AEW Dynamite 12/09/20 Results: Sting Speaks, MJF vs. Orange Cassidy, and an update on Omega's Plans

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Non-Title Match
The Hybrid2 vs. The Young Bucks

Stardom Tokyo Dream Cinderella 2021 Special Edition Results (6/12/21)

The Hybrid2 get right in the ring and attack The Young Bucks before the bell, but The Young Bucks recover and clear the ring. The Bucks go outside, and Matt does a diving dropkick and knocks both Hybrid members down. Nick drags down Angelico with a nice arm-drag takedown. Jack Evans gets on top of the turnbuckle and does a flip on the outside and nails Matt Jackson. Matt recovers and hits a slingshot leg drop. Evans gets knocked off the apron now. Evans is back up and jumps off Matt's back; Matt is on top of Angelico, striking away. Nick is outside of the ring, recovering. Angelico in control and can hold onto Matt, Evans does a double stomp, and he gets assisted with a 450 Splash. They go for a pin on Matt, kicked out at two.

Nick is up and does with a running knee to Angelico. Nick now heads to the top of the turnbuckle; they hit risky business and goes for the pin, two count. Evans, with the blind tag and now does the neckbreaker and a backbreaker combo. Evans goes for a 450 splash off and then pins but only a two-count. Evans takes a Doomsday Device on the ramp and now a Double Superkick to Angelico, goes for the cover and a two count. Evans hits the Poisonranna on Matt; now he nails a 450 splash onto Nick outside the ring. Angelico is working on Matt's knee; he goes for a Death Roll Submission on the knees. Nick goes and hits the Senton on Angelico to break it up. Nick and Matt are both now on the floor; Evans does a Handspring Flip but gets caught. Nick and Matt now nail the Spiked Piledriver to Evans on the floor. Angelico takes a Double Superkicks, and The Young Bucks finish with the BTE Trigger. They go for the pin, and they get the win.

Winner: The Young Bucks

- The Acclaimed were about to jump into the ring, but SCU comes out and stops them front entering.

- Backstage segment with MJF and Wardlow is with him. MJF says he's going to "break a lot of the Smark Marks hearts tonight."

- Darby Allin segment now, and he sees images of different drawings. Allin is shown an image of Brian Cage, and he says that Cage "is a puppet," and then he has shown an image of Sting, and Allin smiles.

- Cody Rhodes is now out in the ring with Tony Schiavone. Cody was going to address Sting being there, but before he says a word, Sting's music starts, and he is coming out. Arn Anderson steps in-front of Cody and says to Sting, "I just had to step a bit closer to see if this was real." He then says he will excuse himself and leaves the ring to let Cody and Sting talk. Tony now says, "who am I to stick around, then?" but Sting stops him and says Tony, "how long has it been," he tells Tony to say his "It's Sting," and Tony obliges and says, "It's Sting!" and Jacksonville crowd goes crazy. Cody starts talking and says he will get to the point. He "has always wanted to share the ring with Sting Sting stops him and says, "Cody, I'm not here for you, at least not for now. They show Darby Allin in the upper deck seats just watching them both. He says being on TNT is something that he was familiar with. Cody says, "As I said, sir. welcome back". Sting puts his arm around Cody and says, "see ya around, kid."

- They go to a segment with Taz addressing Sting, Cody, and Darby. He says it was sweet to see those two have a special night. Ricky Starks then tells Cody that Hook is now training with Team Taz.

FTR vs. The Varsity Blondes

FTR starts off the match taking control, Pillman is getting back into the match with some momentum. Pill tags in Garrison; he is now going after Wheeler's arm. Brian is back in, goes for Wheeler, but he missed Wheeler. FTR now both hits the double suplex off of the top rope onto Pillman. Dax is now just throwing punches and hitting with his strikes. FTR grabs onto Pillman and hits The Goodnight Express. FTR gets the victory after pinning Pillman.

Winner: FTR

- After the match, Jungle Express is watching FTR and staring them down. Wheeler pushes Jungle Boy, but now Marko Stunt is ready to fight.

- They then go to Alex Marvez talking to Adam Page, and Marvez announces that Hardy will team with Private Party and take on Adam Page and two of his partners. Marvez says to Page, "you don't have any partners though" John Silver and Alex Reynolds both come up from behind the bar with a smile. They said they'll tag with him. Page says "no" but changes his mind and says he will tag with them, "but he's not joining The Dark Order."

Dustin Rhodes vs. 10 of The Dark Order

10 begins with a kick to the midsection, now he hits the spinebuster, now he boots Dustin again, but this time Rhodes goes down outside the ring. 10 goes outside of the ring, but Dustin now rolls back into the ring. Aaron Solow is out and shoves 10. 10 gets in the ring and takes multiple clotheslines. Rhodes grabs 10's face across the ropes, Dustin punches 10, and now he bites his mask and finishes the match by hitting the Running Bulldog. Rhodes pins 10 and gets the win.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes via Pinfall

- They cut the music, and Uno is yelling, and he now gets into the ring. The Dark Order is on the stage by the ring. Uno says he’s not able to change the past, but they can have a better future. Uno now is talking about the legacy of Dustin Rhodes. He then says that he has pressure because he is the third most important Rhodes in AEW. He asks Dustin if he'll be 7 and join The Dark Order. Dustin slaps Uno, and the group starts heading to the ring, but Uno tells them to stay back.

- We now go to Tony Schiavone, who is sitting with Brandi Rhodes. Tony now introduces Shaquille O’Neal. Brandi was not happy with Tony going over O’Neal’s achievements. O’Neal is now talking about Jade and begins by saying he's a big fan of hers. They go back a long time. O’Neal says he did not like what Jade did to Brandi's arm. Brandi agrees with him, and she says that Jade came into her house and came at her. Brandi says she hopes that they can stop all of this. O’Neal says to Schiavone that he has “a lot of love for the Rhodes' family” but will be happy to see Jade and Brandi fight it out. Brandi and O’Neal shake hands, and he’s glad that they’ll work things out. Rhodes is getting ready to leave the interview, but then O’Neal says something insulting about Brandi's arm and says she can get Jade’s pointers. Brandi doesn't deserve the disrespect and says she’s "sick of this %^&*." Brandi now dumps a drink on O’Neal and, before leaving, calls him an “overgrown $%&*&^%” and then Rhodes walks out.

- The Inner Circle are on their way out; Jericho takes the microphone and looks at the crowd while they’re singing. He begins by saying that “this might be the last time fans see the group.” He says, “No more shoving and no more arguing.” Jericho says Santana doesn't even come to work anymore because he is not happy with what’s going with The Inner Circle. Jericho says now is the time for everyone to let it out and let him know what’s bothering The Inner Circle members. MJF begins by saying, “he loves all the guys, and they are like his brothers.” MJF says regardless of what people say on social media about him, he does not want to break up The Inner Circle.” MJF said he ”chose to be in the part of the group.” He then says that he wants to be there for the group. MJF is now bringing up Sammy on nearly throwing the towel in on Jericho’s match last week. Jericho then says they watched Dynamite, and they were able to see what he did’.
MJF says he was sweating from his eyebrow. Ortiz says MJF is growing on him like a fungus, but he says to Sammy he wants him to shake MJF's hand. Santana then tells Sammy that " better than him, and you know it." MJF is now laughing at what Santana said. Sammy tells Jericho that he “trusts him, but he’ll leave the group if one more thing happens.” Jericho hears him and understands why. MJF and Sammy shake decide to shake each other’s hands.

Jericho knows what everyone’s saying, and he feels like that they are all on the same now. Jake Hager then begins asking why “Wardlow has been staring at him all the time?” Wardlow then gets angry, and he calls Hager “a creep,” Hager responds by saying that MJF is the creep. Jericho then tells them both “to stop staring at each other.” Wardlow obliges; however, Hager is still watching Wardlow. Jericho has everyone put their hand in the middle, then Jericho's music begins playing.

- They got Backstage to Alex Marvez, who is with FTR, and he asks them about their loss to the Young Bucks. Cash starts by saying that his “emotions got the best of him that night, and it cost them the titles.” Tully Blanchard says that because he wasn't there, so the whole team wasn't there. Dax says they’re still the best on the planet, and they will win the titles again.’

Lance Archer & The Lucha Bros. vs. Eddie Kingston & The Blade, and The Butcher

The match begins when Archer runs out and jumps over the top rope, knocking down the opposition. All six men start fighting. The Butcher hits the suplex on Penta through a table. Penta is getting help from the medical team and the officials. The match continues with Blade, and Butcher double-teams and strikes Fenix. Bunny starts choking Fenix when the ref was not looking. Eddie Kingston is now in, and Fenix is down. Fenix hits the Springboard Cutter onto Kingston, and it stumbles him. Archer is now tagged in; he begins with the Full Nelson Slam on The Blade. He gets Butcher and Blade alone now and delivers some nasty elbows to both guys. Fenix is attempting to come back, but it just doesn’t work. The Blade and Butcher nail a Neckbreaker and Powerbomb and then go for the pin, and they get the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, and The Blade

Abadon vs. Tesha Price

Abadon starts with a big clothesline, grabs onto Price, gets her into the corner, and starts with multiple strikes. She then manhandles Price and tosses her across the ring, and then crawled toward Price. Price throws a punch to Abadon’s face. It does not do anything to Abadon, and Abadon strikes Price again multiple times. Abadon goes for a Leg Trip and gets Price with it; Abadon now lifts and brings down Price hard. Abandon goes for the quick cover and gets the victory.

Winner: Abadon

- After the match, Abadon is not done with Price. Hikaru Shida, though, makes the save and comes out with a kendo stick. Abadon goes after Shida, but Shida swings at Abadon and strikes her in the head. Abadon drops and goes down hard. Shida assisted Price with getting her out of the ring.

- Dasha is with Jericho, and she asks if they are all on the same page. Jericho says that they are. Jericho then says they will join MJF and Wardlow at the ring to make sure he wins against Orange Cassidy and gets the AEW Diamond Ring back.

- AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis arrive in a helicopter with Tony Schiavone waiting for them in the ring. Marvez tries to Omega's questions, but they pretty much ignore him. Kenny Omega gets his full entrance, and both he and Callis are now in the ring. Tony says that he “was disgusted with what happened last week.” Don Callis grabs the microphone and says the fans are also upset. Tony Khan is upset, and he invited Don Callis in and made him feel welcomed. Tony probably doesn’t like what happened, and Callis says, "Welcome to the business, kid." Callis says they were making a plan like this for a very long time. Callis says he remembers watching Omega become the best wrestler in the world. Callis makes sure to bring up that Omega vs. Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom happened because of him. That match was so big it may even have a hand in starting AEW.

Omega now has the microphone and says they pulled off their plan. Omega said everything that he has done elsewhere pales in comparison now that he has the AEW World Title. Omega says his match against Moxley last week was like “fine art.” It was also very inspirational; Omega says that all the fans fell for it. Omega says he only wanted Jon Moxley to be the fool, which is when Don came in. Omega says so much more will be coming. Callis then tells Kenny to hold off on those announcements. Kenny then says, "Goodbye, and Good Night.”

Dynamite Diamond Ring Finals
MJF vs. Orange Cassidy

The match begins with MJF attacks Cassidy with some stomps. MJF takes off his sunglasses and breaks them, and then he picks up Cassidy and hits him with a suplex. MJF goes for the quick win but only gets the one-count. MJF goes for another suplex now, but Cassidy counters it with the Stundog Millionaire. Cassidy is now looking for the Orange Punch but missed and hit the ring post. They are now both on the floor. Cassidy does the Hammerlock Slam onto the ring apron. MJF is continuing to put pressure on his Cassidy and goes for a pin but only a two-count. Cassidy gets knocked down and attacked by The Inner Circle. MJF distracts the referee and Sammy throws Orange into the ringpost.

The Best Friend gets more people ringside for Cassidy. Cassidy hits a dropkick, kip, then a suicide dive. Cassidy now is heading to the top and gets him with the diving crossbody, DDT, and now a Diving DDT. He goes for the cover but only gets a two-count. Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch but missed MJF; MJF hits the Shoulderbreaker on Cassidy, and now a Tiger Driver.

Cassidy goes for a Senton on Inner Circle. Cassidy is now on the apron; MJF hits the Heat-seeker on Cassidy and now goes for the pin, but the feet are on the ropes. The Referee is getting distracted by Best Friends this time. MJF now has Jericho's bat; Cassidy puts his hands in his pocket. Cassidy goes down as the referee looks back. The Referee now throws the bat out, Cassidy hits the Beach-break for the pin, but MJF kicks out. MJF starts going after Cassidy's hand, snaps Cassidy's fingers. Cassidy, with the Orange Punch, goes down for the cover, MJF kicks out. Cassidy hit him again, but nothing. Wardlow puts MJF’s foot on the rope; the referee stops the count. Miro runs out and hits Cassidy with the lariat. MJF covers Cassidy for the win.

Winner: MJF

- After the match, the Best Friends chase after Miro, held back by security, and Miro is seen yelling at them, and they go off the air.

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