AEW Double Or Nothing Results 5/29/2022: Adam Page vs CM Punk for the AEW World Championship + More

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Match Card

Tony D'Angelo vs. Carmelo Hayes Set For NXT Roadblock 2024, Winner To Earn NXT Title Shot

Hook & Danhausen vs Mark Sterling & Tony Nese

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: Keith Lee & Shane "Swerve" Strickland vs Team Taz (Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks) vs Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (c) (w/ Christian Cage).

TBS Championship Match: Anna Jay vs Jade Cargill (c) (w/ Red Velvet & Kiera Hogan).

Kyle O'Reilly vs Darby Allin.

MJF (w/ Shawn Spears) vs Wardlow

Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page & Paige van Zant vs Frankie Kazarian, Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti.

AEW Women's World Championship Match: Serena Deeb vs Thunder Rosa (c).

Owen Hart Cup Men's Final: Samoa Joe vs Adam Cole.

Owen Hart Cup Women's Final: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs Ruby Soho.

The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (w/ Brandon Cutler) vs. The Hardys (Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy)

House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King) vs Death Triangle (Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fénix & PAC) (w/ Alex Abrahantes).

Arena Anarchy Match: JAS (Chris Jericho, Daniel García, Matt Maynard, Jake Hager & Angelo Parker) vs Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz, Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley (w/ William Regal).

AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match: CM Punk vs "Hangman" Adam Page (c).

Live Coverage.

Buy-In Pre-Show

- The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) and The Gunn Clubb (Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) welcomed the audience to the show. Austin & Colten shouted out the wrong Pay-Per-View names for the show, but Bowens corrected both by saying "Double Or Nothing!! The Acclaimed have arrived!". Bowens started "Ass Boys" chants, which led to The Gunn Clubb driving his wheelchair to the back.

Hook & Danhausen vs "Smart" Mark Sterling & Tony Nese.

The match began with Hook doing a takedown on Nese, sending Nese out of the ring. Nese returned in the ring, which Danhausen tagged in. Nese laughed at Danhausen, before hitting Danhausen with a shoulder tackle. Danhausen cursed Nese, followed by a Big Boot and a top-rope Tijeras on Nese. Nese hit a double ax-handle strike on Danhausen, followed by a series of punches. Sterling tagged in and hit kicks on Danhausen. Nese hit an Irish Whip on Danhausen. Nese stomped Danhausen before tagging in Sterling. Sterling hit a suplex on Danhausen. Sterling went for a leg drop, but Danhausen evaded. Nese attacked Hook. Nese tried to attack Nese, but Danhausen hit him with a Fisherman's Suplex. Hook hit Nese with a High Collar Suplex. Hook hit another Hight Collar Suplex on Sterling. Hook hit a Kareline Suplex on Nese. Hook hit a Saito Suplex on Mark Sterling. Danhausen did the stomp pin for the victory.

Winners: Hook & Danhausen

Main Show

- The broadcast began with Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross welcoming the audience, before going to a sponsored ad from Draft Kings.

MJF (Maxwell Jacob Freedman) vs Wardlow

After a series of odd events around MJF, Freedman made his way to the ring and did an airplane gesture to the crowd. You can read more about it on Fightful Select.

The match began with MJF jumping out of the ring to prevent Wardlow from attacking him. MJF decked Wardlow on his back, which Wardlow was unfazed. Wardlow went for a Powerbomb, but MJF left the ring. MFJ went for a Sunset Flip, but Wardlow got him up for a powerbomb, but MJF escaped by biting his head. MJF poked Wardlow's eyes. Wardlow caught MJF for a powerbomb, but MJF reversed it with a Frankensteiner for a near fall. MJF sprained his leg, which was used to get his Diamond Ring. Wardlow and the referee caught him, with the referee taking the ring away from him. MJF offered Wardlow that he would quadruple his pay if he did not hurt him. Wardlow agreed, but he used it to lure MJF in. Wardlow hit a powerbomb on MJF, to a loud reaction from the crowd. Wardlow hit another powerbomb, with the crowd wanting another. Wardlow hit the third powerbomb on MJF, with MJF looking dazed and confused. Wardlow hit two more powerbombs on MJF and went for the pinfall, but Wardlow stopped the pin. Wardlow powerbombed MFJ for a sixth time, with the crowd asking him to go for ten. Wardlow hit the seventh powerbomb on MJF. Wardlow hit an eighth, ninth, and tenth powerbomb on MJF for the dominant pinfall win. MJF was sent out of the arena on a stretcher after the match. Tony Schiavone revealed that Wardlow is All Elite, getting a graphic in the titantron and loud "You deserve it chants" from the crowd.

Winner: Wardlow

The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (w/ Brandon Cutler) vs. The Hardys (Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy)

The match began with Matt Hardy & Matt Jackson locking up, with Jackson hitting a dropkick on Matt Hardy. Jackson and Hardy exchanged lateral presses before Jackson taunted Matt Hardy. Jeff Hardy tagged in, with Matt Jackson evading offense before tagging in Nick Jackson. Jeff hit a shoulder tackle on Nick. Nick hit a shoulder tackle of his own, but Jeff tripped him. Matt & Jeff Hardy hit a elbow drop- Standing Swanton on Matt Jackson. Nick Jackson went outside and pushed Brandon Cutler, before slapping Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy hit a lariat on Matt Jackson, followed by a suplex. Jeff & Matt Hardy hit a faceslam on Nick Jackson onto Nick Jackson. Jeff went for a assisted leg leap on Matt, but Nick Jackson caught him with a rope-assisted inseguri kick on Hardy. Nick hit a superkick on Matt Hardy. Matt Jackson slammed Jeff Hardy's face in the corner, with Nick hitting a spring rope Swanton on Jeff for a near fall. Jeff hit a double lariat on both Young Bucks. Brandon Cutler took down Matt Hardy from the apron, with Nick Jackson stomping down Jeff Hardy. Nick Jackson went for Whisper in the Wind, but Nick missed. Jeff hit the Whisper in The Wind on Nick Jackson. Matt Hardy hit a lariat, a elbow strike, and slammed Nick Jackson's face in the turn buckles. Matt Hardy slammed Matt Jackson's face & Brandon Cutler's face in the corner. Matt Hardy hit the side-effect on Nick Jackson for a near fall. Jeff Hardy flicked off Nick Jackson, but Nick hit a Spring Rope face slam on Jeff Hardy. Jeff went for a spring rope offense on Matt Jackson outside, but Nick Jackson hit a superkick on Hardy, who fell on both Matt Hardy & Matt Jackson. Nick Jackson hit a Senton on both Hardys outside. Nick Jackson hit a running knee-strike on Matt Hardy. Nick Jackson hit a frog splash, while Matt Jackson hit a standing 360 for a near fall. Nick Jackson hit a knee strike on Matt Jackson and kicked Brandon Cutler's face. Matt Hardy hit a back body drop to Nick Jackson, which Jeff Hardy followed up by hitting a running splash on Nick Jackson. Matt Hardy hit a side effect on Matt Jackson on the apron. Hardys hit the Poetry in Motion on Matt Jackson. Jeff Hardy hit a chin breaker on Matt Jackson and went for the Swanton, but he missed. Young Bucks hit Jeff Hardy with a Twist of Fate & a Swanton Bomb for a near fall. Young Bucks went for the BTE Trigger, but Jeff Hardy evaded. Jeff Hardy hit a double code breaker on the Young Bucks. Young Bucks hit a series of Superkicks on both Hardys, but thy continued to rise after the kicks. Matt & Nick Jackson hit a double-superkick on Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy for a near fall. Matt Hardy hit a Razor's Edge on Nick Jackson. Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb on Matt Jackson on the ring steps. Matt Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Nick Jackson for a near fall. Matt Hardy went for another Twist of Fate, but nick reversed it with a backslide pin for a near fall. Matt Hardy hit a Side Effect, followed by a Twist of Fate on Nick Jackson. Jeff Hardy tagged in and hit the Swanton Bomb on Nick Jackson for the pinfall win.

Winners: The Hardys.

- The Acclaimed and the Gunn Clubb partied too hard, which led to Billy Gunn covering up Austin Gunn with a blanket with how passed out he was.

TBS Championship Match

Anna Jay vs Jade Cargill (c).

Jay and Cargill locked up, with Cargill hitting a knee on Jay's abdomen. Jay went for a cross body, but Cargill caught her. Cargill hit a overhead slam on Jay. Cargill hit a suplex on Jay, followed by a lariat. Cargill hit a top rope ax handle on Jay. Cargill hit an uppercut, followed by a leaping elbow strike on Jay. Jay hit a Superplex on Cargill. Jay hit a spinning heel kick on Cargill. Jay hit a lariat on Cargill. Jay hit another heel kick on Cargill, followed by a Blockbuster on Cargill. Jay slammed Cargill on the stairs. Jay hit a double DDT on Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan. Cargill hit a pump kick on Jay. Jay hit a superkick on Cargill. Mark Sterling went to the ring to distract the referee, but Anna Jay took advantage and hit Cargill with a crutch and a Russian Leg Sweep on Cargill for a near fall. John SIlver hit a brainbuster on Mark Sterling, but Cargill hit Eye of The Storm on Jay for a near fall. Jay reversed the Jaded to a Queen Slayer Rear naked choke. Cargill reversed it by slamming Jay on the corner. Jay and Cargill brawled on the corner, which were distracted by Stokely Hathaway (formerly known in WWE as Malcolm Bivens), which was enough for Cargill to hit an Avalanche Jaded for the pinfall win.

Winner & still TBS Champion: Jade Cargill.

- After the match, Cargill hit a pump kick on Jay. Kris Statlander came in to make the save. From out of the nowhere, Athena (former NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon) made her AEW Debut to a loud reaction. Hathaway instructed the Baddies to make their way out of the ring, to which they obliged.

House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King) vs Death Triangle (Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fénix & PAC) (w/ Alex Abrahantes).

The match began with Black and Fenix locking up, with both exchanging wrist locks. Black attempted a German Suplex, but Fenix stood up. Fenix hit a Frankensteiner on Black. Black went for Black Mass, but Fenix did Black's taunt to evade the move. Fenix hit a superkick on Matthews. Matthews hit a series of quick strikes on Penta, but Penta hit strikes of his own and a superkick. Penta hit a superkick on Matthews, sending him out of the ring. PAC hit a spring rope drop kick on Matthews. King punched PAC down to the ground. King hit a chop on PAC. King hit a double chop on PAC, sending him out of the ring. The two teams did a stand off before they exchanged punches. Black hit a Big Boot, with King hitting a Lariat on PAC. Fenix hit an arm-drag/foot stomp combination on King. Matthews hit the Meteora on Penta. PAC hit a Poison Rana, followed by a lariat, on Matthews. King hit a Boss-Man Slam on PAC, followed by another chop on PAC. Black tagged in and got PAC in a rear-naked choke. Matthews hit a spring rope Swanton on PAC for a near fall. King went for a cannonball on PAC, but PAC evaded the move. Fenix tagged in, with him superkicking Matthews in the leg, which led to Matthews hitting a powerbomb on Black. Fenix and black hit Tope Con Giros on the House of Black outside. Penta & Fenix hit the Lucha Bro Splash on King for a near fall. Fenix hit a dropkick on King. Fenix went for a Tope Suicida on Matthews, but Matthews reversed it to a suplex. PAC hit a CorKscrew on Matthews outside. Black hit a Moonsault on PAC. Penta hit another Tope Con Giro on Black. Brody King hit a Tope con Giro on Everyone and the apron. House of Black hit Dante's Inferno for a near fall. Death Triangle hit double-superkicks on House of Black, with PAC hitting a brainbuster on Black for a near fall. Penta hit a Canadian Destroyer on Matthes on the apron. Fenix and Penta hit a Foot Stomp/Drapping DDT combination on Brody King. Malakai Black got hit with a series of Superkicks on all members of Death Triangle. Malakai Black hit the black Mass on both Penta and Fenix. PAC hit a 450 Splash on Black. PAC tossed Matthews to the outside. PAC hit a low blow on Black. The lights went out, revealing Julia Hart, who spit the black mist on PAC. Black hit the Black Mass on PAC of the pinfall win. Julia Hart officially joined the House of Black.

Winners: The House of Black (Brody King, Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews).

Men's Owen Hart Cup Foundation Tournament Final:

Samoa Joe vs Adam Cole.

Prior to the match, Mike Chioda was the referee of the match. The match began with both locking up. The two locked up again, with Joe sending Cole to the corner. Joe punched Cole in the mouth, and Joe hit a series of punches on Cole's face. Joe hit a gnarly chop on Cole. Joe hit a Irish Whip, an elbow strike, and an inseguri kick on Cole. Joe hit an uppercut on Cole, followed by a headbutt on Cole. Joe hit a running back-elbow on Cole, sending him to the outside. Cole hit a superkick on Joe outside of the ring. Cole and Joe exchanged kicks before Cole choked Joe with the bottom rope. Cole got Joe in a half-rear choke. Cole went for the Panama Sunrise, but Joe hit a piledriver on Cole's leg. Cole hit an inseguri kick on Joe. Joe hit a Uranage on Cole. Joe hit a Manhattan Drop, followed by a boot and a running senton on Cole for a near fall. Joe hit a powerslam on Cole for a near fall. Joe went for a powerbomb, but Cole escaped and hit an inseguri on Joe's neck. Joe hit a lariat on Cole for a near fall. Cole hit a high knee strike on Joe for a near fall. Cole hit a backstabber on Joe for a near fall, transitioning the pin into a crossface. Joe hit a powerbomb for a near fall, which was followed up with an STF on Cole. Joe transitioned the move into a double arm-lock, but Cole got a rope break. Bbby Fish came in from out of nowhere and hung Joe's arm on the top rope. Joe hit a sleeper hold on Cole, which he broke by striking Fish. Cole hit a series of superkicks and the Boom on Joe for the pinfall win, becoming the first-ever Owen Hart Foundation tournament winner.

Winner of the Match & Owen Hart Cup Foundation Winner: Adam Cole

Women's Owen Hart Cup Foundation Tournament Final

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs Ruby Soho

Before the match, Rancid sang Ruby Soho's theme song "Ruby Soho" before the match. Soho & Baker locked up, with Britt pushing Soho's face. Both locked up again, with Baker getting a snap-mare pin for a near fall. Both did a Grecko-Roman lock up, which Soho turned in a modified wrist lock on Baker. Baker tried to break the hold with a chop, but Soho held the hold tight. Baker hit a knee strike on Soho's abdomen for a near fall. Baker hit a forearm strike on Soho, followed by an Irish Whip from Baker on Soho. Soho hit two clotheslines on Baker, followed by a Knee Strike on Baker. Soho hit a leaping Missile Dropkick on Baker. Baker slammed Soho on the barricade. Soho hit a suplex on Baker outside of the ring. Baker slammed Soho from the turn-buckle to the ground, punching down Soho on the mat. Baker stomped down Soho. Baker slammed Soho's ribs on the ring-post, stretching out her arm and eg in the process. Soho hit a chop on Baker, but Baker followed up with a Russian Leg Sweep and a modified arm bar on Soho. Soho reversed it with a pinfall attempt, getting a near fall. Baker hit a rolling elbow strike on Soho. Soho hit a superplex on Baker. Baker and Soho exchanged strikes, before Baker hit Soho with a forearm strike on Soho. Soho went for the No Future kick, but Britt reversed it with a superkick. Baker hit two superkicks on Soho, but Soho reversed it with a Back suplex on Bakr followed by a top-rope senton for a near fall. Baker hit a top-rope faceslam, followed by a Curb Stomp for a near fall. Baker went for the lockjaw, but Soho held Baker's hand tight. Soho hit the No Future Kick, followed by the Sharp Shooter on Baker. Soho locked the Sharpshooter deep in, but Baker got the rope break. Soho got Baker in the Victory Roll, but Britt turned the roll around for a pinfall combination, getting the win. Britt Baker became the first-ever Women's Owen Hart Cup winner.

Winner of the Match & Owen Hart Cup Foundation Winner: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

- After the match, Britt Baker & Adam Cole embraced on the ramp. Dr. Martha Hart made her way to the ramp to reward Cole & Baker for winning the trophy. Hart thanked the audience for the love sent to Owen Hart and her family, saying that this tournament allows for them to celebrate Owen Hart in the squared circle once again. She thank Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, the staff of Dark Side of The Ring, and the fans for allowing his memory to the honored. She gave Baker and Cole the Owen Hart Championship Belts. The championships will not be defended, but are just prizes for the tournament winners.

Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page & Paige van Zant vs Frankie Kazarian, Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti.

Ethan Page punched Guevara in the face, hitting a back elbow on Guevara. Page hit a series of punches on Guevara. Page went for Ego's edge, but Guevara reversed it with a cork screw dropkick. Page hit a Poweslam on Guevara for a near fall. Kazarian hit two arm drags. on Sky, but SKy hit Kazarian with a dropkick. Kazarian hit a body slam, followed by a spring rope leg drop on Sky. Guevara got hit with a series of body shots from Sky. Tay hit Sky in the back, which Guevara followed up with the Cody Cutter on Sky. Sammy and Tay hit a double suplex for a one-fall. Kazarian tagged in and pushed Sammy out of the way, hitting a Russian Leg Sweep on Sky, followed by a Guillotine Choke. Kazarian hit a Leg Drop on Page, but SKy reversed it with an STO on Kazarian. Kazarian hit the Crossface chicken wing on Sky, but Guevara tagged in from behind. Sky pushed Guevara onto Kazarian, leading to Paige tagging in. Paige did a double-leg take down, followed by two lariats and a back suplex on Conti. Paige hit a punch on Guevara's abdomen, followed by a tornado DDT on Guevara. Paige slammed Tay on Guevara's penis. Paige hit a Michinoku Driver on Tay's head for a near fall. Tay did an arm drag on Paige, followed by four pump kicks on Paige in the ring corner for a near fall. Tay hit a facebuster on Paige. Tay and Guevara made out in the ring, but the three members of American Top Team encountered Guevara and Tay. ATT beat up Guevara and Tay, but Kazarian forced the tag int he match. Kazarian hit two spring rope cutters on Sky and Page for a near fall. Tay came to the ring to complain, but she was hit with a Superkick from Gueara in the face. Kazarian sent Guevara out of the ring, but Sky caught him with the TKO for the pinfall win.

Winners: Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page & Paige van Zant

Kyle O'Reilly vs Darby Allin.

O'Reilly hit Allin with a knee-strike on his face, followed by an armbar before Allin got a rope break. O'Reilly more knee-strikes, followed by shoulder-based offense on Allin. O'Reilly hit a Fisher man's Suplex on Darby for a near fall. O'Reilly kicked Allin, but Allin hit a low drop kick and a code red for a near fall. Allin hit a Scorpion Deathlock on O'Reilly. O'Reilly got a Kimura on Allin, but Allin hit a series of knee-strikes on O'Reilly. Allin hit a suicide dive on O'Reilly. Allin went for another suicide dive, but O'Reilly caught Allin with a guillotine outside. Allin hit a frankensteiner, followed by the Last Supper for a near fall. Alllin got a inside cradle, but O'Reilly kicked out and hit a brainbuster for a near fall. O'Reilly got a Ankle lock on O'Reilly, but Allin reversed it to a modified Scorpion Deathlock on O'Reilly, but O'Reilly got a rope break. Allin hit a coffin frop on O'Reilly on the apron. Allin got a near fall on O'Reilly. Allin and O'Reilly exchanged strikes before both got down. O'Reilly hit a kick on Allin, followed by a diving Knee-drop on Allin for the pinfall win.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly.

AEW Women's World Championship Match

Serena Deeb vs Thunder Rosa (c).

Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb begin with a variety of counters. The crowd chants this is wrestling. Thunder Rosa takes advantage to start things off; Rosa sends Deeb to the outside and goes for the baseball slide; however, Deeb slides back into the ring, and Rosa does not get the strike in time.

Deep takes over and begins controlling the match. Deeb begins striking Rosa’s back. Deeb throws Rosa down onto the mat. Now, both Rosa and Deeb are exchanging heavy strikes. Rosa hits Deeb with a lariat and follows it up with a scoop and a slam. Rosa picks up Deeb and throws her into the corner face-first. Rosa hits Deeb with a missile dropkick and follows it up with a Northern Lights Suplex.

Deeb gets up and gets some strikes in on Rosa; Deeb hits Rosa with a Russian Leg Sweep; Rosa rolls it into a submission hold right away, however, Deeb gets out of it and counters the hold into a stretch muffler. Deeb begins slamming the knee into the canvas.

Thunder Rosa gets back up; Rosa hits Deeb with a big boot and hits Deeb with a Death Valley Driver. Rosa goes for the pin attempt, but Deeb kicks out at two. Deeb hits Rosa with a chop block and now has Rosa in Figure Four; Rosa and Deeb begin slapping each other with some stiff shots. Deeb hits Rosa with the Detox, Deeb goes for the cover, but Rosa kicks out. Deeb goes for the Serenity Lock; she lets go of the hold and hits Rosa with a Powerbomb.

Deeb puts the Texas Cloverleaf hold on Rosa; however, Rosa reaches the ropes. Rosa hits Deeb with a big roundhouse kick. Rosa and Deeb are hitting each other with massive haymakers. They are both on the top rope now, Rosa hits Deeb with a Superplex, and Rosa ends it by hitting the Fire Thunder Driver. Rosa pins Deeb to retain her AEW Women’s Championship title.

Winner & Still AEW Women's Champion: Thunder Rosa

Arena Anarchy Match: JAS (Chris Jericho, Daniel García, Matt Maynard, Jake Hager & Angelo Parker) vs Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz, Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley (w/ William Regal).

The match begins with JAS leaving the ring and going after Blackpool Combat Club, Kingston, Ortiz, and Santana. Moxley and Kingston double-team Jericho; Moxley begins using a fork on Jericho. Santana and Ortiz are in the ring and hit Hager with a suplex. During the match, Moxley’s music is played throughout the entire match. Santana and Ortiz put Hager through a table.

We see Moxley hit Jericho with the camera. Daniel Garcia is destroying Eddie Kingston at the concession stand. Jericho has Moxley on the table, and it breaks out underneath them.

Moxley, Kingston, and Danielon each have the Crimson Mask.

We see Hager counters Danielson’s suplex, and he suplexes Danielson. Next, we see Garcia and Kingston in a freight elevator.

Moxley is beating Jericho down with part of the ring post. He's setting up a table, and Santana and Ortiz jump off onto Menard and Parker. We see Danielson and Moxley take on Hager and Jericho with punches and elbows. Jericho has the Labell Lock. Eddie Kingston comes down with a gas can; he starts pouring it onto Jericho and Danielson.

Danielson and Kingston begin fighting, and Moxley breaks it up. Jericho attacks all three men with a chair from behind. Hager pushes Moxley onto a table covered with barbed wire. Danielson says he is going to “kick his fucking head in.” Hager attacks Danielson with a bat and takes Danielson’s leg out from behind. Hager begins choking Danielson while Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on. Danielson is out, and the Referee, Aubrey Edwards, calls for the bell.

Winner: Jericho Appreciation Society

- We get a promo with Andrade announcing that he has a new business partner and it is none other than former ROH Champion, Rush.

- In a Backstage interview, Dante Martin challenged TNT Champion Scorpio Sky for a match for the title. Sky accepted the challenge.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: Keith Lee & Shane "Swerve" Strickland vs Team Taz (Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks) vs Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (c) (w/ Christian Cage).

The three teams brawled before Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy did stereo moonsaults on everyone. Jurassic Express did a elbow drop-sideslam combination for a near fall. Swerve did the tijeras on Starks, but Hobbs tagged in. Hobbs hit a tackle on Swerve. Lee & Swerve did a Rollling Elbow-Inseguri combination on Hobbs. Swerve hit a knee-striek, followed by a Jack-knife cover for a near fall on Hobbs. Jungle Boy hit Tijeras on Swerve, followed by a Tope Suicida on Swerve. Jungle Boy went for a Tope con Hilo, but Keith Lee caught him and power bombed Jungle Boy onto Lucharaurus' back. Hobbs hit a standing suplex on Jungle Boy. Hobbs hit a rolling elbow on Jungle Boy. Starks hit a back-breaker on Jungle Boy. Starks hit went for the Old School, but he taunted too much and Jungle Boy took advantage and kicked Starks off the rope. Hobbs sent Jungle Boy to the corner, but Swerve tagged in. Swerve worked on Hobbs, hitting a forearm strike, a running elbow, and a diving uppercut on Hobbs. Swerve tossed Starks out of the ring. Swerve hit a moonsault off Keith Lee's chest onto Jurassic Express and Starks. Swerve hit a Frankensteiner on Hobbs, followed by a roll-up for a near fall. Lee went for a powerbomb on Hobbs, but Hobbs managed to escaped and hit a Avalanche Overhead suplex on Swerve. Luchasaurus hit pump kicks on Hobbs and Lee, hitting a ring lariat on Swerve, Luchasaurus hit a double lariat on Starks and Hobbs. Luchasaurus hit a pump kick on Hobbs, which led to Keith Lee tagging in. The three hosses (Lee, Hobbs & Luchasaurus) confronted each other before they started exchanging strikes. Luchasaurus went for a double chokeslam, but Hobbs and Lee hit a chokeslam on Luchasaurus. Hobbs and Lee exchanged strikes before Lee sent Hobbs outside with an overhead sulex. Lee hit a Tope Con Hilo on Luchasaurus, Hobbs, and Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus hit an elbow strike and hit a Death Valley Driver, but Lee kicked out at one. Lee and Luchasaurus exchanged punches before exchanging lariats. Hobbs hit a double blockbuster on Lee and Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy hit elbow strikes on Starks and went for a pinfall attempt, but Starks reversed it with a rope-assisted pin, but Christian Cage came in and cut the pin. Cage was dropped off the apron by Hobbs, with Hobbs slamming Cage to the stairs. Jungle Boy hit a Tope Suicida on Hobbs. Jungle Boy went back to the ring, but was caught with a spear for a near fall. Starks hit Roshambo for a near fall on Jungle Boy. Hobbs hit a Spinebuster on Luchasaurus, but Swerve got Hobbs in a Swerve Stomp. Luchasaurus kicked Jungle Boy by accident, which led to Swerve and Lee hitting Swerve In Their Glory for a near fall. Starks hit Lee with the FTW Championship. Starks tried to hit Jungle Boy with the title, but Cage pulled Starks out of the ring. Jurassic Express hit the Therasic Express for the pinfall win.

Winners & Still AEW Tag Team Champions: Jurassic Express (Jungle boy & Luchasaurus) (w/ Christian Cage).

AEW World Championship Match

CM Punk vs "Hangman" Adam Page.

The match began with CM Punk and Hangman butting heads before exchanging pushes. The two locked up before CM Punk leaned Hangman in the ropes. CM Punk and Hangman exchanged chops before CM Punk leaned Page in the corner. The two locked up again, with Punk getting a side headlock. Page hit a forearm strike on CM Punk. Punk and Page exchanged strikes again, with Punk hitting a back elbow on Page for a near fall. Page hit two elbow strikes on Punk in the corner before stomping down CM Punk. CM Punk exchanged chops again before CM Punk hit an Irish Whip on Page. CM Punk hit a Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. CM Punk hit three body-slams on Page, followed by loud boos from the crowd. CM Punk went for a crossbody, but Hangman caught him and hit a Fall Away Slam on CM Punk. Hangman did a Spring rope cross body on CM Punk on the outside. Hangman slammed Punk on the barricade. Hangman hit a rolling elbow on CM Punk, knocking the challenger to the ground. Page taunted the crowd after the thunderous rolling elbow. Hangman hit an Irish Whip on CM Punk in the corner. Hangman hit a lariat. Hangman went for the Buckshot Lariat, but Punk pushed Hangman off the apron. Hangman hit a powerbomb on CM Punk on the apron. Hangman hit a diving Lariat on CM Punk for a near fall. CM Punk hit a Superplex on Hangman. Hangman and CM Punk exchanged elbow strikes before CM Punk hit a series of kicks and a leg lariat on Hangman. CM Punk hit the Running Knee/Big Bulldog combination on Hangman, followed by a Spring Rope Lariat on Hangman. CM Punk went for a Sharpshooter, but Hangman escaped. CM Punk hit a neck breaker on Hangman for a near fall. CM Punk, now busted open after Hangman's punch, went to the top rope, but Hangman puched Punk off the turnbuckle. Page hit a Moonsault on CM Punk on th outside, but he landed awkwardly on his left leg. Hangman went for the Buckshot Lariat, but CM Punk caught the Lariat and reversed it into a Sharpshooter. Hangman got a rope break, forcing CM Punk to break up the Sharpshooter. CM Punk went for the Buckshot Lariat, but he tripped with the rope. Hangman tried to take advantage and hit the GTS, but Punk escaped the move. CM Punk hit an inseguri kick, followed by a very poor Buckshot Lariat, which Hangman kicked out of at two. Hangman caught CM Punk in the middle of the Rising Knee by hitting a powerbomb, transitioning into the Deadeye for a near fall. Hangman went for the GTS, but CM Punk escaped with a roundhouse kick. Hangman eventually hit the GTS on CM Punk for a near fall, but Hangman's left knee was even more damaged. Punk and Hangman exchanged strikes, in which CM Punk responded by kicking Hangman's injured left knee. Hangman hit a big boot on CM Punk. CM Punk hit a big boot of his own. Hangman clotheslined himself and CM Punk out of the ring, with Hangman tossing CM Punk from the time keeper's table. Hangman went to hit the Buckshot Lariat, but CM Punk reversed it into the Death Valley Driver position, but Punk accidentally hit the referee in the head. Hangman leaned into getting the AEW Championship, contemplating hitting CM Punk with the championship. Hangman doubted himself about it, but he decided to drop the title to the ground. Hangman went for the Buckshot Lariat, but CM Punk caught it and hit the GTS on Hangman for the pinfall win, crowning himself the new AEW World Heavyweight Championship. A tear-jerked CM Punk celebrated winning the title to end the show. CM Punk is now the new All Elite Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Winner & New AEW World Champion: CM Punk.

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