AEW Dark Results 01/12/21: Top Flight vs. Chaos Project, 10-Man Tag Match, The Dark Order, plus more

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We are welcomed to AEW Dark by Excalibur, Anthony Ogogo, and Taz.

Mike Verna vs. Ricky Starks w/Hook

We begin a lock-up, but Mike Verna gets a jab in on Ricky Starks.  Verna hits an enzuigiri, but right after, Starks takes control of the match. Starks gets off a flurry of strikes in the corner. Starks hits Verna with a snap suplex, Starks hits multiple clothesline,s and then hits a beautiful powerslam. Starks takes over and hits Verna with a spear, and gets the pin for the victory.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Ryzin & Fuego Del Sol vs. Jurassic Express w/Marko Stunt

The match begins with a lock-up, both men end up reversing moves and then pause, and Ryzin tags himself in, but Jungle Boy tags Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus lands some heavy punches in on Ryzin. Luchasaurus tags in Jungle Boy, Jungle Boy hits a huge clothesline on Del Sol, who just tagged in. Jungle Boy tags in Luchasaurus, and he clears the ring. Ryzin sends Luchasaurus to the outside, Fuego Del Sol hits Jungle Boy with a great poison rana. Del Sol gets hit with the assisted powerbomb, and then Jungle Boy locks in the submission for the win.

Winner: Jurassic Express w/Marko Stunt

Tay Conti vs. Marti Daniels

The match begins the match with Tay Conti getting the upper hand; almost right away, Conti has Martin Daniels in a kneebar. Now, Conti hits multiple running clothesline and then hits a suplex. Conti hits Daniels with a big knee strike. Conti hits the Tay K-O and pins Marty.

Winner: Tay Conti

Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, Five, Ten, and Colt Cabana)


Shawn Dean, Zack Clayton, Adam Priest, Danny Limelight, and Vary Morales

The match begins with Adam Priest and Stu Grayson, Grayson gets one or two start with a few strikes, but Priest is getting multiple strikes. Priest does a leapfrog, but Grayson hits him with a cross chop. Zack Clayton is tagged in, but Five gets the best of him and lays him with multiple strikes and a good dropkick. Clayton tags in Vary Morales is tagged in, and he hits 10 with a nice jump kick when coming down from the top turnbuckle. Evil Uno hits Morales with a German suplex. Colt Cabana is tagged in and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Danny Limelight is tagged in and hits Grayson with a flying clothesline. Evil Uno is tagged in, but Limelight does not see it. Evil Uno hits a nice German Suplex. Danny Limelight and Vance hit a nice spinebuster on Limelight. Limelight hits a very nice shoulder suplex on 10; Limelight tags Shawn Dean for the hot tag. Dean hits 5 with the spike DDT. All ten competitors are in the ring fighting, but Stu Grayson hits the End of the Night, and Evil Uno pins Zack Clayton for the win.

Winners: The Dark Order

Louie Valle vs. Powerhouse Hobbs w/Hook

The match begins with Powerhouse Hobbs with a big clothesline on Louie Valle, and right after, Hobbs picks up Valle and throws him around like a rag doll. He tosses Valle outside the ring; meanwhile, Hobbs gets the Referee Paul Turner's attention, and Hook attacks Valle. Hobbs then spike slams Valle down and then pins Valle for the win. After the match, Hobbs hits him again with another spike slam.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Leva Bates vs. Red Velvet

The match begins with collar and elbow tie-up; they exchange strikes until Leva Bates hits the northern lights suplex on Red Velvet. Velvet gets Bates in the corner for some nice punches, the action goes back and forth, and both have multiple pin attempts. Velvet eventually gets the advantage and hits Bates with a strong Claymore style dropkick to the side of Leva Bates's head. 

Winner: Red Velvet

The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. KC Navarro & El Austaliano

The entire Dark Order accompanies Silver and Reynolds to the ring; Alex Reynolds and El Austaliano begin the match. Austaliano and Reynolds are reversing moves, from wrist locks and holds. Reynolds gets the upper hand when he hits a nice dropkick on Austaliano. Reynolds tags in John Silver, and El Austaliano tags in KC Navarro. Navarro gets the upper hand for a minute but loses it when he starts showboating, and Silver makes him pay with a massive clothesline. Silver and Reynolds are tagging in and out. El Austaliano is tagged in when Navarro had to dive to tag him from a good eight to ten feet away. El Austaliano hits Reynolds and Silver with a sky twister. El Austaliano gets help from Navarro so he can dives to the outside on both Silver and Reynolds. Silver is back up; however, Navarro dives to the outside on Silver outside the ring. El Austaliano goes up top to hit a moonsault, but Reynolds moves, allowing Reynolds to hit the fisherman buster on El Austaliano to get the pin and the win.

Winners: The Dark Order

Aaron Solow & Lee Johnson vs. The Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison)

Brian Pillman Jr. and Lee Johnson start things off with a strong lockup; Pillman and Johnson exchange their holds for trying and gaining the upper hand. Pillman nails Johnson with a big shoulder tackle. Aaron Solow and Griff Garrison are now tagged in. Varsity Blondes catch Solow, who seemed distracted; Solow hits a thrust kick on Pillman. Solow now goes after Garrison and gets some strong strikes in on Garrison. Garrison counters and hits a splash in the corner, followed up with the falcon arrow. Johnson gets Garrison to the outside, and he hits the tope suicida on both Pillman and Garrison. Johnson goes for and hits a springboard dropkick. Solow and Johnson work together to go for the assisted neckbreaker. Pillman takes Johnson out with a strong kick. Solow gets wiped out with a rolling elbow by Garrison. This leads to to a top rope dropkick and powerbomb combo for the win. Pillman goes for the pin and gets the win for The Varisty Blondes.

Winners: The Varisty Blondes

Anna Jay vs. Alex Gracia

Alex Gracia hits a quick arm drag, but Anna Jay comes right back and exchanges hard strikes.  Anna Jay gets in some good elbows and then nails Gracia with an excellent spinning heel kick. Jay takes Gracia down and goes for and hits the flipping neck breaker. Jay hits Gracia with a heavy kick, and Gracia goes right down. Jay now nails Gracia again with another kick, but this one is in the corner. Now, Jay goes for a rolling kick. Gracia gets away from Anna Jay; Jay now has Gracia in the Queen Slayer, and it is locked in. This causes Gracia to tap out almost right away.

Winner: Anna Jay

Serena Deeb vs. Tesha Price

The match begins with Serena Deeb taking control right away on Tesha Price; Deeb has Price in a headlock and then lets her go so she can hit Price with numerous uppercut punches. Deeb goes for the Serenity Lock, but Price comes back with some big right hands. Deeb comes back with a heavy clothesline. Deeb hits a snap suplex, and then Deeb hits the Detox and gets the win after pinning Price.

Winner: Serena Deeb

Bear Country vs. Baron Black & Nick Comoroto

The match begins with Bear Bronson and Nick Comoroto, but Bronson gets the first few strikes in. Comoroto comes back with some heavy strikes. Boulder is tagged in, and Comoroto shows his strength and picks up Bear Bronson for a slam. Bronson stops him with some elbows; Baron Black is tagged in. Barron does not get much offense in at all as Bear Country completely takes over this match. They have Barron in the corner and just punishing him. Barron is getting some offense but finally reaches his partner Comoroto. Comoroto comes in and hits multiple clotheslines; Comoroto picks up Bear Bronson for a knee breaker. Comoroto goes for the pin, but Bronson kicks out of the pin. Bear Country double-teamed their opponents by doing a dual cannonball in the corner and then hit the assisted splash. They follow it up by pinning Baron Black for their first win in AEW.

 Winners: Bear Country

Chaos Project vs. Top Flight

Luther and Serpentico and attack Top Flight before the match even began, Top Flight gets the upper hand, and Aubrey Edwards now starts the match. The main event match begins with Serpentico getting the advantage over Darius Martin. Luther hits a nasty snap suplex, he goes for the win, but Darius kicks out at two. Serpentico is getting upset, and he does not like Luther throwing him around. Darius. Luther throws Serpentico into a fall-away slam onto Darius. Luther has Darius outside of the ring, yelling at Serpentico and telling him to dive. Serpentico reluctantly does go for it, but Darius escapes. Dante is tagged in and hit a few big elbow strikes. Dante is punishing Serpentico, Dante hits a springboard uppercut and goes for the cover, but Luther breaks it up. Luther now whipped Serpentico into the corner; however, Dante gets away from Luther and Serpentico. Dante uses Luther with a flipping neckbreaker, who then turns it into DDT to hit Serpentico with. Luther hits  Dante with the flipping senton outside the ropes and onto the floor. Dante then knocks Luther over the rail, and that gives Top Flight enough time to hit Serpentico with a big dropkick right to the head, which immediately sends Serpentico right down to the canvas. Darius goes to pin Serpentico, and Top Flight gets the victory.

Winners: Top Flight

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