AEW Dark Results 02/09/21: PAC, Tay Conti, SCU, Joey Janela, Brian Cage, plus more in action

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Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes, Q.T. Marshall, and Nick Comoroto) vs.Vary Morales and Jersey Muscle Society (Steve Gibki & Tony Vincita)

The match begins with Dustin Rhodes taking the upper hand when Vary Morales goes right down after a few strikes. The Nightmares each exchange tags, and they all get strikes in on Tony Vincita. Dustin Rhodes hits the power slam on Vincita. Vincita finally tags in Morales, and Morales is getting beaten down by Comoroto now. Comoroto takes out each of his opponents and slams them around like ragdolls. The match ends rather quickly after Rhodes hits the Bulldog on Morales.

Winners: The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes, Q.T. Marshall, and Nick Comoroto)

SCU vs. Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow

Lee Johnson and Christopher Daniels begin the match with a lockup; Johnson gets Daniels with a quick arm drag and then hits Daniels with a quick bodyslam after another tie-up. Now, Daniels gets the upper hand after a third lock up. He hits Johnson with multiple hip tosses. Daniels tags in Frankie Kazarian, Kazarian gets a few strikes until Johnson can get away and tag in Aaron Solow. Kazarian and Solow lock up; both Kazarian and Solow hit each other with hip tosses. They begin running the ropes until Daniels gets the blind tag from Kazarian. Daniels hits Solow with a leg lariat. Solow tags in Johnson, and Johnson takes over the match with some powerful slams. Daniels escapes out of Solow's vertical suplex, which allows Daniels to tag in Kazarian. Kazarian is now giving some big chops and strikes to Solow before Johnson tags in Lee Johnson.

Johnson hits Daniels with a powerful slam and then a big dropkick. Johnson now hits Daniels with a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Daniels kicks out at two. Lee Johnson is punishing Christopher Daniels. Daniels tags in Kazarian, which allows Kazarian to clear the ring, he hits a backstabber on Solow. Kazarian goes for the pin, but Solow kicks out at two. Kazarian hits Solow with a cutter, he almost gets the win, but Lee Johnson breaks it up.

Solow hits Kazarian with a big kick to the side of Kazarian's head. SCU hits a modified Total Elimination. SCU gets the victory after hitting The Best Meltzer Ever, and Kazarian pins Aaron Solow.

Winners: SCU

Brian Cage (w/ Hook) vs. Jake St. Patrick

This match ends almost as soon as it starts. Jake St. Patrick runs into attack Brian Cage, and Cage lays St. Patrick out, and then he hits St. Patrick with three powerbombs. The first two were regular powerbombs; the third was St. Patrick getting kneed by Cage on the way down. Cage then finishes it off with the Drill Claw.

Winner: Brian Cage (w/ Hook)

- We now get a music video from The Acclaimed promoting their upcoming match again Chris Jericho and MJF.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Miranda Alize

The match begins with Nyla Rose striking down Miranda Alize. Rose lays it in on Alize, and Nyla is not letting Alize get any offense in. Rose hits a powerful clothesline, and she could finish but chooses not to and now allows Alize to get a few strikes in on Nyla. Nyla eventually has enough and ends it with a Beast Bomb to get the victory.

Winner: Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero)


The match begins with both men tying up, but PAC takes over and gains control first. PAC is just having his way with VSK and just throwing him around. PAC throws VSK into the turnbuckle hard, and PAC is just embarrassing VSK. PAC goes in for a strike, but VSK surprises PAC by hitting him with the neckbreaker, but it does not affect PAC much, if at all. PAC ends it by using The Brutalizer on VSK, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: PAC

KC Navarro vs. Sonny Kiss (w/ Joey Janlea)

The match begins with both Sonny Kiss and KC Navarro exchanging holds, and that gets them to start running the ropes until Sonny Kiss gets the upper hand. Sonny hits a big pump kick on Navarro, and Sonny could go for the finish, but he starts twerking, and Navarro moves when Sonny goes for the standing moonsault. Navarro is now in complete control; he hits a big DDT on Kiss. Navarro goes for the pin, but Kiss kicks out. Navarro lines up to go in for the clothesline, but Kiss nails him with a dropkick. Sonny ends the match by hitting the wheelbarrow stunner.

Winner: Sonny Kiss (w/ Joey Janela)

Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay) vs. Alex Gracia

The match begins with Tay Conti hitting a big hip toss, and Conti comes back with a powerful roundhouse kick. Conti puts Gracia into a kneebar. Gracia has enough strength to roll out of the ring. Gracia gets back into the ring; Gracia is in control until Conti gets Gracia in a double wristlock and then hits a big DDT on Gracia. Conti now gets in some big kicks and then knee to the face of Gracia. Conti goes back to hitting Gracia with a big pump kick. Conti now locks in a submission on Gracia, and Gracia taps out.

Winner: Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay)

Ryan Nemeth vs. Marko Stunt

Before the match begins, Ryan Nemeth cuts a promo stating that people do not like him because they are jealous. The match starts with Marko Stunt giving Nemeth a roundhouse kick. Nemeth then goes chasing Stunt, but he goes out of the ring, and Stunt is getting some significant strikes in on Stunt. Stunt goes in and hits Nemeth with a leg lariat.

Nemeth is now in control; he hits Stunt with a big suplex. Nemeth is going after the arm of Stunt and is just toying around with Stunt. Stunt tries to mount a comeback, but Nemeth does not allow it. Nemeth is hinting that he is going for the Rude Awakening, but Stunt gets out of it.

Stunt now has Nemeth in a headlock, then all of a sudden, FTR's entrance music begins to play, which distracts Stunt. The distraction allows Nemeth enough time to capitalize, and he hits a high-angle neckbreaker on Stunt to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Ryan Nemeth

Pretty Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi vs. Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo

Cezar Bononi begins the match by showing off his strength. Bononi catches Bravo, but Carlie Bravo gets away from Bonini. Bravo hits Bononi with a powerful right. Bononi knocks Bravo down, but Joey Avalon is the legal man, and he needs to relax Bononi. Bravo grabs Avalon and lands some offense on him. Dean tags in, and both he and Bravo start hitting combination strikes.

Bravo and Dean get multiple strikes in on Avalon. Bravo goes after Avalon, but Bononi pulls him away, and this causes Bravo to go to the outside. Bononi tags in and kicks Bravo and then hits Bravo with a big chop to the chest. Bononi hits the Falcon Arrow, goes for the cover, but Bravo kicks out. Avalon is now in and hits a vertical suplex, goes for the pin, Bravo kicks out. Bononi hits an inverted body slam. Dean hits a beautiful overhead belly-to-belly suplex and now gets multiple kicks on Bononi. Bononi is back up, and he takes out Bravo, which sets up Avalon to hit the Marti-knees for the win.

Winners: Cezar Bononi & Peter Avalon

Baron Black vs. 10 of The Dark Order

Baron Black and Ten start by staring each other down. Ten drives Black into the corner. Ten and Black are going back and forth, but neither is getting the upper hand. Ten and Black are now countering each other's moves. Black offers a fist bump; Black catches Ten by surprise with an elbow. Ten comes back with a big body slam then a pump kick. Ten catches Black and gets him with the fallaway slam. Ten now hits a clothesline in the corner, follows it up with a chop, followed by an elbow. Black and Ten are exchanging chops in the corner. Black runs right into a boot, but he counters it into a Dragon Screw. Black is now hitting Ten with more chop.

Ten tries to mount a comeback, but Black comes back with a knee to Ten's arm. Ten now has Black into the corner and nails Black with multiple strikes. Black goes down after a powerful hip toss from Ten. Black comes back with a counter and hits Ten with a combination of a backbreaker and atomic drop.

Black comes back and hits Ten with a flurry of uppercuts, but Ten is holding up. Ten countered an uppercut, and Black begins staggering after a big elbow. Ten hits multiple clotheslines; Black is back up and in the corner. Ten goes right for Black, but Black gets his boots up, but Ten was ready for it, and he hits Baron Black with a beautiful spinebuster. Ten now hits Black with the powerbomb to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Ten of The Dark Order

Diamante (w/ Ivelisse) vs. Red Velvet

Diamante gets in the face of Red Velvet and then pushes her. They begin to trade holds. Diamante gets the upper hand at first until Red Velvet hits her with a leg lariat. Red Velvet is coming at Diamante with some significant strikes in the corner. Diamante forces Red Velvet’s boot away from her, but she now goes down after a dropkick. Red Velvet hits a sweet Huricanranna; however, her next move does not go as well; she missed on the double knee strike at Diamante. Ivelisse now gets into the face of Red Velvet.

Diamante hits Red Velvet with a strong Irish whip into the opposite corner, followed by a running dropkick. Diamante goes for the cover, but Red Velvet kicks out at two. Diamante now comes at Red Velvet with a few shoulder tackles and then comes at her with a series of strikes. Diamante attempts to hit Red Velvet with a dropkick; however, Red Velvet rolls away from her. Red Velvet hits Diamante with a Slingblade, then an elbow, and finished that series with a standing moonsault. Red Velvet goes for the cover, but Diamante kicks out.

A short time later, Diamante gets back in control, and she tries to finish it with the standing Sliced Bread. Diamante goes to Red Velvet for the win, but Red Velvet kicks out. Red Velvet is now getting control when she hits the high knee in the corner. Red Velvet hits the bulldog, and Red Velvet goes for the pin, but Diamante kicks out at two. Diamante now hits the back elbow, she then gets it rolled into a pin attempt, but Red Velvet kicks out at two. Diamante taunts Red Velvet, but Red Velvet moves out and hits Diamante with a kick to the head and finishes it with a single-leg boot to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

Jack Evans (w/ Angelico) vs. Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss)

Jack Evans hammers Joey Janela by surprise by hitting the springboard kick. Evans now hits Janela with a moonsault off the stage. They officially start the match, and right away, Janela knocks Evans off of the top rope.

Janela then hits Evans with a diving crossbody to the outside of the ring. Joey Janela begins to go after Jack Evans with a wide arrange of strikes. Janela hits Evans with an elbow, then hits him with a suplex. He goes for the cover, but only a two count. Evans hits Janela with a big boot. Angelico is now keeping Janela in the corner, and this helps Evans hit Janela with an enzuigiri. He goes for the pin, but Joey Janela kicks out.

The two are now trading strikes, but Evans takes control of Janela. Evans goes after Kiss to cause a distraction, which allows The Hybrid as TH2 to lay it in some more. These strikes help get Janela going, but Evans nails the back elbow. He goes for the pin, but Janela kicks out at two and now is trying to fight back. Janela does not have much luck as he gets put into an Octopus hold.

Janela hits the Death Valley Driver in the corner. Janela comes back with a back elbow, and this knocks Evans to the outside. Janela hits a tope suicida. Janela hits another Death Valley Driver, he goes for the pin, but Evans kicks out again.

Janela causes Evans to miss with the springboard from the ropes. He gets Evans with a thrust kick. This kick did not do any damage, and it does not cost Evans to lose any momentum at all. Janela springs up for a high thrust kick, but the two end up going to the ground. Janela slams Evans's face with a right hand, but Evans comes back with a strike, and it ends up taking Joey Janela down. Janela is getting up off his knees. Evans sees the daylight, and he goes for a big clothesline. Janela takes another high kick from Evans, but Janela comes back with a monster with a clothesline. Janela now has Evans ready and goes to hit him with the high-angle package piledriver. Janela goes for the pin, but Evans kicks out. Janela decides to officially end it when he goes up to hit an elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss)

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