to the camera and pays respect to Mr. Brodie Lee "I am going to be the best father I can be Brodie, you showed how great of a father you were"

Peter Avalon vs. Angel Fashion

Peter Avalon gets the upper hand first and gets some strikes in, but it does not affect Angel Fashion. Fashion follows it up with a running knee strike. Avalon hits Fashion with a big clothesline and follows it up with a pin attempt, but Fashion kicks out. Avalon throws him out of the ring, Fashion comes back in, and Avalon continues to control the match. Fashion gets a few shots in here and there but does not really do anything to Avalon until he hits a missile dropkick from the top rope but still does not hurt Avalon. Avalon hits Fashion with the Marti-Knees and then pins Fashion.

Winner: Peter Avalon

Ivelisse and Diamante vs. KiLynn King and Tesha Price

The match begins with KiLynn King getting the upper hand on Ivelisse with multiple strikes. Tesha Price and hits Ivelisse with a nice takedown. Ivelisse distracts the referee, and Diamante gives Price a heavy punch to Price's head. Ivelisse and Diamante control the match, and Price cannot get any strikes or offense in whatsoever. Price finally gets to King and King's nails Ivelisse with some strikes. King is attempting a slam, but it is countered, and Diamante can reach Ivelisse to tag in, and then she puts KiLynn King in a submission hold, and King taps out.

Winner: Ivelisse and Diamante

The Gunn Club (Billy, Austin Gunn, and Colten Gunn) vs. Mike Verna and Bear Country

Billy Gunn starts the match with Mike Verna; Verna poses in-front of Gunn, and Gunn tells him to "suck it," and now Verna tags in Bear Boulder. Bear Boulder takes over the match when he hits a big powerslam on Billy. Boulder tags in Verna; Verna gets some shots in on Billy, but Billy reaches Austin Gunn and tags him in. Austin is getting quite a bit of offense in, and he tags Colton Gunn in. Bear Bronson is tagged in and is just wearing down Colton. Bear is getting heavy elbows in on Colton, Bear tags in Verna. Verna is talking trash, he gets punched, and Verna tags in Bronson. Bronson gets in and stops Colton before he can tag one of his partners. Colton gets some elbows in, but Bronson hits him with a big running right hand, and he knocks him right down. Verna and Austin Gunn are the legal men; Verna hits Austin with a big running elbow; Austin is not phased by it, and Austin hits Verna with the Quick Draw. Austin pins Verna for the win.

Winner: The Gunn Club
Shanna vs. Vipress

The match begins with Shanna and Vipress tie-up, but they break it up, and Shanna gets the first strikes in. Vipress gets some offense when she hits Shanna with a big back elbow. Vipress hits a big boot on Shanna while Shanna is holding herself up on the second rope. Shanna is now back on the offensive, and she is getting multiple strikes in on Vipress. Shanna hits Vipress with two running elbow strikes, and then Shanna hits Vipress with a leaping clothesline, now a running dropkick. Shanna ends it when she slams Vipress down with the Double Chickenwing Facebuster. She then pins Vipress for the win.

Winner: Shanna

Matt Sydal vs. Barron Black

The match begins with Matt Sydal and Barron Black locking up, and neither gets the upper hand, so they break it up. They tie up again, and Sydal takes advantage and hits two arm drags. Black comes back with multiple right hands. Sydal comes back reverse slam and then a standing moonsault. Barron Black is back in it, and he gets Sydal with an atomic drop and then hits Sydal with a backbreaker. Sydal counters and a big kick. Sydal hits Barron Black with a big vertical leap, slams down Barron Black follows it up with the Lightning Spiral, and then gets the pin for the victory.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Thunder Rosa vs. Ashley Vox

The match starts with Thunder Rosa and Ashley Vox's tie-up. Vox hits Rosa with hurricanrana, she goes for the pin, but Rosa kicks out at two. Vox runs to Rosa, but Rosa lifts Vox and drops her on the ropes. Rosa is driving her knees multiple times into Vox's ribs. Vox charges in and puts Vox in the Tarantula hold. Rosa lets go of it, and Vox hits Rosa with a heavy strike and then a heavy kick. Vox now hits Rosa with a big headbutt and then a boot to the head of Thunder Rosa. Vox now hits Rosa with the spinning flatliner. Rosa goes for the Fire Thunder Driver, but Vox reverses it into a pin attempt, but Rosa kicks out. Rosa hits Vox a neckbreaker, then finishes it with the Fire Thunder Driver and the pin.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Lee Johnson & Shawn Dean vs. The Acclaimed

The Acclaimed make their way in rapping and insulting their opponents. Anthony Bowens and Lee Johnson start the match off; Lee has Bowens in the head scissors and then a headlock. Lee and Bowens start exchanging strikes, but Lee Johnson has the upper hand. Lee tags in Shawn Dean, and Bowens tags in Max Caster. Shawn Dean is in control, he kicks Caster in the midsection, and then Caster rolls out of the ring. Dean then kicks an unsuspecting Anthony Bowens in the head, who falls off the apron. Shawn Dean hits Max Caster with the Tope Con Hilo. Caster is now back in the ring, and he nails Dean with a big clothesline. Caster has Dean in a kneebar, but soon, he gets to his partner Lee Johnson for the hot tag. Lee Johnson hits Bowens with the Blue Thunder Bomb. Johnson goes for the pin, but Caster breaks it up; Lee Johnson hits Bowens with a thrust kick. Lee Johnson now on the top rope, but Caster runs up and hits John with a Superplex. Max Caster hits Shawn Dean with a Mule Kick. The Acclaimed hit Lee Johnson with a spinning neckbreaker and slam combination. Then Max Caster pins Lee Johnson for the win.

Winner: The Acclaimed

Fuego Del Sol vs. Danny Limelight

They begin a rapid exchange, Limelight gets in a cheap shot on Del Sol, and Del Sol comes back with a dropkick. Del Sol now sends Limelight to the outside with the Tiaris. Del Sol as an armbar, but Limelight counters. Limelight hits back with a powerbomb and then goes into a backstabber cover, but Del Sol kicked out. Limelight is putting a lot of pressure on Del Sol's back. Del Sol is now on the ropes; Limelight hits a diving stomp, pin attempt, but Del Sol kicks out.

Del Sol is trying to get back into the match; Limelight won't let him as he locks in a single-leg crab. Limelight attempts the full Boston Crab; it's a no-go as Del Sol countered and then a huricanranna. Del Sol is back with a ton of strikes, then a straight-jacket neckbreaker, another pin attempt, but Limelight kicked out. Limelight catches Del Sol and dumps him onto the top rope. Limelight hits Del Sol with the Spanish Fly. Limelight goes for the pin and gets his first victory in AEW.

Winner: Danny Limelight

Angelico (with Jack Evans) vs. Frankie Kazarian (with Christopher Daniels) vs. Griff Garrison (with Brian Pillman Jr) vs. Darius Martin (with Dante Martin)

Jack Evans comes in just running his mouth; Kazarian throws a punch at Angelico with a right hand. Darius Martin takes out Evans while Garrison attempts to get the surprising upset win over Kazarian. Darius and Garrison are now going at it, Darius is about to make a move, but Kazarian hits Darian with a chop. Kazarian hits the Northern Lights Suplex. He tries to pin Darius, but Darius kicks out at two. Kazarian is controlling the match. Garrison hits Kazarian with a big boot. Darius is now on the top rope; now they tie-up each other's legs; Angelico comes in and breaks it up. Evans goes for another distraction, but Dante Martin takes him out.

Evans sweeps Darius's legs as he attempts to dive, but this allows Angelico to take over with the upper hand. Garrison and Kazarian are on the outside, throwing strikes at each other. Angelico has both Darius and Garrison in a submission hold. Kazarian now breaks it up with a springboard leg drop. Kazarian takes everyone out and has all of the momentum. He now catches Darius with a cutter; Garrison breaks up the pin attempt. Garrison with DDT and Flatliner combination move. He goes for the pin, but it is broken up.

Evans causes a distraction, and the tag teams are brawling on the outside. Darius does a big dive outside the ring. Kazarian nails Garrison with a reverse DDT and pins Garrison the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Michael Nakazawa vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara takes down Michael Nakazawa and begins doing push-ups. Nakazawa now grabs Guevara's nipples; Guevara is out of it and nails him with a dropkick sending Nakazawa outside the ring. Guevara hits a nice corkscrew tope suicida. Guevara as he continues to wear down Nakazawa. Guevara is just punishing Nakazawa, the ref is distracted, and Nakazawa gets the baby oil. Guevara runs back but slips. Nakazawa hits the senton on Guevara. Nakazawa gets an O'Connor Roll, and Guevara kicks out at the last second. Guevara goes for the springboard but misses. Nakazawa now hits Guevara with an Olympic Slam, he goes for the cover, but Guevara kicks out. Guevara evades an attack and then nails Nakazawa with a running knee. Guevara hits GTH for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

- After the match, Sammy cuts a promo saying he is glad 2020 is over and in 2021, he will become a champion in AEW.

Serpentico (w/Luther) vs. Five (Alan Angels)

Serpentico goes right in on Angels, but Angels sees him in time. Serpentico tries it again, but Angels counters it and now has control. Angels is now countering Serpentico moves. Serpentico speed helps him get Angels in a Tiaris. Angels hit the rolling elbow. Angels drops Serpentico with a dropkick sending him to the outside of the ring and, then he pays tribute to Brodie Lee. Serpentico is now striking Angels on the outside; Serpentico gets thrown into the barricade by Angels.

Luther grabs Serpentico and does not let him get into the ring. Luther instead throws Serpentico into the ring. He and Angels are now getting strikes in on each other. Angels has Serpentico in the ring, and he hits him with a shotgun dropkick, he goes for the cover, but Serpentico kicks out. Angels does a Dark Order pose before he tries to finish the match; Luther distracts Angels, which helps Serpentico hit Angels with a big thrust kick. Angels goes to the outside, and now Luther hits Angels with a very cheap shot, and now he slams Angels into the barricade. Angels is back in; he and Serpentico exchange strikes.

Serpentico now gets Angels in the corner; Angels hits back with a back elbow off. Angels hits Serpentico with a powerbomb. He goes for the pin, but Serpentico kicked out. Serpentico hits Angels with a big kick and then gets him with a spike DDT. He goes to cover Angels, but Angels kicks out.

Serpentico is on the top rope, but Angels runs up and hits a big high knee on Serpentico. Angels then goes for a superplex; Serpentico avoids it and catches Angels with an enzuguri. Serpentico is now trying to go for the poisonrana, but Angels is back on his feet, and he takes out Luther with a tope suicida. Angels now hits the Wing Snapper for the win.

Winner: Five (Alan Angels)

- After the match, The Dark Order comes out, and Brodie Lee Jr. leads them, and he tells Luther that he has a "stupid ball on his head." He tells Luther that he is stupid and says, "The Dark Order will always beat you."

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