AEW Dynamite 4/28/21 Results Young Bucks vs. Sydal Brothers, Brian Cage vs. Hangman Page, more

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- AEW Lead Commentator and Hall of Famer Jim Ross begins the show by saying, “It’s Wednesday Night, and you know what that means. Ross welcomes us to “Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, “The Home of the Jags.” Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross begin going over tonight's card.

Blackjack Lanza Passes Away At The Age Of 86

Adam "Hangman" Page vs. Brian Cage

Adam Page makes his way to the ring but is immediately attacked by Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Hook. The Dark Order comes out and starts battling it out; the referees get everyone to leave except for Cage and Hangman. Brian Cage powerbomb's Hangman on the platform outside the ring.

The referee checks on Hangman, and Hangman says he is okay, and the bell rings. Brian Cage uses a flurry of different strikes and hits Hangman with a suplex and then nails him with a German suplex. Cage sends Hangman out of the ring and throws him into the barricade multiple times. Cage slams Hangman down hard on the ring. Cage now goes for a moonsault; however, Hangman gets his first offensive move in by putting his knees up. Brian Cage gets right back up, though, and starts attacking Hangman some more.

Cage gets more offense in, and things start working in Hangman's favor. Hangman goes for a moonsault and nails Cage, who is just outside the ring. The action goes back into the ring; however, Cage controls it right away by hitting Hangman with another powerful bodyslam. Brian Cage now hits Hangman with a Buckle Bomb and then goes for the finish and hits the Drill Claw on Hangman. Cage goes for the pin and gets the big upset win.

Winner: Brian Cage

After the match, we go to a promo with The Young Bucks, The Good Brothers, Don Callis, and Kenny Omega in a limousine, celebrating Omega's big win. Omega says he is mad because of what Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston did to their trailer last week. Kenny Omega tells Eddie Kingston that if he wants to go after them. Then he will have to go through Michael Nakazawa first.

The Young Bucks (w/ Don Callis) vs. Matt and Mike Sydal

The Young Bucks make their way to the ring, and streamers drop down into the ring. Mike Sydal and Matt Jackson start things off with a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Excalibur says if The Sydal Brothers win, they will get a title shot against The Young Bucks. Both men exchange holds, and neither gets the upper hand; now Nick Jackson and Matt Sydal are the legal men. Matt and Mike Sydal soon get the upper hand by hitting Nick with a drop-toe hold and dropkick combination. Matt Jackson is back up and hits Mike Sydal with a superkick; now Matt Jackson controls the match as we go to our first picture-in-picture commercial.

The Young Bucks control the action during the break and are showboating in front of the camera. Nick and Matt will both throw in some punches and then exchange tags back and forth and continue double-teaming on Mike Sydal. Mike Sydal lands a big kick to the side of Matt Jackson's head; the referee is not paying attention, and Nick gets Matt out of the way and takes his spot. Nick taking his brother's place did not matter as the Sydal’s would still take control. The Sydal’s hit Matt Jackson with a Stereo Meteora; Matt Sydal nearly gets the win after hitting a Question Mark kick on Nick Jackson. Matt Sydal goes for a top rope maneuver but is taken down hard by Matt Jackson; Mike Sydal gets hit with a low-blow, and then The Young Bucks finish it when they use the BTE Trigger to get the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks (w/ Don Callis)

After the match, SCU heads out to the ring area, and Frankie Kazarian says that he noticed the new Young Bucks are here; Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels say they will be the number one contenders. Christopher Daniels says he is mad because he wanted to wrestle his friends, but now he has to wrestle two bitches. SCU says they will win the AEW Tag-Team Championship titles soon.

Orange Cassidy (w/ Trent?) vs. Penta El Zero M ( w/ Alex Abrahantes)

Penta and Orange Cassidy get in each other's faces and stare each other down; Penta continues to wave his hand, but he won't let Cassidy do the same. Cassidy has enough and throws his sunglasses off. Cassidy then starts with some light kicks. Penta goes for a thrust kick that misses, and Cassidy attempts to go for Beach Break, but he can't finish it off. Penta nails Cassidy with a twilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Cassidy soon goes for a crucifix pin, but Penta kicks out at two. Orange Cassidy goes for the suicide dive, but Penta catches him and then slams him back onto the ring on the outside by the apron. We go to another picture-in-picture commercial with Penta controlling the match with a variety of holds.

We come back with Penta hitting Cassidy with a front face kick; Cassidy soon recovers, and Cassidy throws Penta into the corner, head first. Penta recovers quickly and nails Cassidy with a brainbuster. Penta now goes with a senton drop into a pin; Cassidy kicks out. Cassidy is now being held in an arm breaker, but he gets out of it, and now Cassidy and Penta are exchanging multiple thrust kicks. Penta hits the Destroyer, but Cassidy gets out, and then Cassidy hits the Beach Break out of nowhere.

Cassidy goes for the pin, but Penta's elbow is up. Penta now hits Cassidy with a big thrust kick to the head. Cassidy soon hits the Stun Dog Millionaire; Orange Cassidy hits a big spinning DDT. Cassidy goes for the pin, but Penta kicks out; Alex Abrahantes has a microphone and says, "what Penta said last week about Trent's Mom was bad but what he said about Orange Cassidy's Mom." All of a sudden, he gets cut off when Cassidy pulls Alex into the ring. Cassidy now pushes Alex out of the way as Penta comes in for an attack. The ref is distracted because of Abrahantes. The distraction allows Trent to hand the microphone to Cassidy. Cassidy uses the microphone for the Orange Punch. Cassidy then goes for the pin, and he gets the big win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy (w/ Trent)

- Tony Schiavone has a promo with Dr. Britt Baker, and she says that she is now the number two contender, and that should surprise nobody. She says that she is the best in demographics, merchandise etc., etc.

- Tony Schiavone is now in the ring to introduce The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle to talk about their upcoming Blood and Guts match. Tony goes over the rules for the match; Shawn Spears takes the microphone away from Tony and says that the Pinnacle will win because they are willing to bleed for each other. Now, Sammy Guevara tells Shawn Spears that "ever since he arrived at AEW he has been a failure, and he also recalls Shawn being a failure at where he used to work (WWE)."

Sammy says they can have the advantage, and Sammy will start the match and fight them to start things off. Cash Wheeler tries to get into the head of Proud and Powerful, but they don't fall for it. MJF now has the microphone, and he tells Jericho that he's been carrying the company, but he says he will replace The Inner Circle, and The Pinnacle will be on top of the mountain, and he tells Jericho he's coming for his spot.

Jericho has the mic and tells MJF that he is a prick and that who does he think he is to think he gets his spot; if he wants the spot, he has to work for it. Jericho says he has the respect because he's done it all. If MJF wants to come for his spot, he needs to work for it. Jericho then talks about how The Inner Circle is Blood and Guts. He mentions how each member is a family. Jericho says that next week it will be a battle, and the Inner Circle will do whatever it takes to win. They head out for a commercial break.

- They are back from the break, and Eddie Kingston walks out, and Michael Nakazawa is sitting in a chair inside the ring. Kingston says, "he's not going to do this sports entertainment crap" Kingston calls out Omega; Omega says Kingston doesn't get to make any choices for him. Nakazawa comes up behind Kingston and hits him with a laptop, but it doesn't work, and Kingston takes out Nakazawa with ease. Omega sends out Brandon Cutler to take care of Kingston; however, Jon Moxley shows up and takes out Kenny Omega and Brandon Cutler. Kingston says he will break Kenny's ankle if he doesn't get a tag match against Omega. Callis agrees to the match if Kingston does not break Omega's ankle. Kingston lets him go, and we now have a match next week's Dynamite Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa.." We head to another commercial.

- Taz is cutting a promo saying that Brian Cage beat Adam Page, and now they are number one guys, and he calls out Christian Cage and says he is lucky because he capitalized on Powerhouse Hobbs one mistake. Christian Cage comes out and says that if he needs to send a person one by one, that is fine, and he will take care of them. He says one day, hopefully, they will realize they will be better without him.

Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) vs. Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy)

Kris Statlander and Penelope Ford start right away, with Ford going after Statlander's knee. Ford does not get much in as Statlander comes back with a flurry of strikes and then sends Ford out of the ring after hitting Ford with a press slam. Ford recovers on the outside and takes control almost right away after getting multiple strikes in on Statlander. They head out for another picture-in-picture commercial break with Ford in complete control.

They come back from the break with Statlander and Ford exchanging strikes; Statlander sends Ford to the corner and hits her with a knee to the face. Statlander follows it up with a blue thunder bomb; she goes for the pin, but Statlander kicks out. Ford hits Statlander with a neck breaker, but it does not do much damage. Ford comes back with a spinning heel kick but Statlander recovers and hits the Big Bang Theory to win. Kip Sabian was going to try and interrupt the pin, but Orange Cassidy stopped him.

Winner: Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy)

The Nightmare Family (Dustin Rhodes, Billy Gunn, and Lee Johnson) vs. The Factory (QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, and Aaron Solow) (w/ Anthony Ogogo)

The match begins with Billy Gunn and Aaron Solow, with Billy Gunn having the advantage, but almost immediately, QT Marshall gets in a cheap shot in on Gunn. Solow makes the tag to Nick Comoroto, and Comoroto takes control right away by putting Gunn in a bear hug. Gunn finally gets out of it and tags in Dustin Rhodes; Dustin gets some shots in, but Comoroto is too powerful. Comoroto tags in Marshall, and Marshall has the advantage right away and throws some stiff shots in on Rhodes.

Marshall tags in Aaron Solow as we head to another picture-in-picture commercial, Solow is controlling the match, and he hits Rhodes with a spinning heel kick and then nails Rhodes with a suplex. Solow tags in Marshall, and he is laying it in on Rhodes; Marshall takes his attention off of Rhodes and hits Gunn with another cheap shot but Rhodes is ready for him soon after and hits him with a fast and heavy bodyslam. Rhodes makes it over to Lee Johnson for the hot tag; Johnson takes out everyone. Johnson goes and hits a corkscrew dive over the top rope. Anthony Ogogo hits Johnson with his heavy punch finisher, and then he does the same to Billy Gunn. This allows Marshall to get in the ring and pin Johnson for the win.

Winners: The Factory (QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, and Aaron Solow) (w/ Anthony Ogogo)

After the match, everyone leaves the ring except for QT Marshall, Colton and Austin come out and begin attacking Marshall. Marshall escapes and heads off to the Nightmare Express Bus, and when he opens the door, Cody Rhodes is waiting for him. Rhodes and Marshall start fighting, and they begin battling it out; Rhodes takes Marshall out and celebrates on top of the bus.

- Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Jim Ross begin going over next week's show and announce Jon Moxley will face Yugi Nagata on the May 12th AEW Dynamite.

- They head backstage to Kip Sabian, who is on his way to talk to Miro; Miro attacks Sabian right away, and after beating him down, Miro says he forgives Sabian, and we head to a commercial break.

TNT Championship Match
10 of The Dark Order (w/ The Dark Order) vs. Darby Allin (w/ Sting) (C)

The match begins with a collar-and-elbow tie-up, it goes to the ropes, and they break it up. Darby Allin and 10 get in each other's faces. Neither men get the upper hand; Allin gets a headlock in, but then he gets hit with a heavy shoulder tackle. 10 picks up Allin as if he will suplex him, but instead, he holds Allin up for about six seconds. 10 then nails Allin with a backbreaker; Allin comes back with a heavy slap to the face of 10. Allin dives off the top rope; however, 10 knocks him down with a big shoulder.

They head to their last picture-in-picture commercial with 10 in complete control and throws Allin around like a rag doll. 10 gets multiple jabs in on Allin, Allin will occasionally get a punch or two in, but 10 lays it in even more on Allin. 10 goes for a Gorilla Press Slam, but Allin gets out of; 10 hits Allin with a big spinebuster. 10 picks Allin up off the mat and nails Allin with a single-arm powerbomb. Allin grabs control of the match and has 10 in a Fujiwara armbar, but 10 gets out of it by using his strength.

Sting and The Dark Order have a staredown, and while the ref is not paying attention, Ethan Page attacks Darby Allin. Page throws him right into the ring post. 10 takes advantage and goes for the pin; Allin kicks out. 10 goes for the Full Nelson, but Darby gets out of it and uses the turnbuckle to kick off and land on 10 and roll him up for the pin.

Winner: Darby Allin (w/ Sting)

After the match, 10 and Allin embrace each other. The Dark Order leaves, and both Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attack Allin and Sting. They go off the air with Lance Archer and 10 making the save.

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