AEW Dynamite 8/22/20 Results: New TNT Champion Crowned, Matches Made For All Out

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FTR vs. Private Party

The action just starts after a delay due to a long-running NBA game. FTR has secured the managerial services of Tully Blanchard it appears. Tully Blanchard has a new coaching jacket. Early on, Marq Quen out quicks Dax Harwood. Following all four men getting in the ring and a double dropkick taking FTR to the floor, FTR cheated to get the advantage and briefly took control.

Private Party begins to take over control with tandem offense including a camel clutch/ double stomp combo. Dax and Cash find reprieve on the floor and slow the pace down with a quickly timed tag and a unique double clothesline. At this stage, Quen has been the legal man for over half of this match and Harwood slaps on a rear chinlock, bringing the pace to a crawl. Quen would get a sleeper hold on Dax but a properly timed tag quickly saw Marq on the wrong end of a sunset flip/lariat combo. Cash would once again utilize a rear chin lock. But a badly timed double axe handle from the apron sent Wheeler crashing into the barricade and allowed Isiah Kassidy to finally tag in.

Kassidy would use his quickness to take out both men in FTR including utilizing a springboard Jawbreaker to take the illegal team member off the apron. Kassidy would tag in Quen, who attempted to get a pin off of a springboard crossbody. After a few quick pinfall attempts, FTR got the advantage again. Kassidy tried to dive onto Wheeler but Tully Blanchard pulled his guy out of the way. Shortly thereafter, FTR hits the Goodnight Express (Shatter Machine) and they earned their sixth victory in AEW.

Winner: FTR

- Jon Moxley cut a promo about how Maxwell Jacob Friedman being so egotistical bothers him and how tough guys don't need to say much if they're actually tough. Mox wants to know what MJF is hiding behind that bravado.

- MJF, in a neck brace, hypes his petition to ban the Paradigm Shift. The paperwork is drawn up. Jon may not be able to use the Paradigm shift at AEW All Out.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Butcher, Blade & Lucha Bros vs. Natural Nightmares & Jurassic Express

All eight men did not even wait for the proper introductions. The heels took the faces to the outside and Pentagon and Fenix did stereo dives. QT Marshall would get a chance to shine briefly before Dustin Rhodes would be brought in to slow down the pace of the match. All four heels would get their opportunity to shine while Dustin Rhodes mounted several unsuccessful comebacks. During a picture-in-picture commercial break, Fenix mostly held control over Dustin Rhodes including a jumping twisting enzuigiri. Back from break, Dustin Rhodes was able to make the hot tag to Luchasaurus.

This allowed the babyfaces a moment to take control, Jungle Boy hit a tope but Pentagon gained control and tried to hit the package piledriver on Jungle Boy but Blade wanted to hit Fenix’s portion of the Lucha Brothers finish, this led to dissension which led to Jungle Boy getting a quick rollup victory on Blade.

Winner: Natural Nightmares & Jurassic Express

- After the match, Butcher & Blade were going to fight the Lucha Bros when Eddie Kingston came and united the four. There could be a faction on the rise.

- Britt Baker and Reba were at the gym when they stopped Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian from making out. Baker promised the couple free dental care and Penelope can have her makeup done by Reba for free for a year as long as Penelope joins them against Big Swole in a handicap match.

- Orange Cassidy is out for his first-ever interview. It never happens. Chris Jericho interrupts and challenges Orange Cassidy to the first-ever Mimosa Mayhem Match at All Out. You can only win this match by pinfall, submission, or dumping your opponent into a pool of Mimosa. Jericho says the match is perfect for them because he's all about orange juice and Jericho is all about the bubbly. Cassidy agrees and the Inner Circle come out and beat down Cassidy and Best Friends

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Dark Order vs. The Elite

Nick and V start things off. Quickly, the standard AEW tag fair starts off and the Jackson's and Kenny make quick tags and get the early advantage. However, the Dark Order would take over when they had a low blow on Omega and begin using a chair on Kenny on the outside.

Dark Order focuses on Omega and we cut to a picture and picture break… Back from the picture-in-picture break, Nick Jackson hit a flurry of offense including a long lower from the middle rope. Nick would get the tag into Matt and the brothers hit a bulldog/dropkick combo on Reynolds. Omega would get back in and hit some moves before tagging in Matt who wound up on the receiving end of a triple-team as the Dark Order get a two count. The numbers game wouldn’t prevail as Matt fights off the Dark Order and The Bucks catch a superkick onto Angels. This led to a Meltzer Driver which swiftly transitioned into a One-Winged Angel

Winner: The Elite

- After the match, Kenny Omega showed signs of turning heel again as he tried to beat up The Dark Order with chairs.

- FTR is interviewed by Alex Marvez. They announce that there is a tag team Gauntlet next week to determine the number one contenders for All Out. Hangman Page interrupts and FTR say that they had to fake the knee injury to see that Hangman was their real friend. The segment ends with all three men drinking as Tully Blanchard says fear the revelation.

Darby Allin vs. Will Hobbs

Darby gets the jump early but is briefly overpowered by Hobbs. In the end, Darby hits the coffin drop for the win.

Winner: Darby Allin

- Ricky Starks appears dressed up like Darby. Brian Cage jumps Darby from behind. Ricky Would go into the ring and hit a Coffin Drop of his own as Taz cackled on commentary.

- During a picture in picture, Matt Hardy began beating up Sammy Guevara. Back from break, he would continue his beating. He would throw a Sammy off of a ledge through a table and say that Sammy doesn't belong in his business.

- Thunder Rosa appears on-screen and challenges Hikaru Shida for a match at AEW All Out.

AEW Deadly Draw Finals: The Nightmare Sisters vs, Diamante and Ivelisse

Veda Scott adds a fourth voice to commentary. Early on, there was a bit of heel play from Brandi Rhodes. Hard kicks by Ivelisse before tagging in Diamante, the frenemies hit a double team Hip Toss for the count of 2. In comes Allie Who briefly has control before Diamante takes her down with an arm drag. Allie gets Diamante down to the floor and Brandi hits a kick before we go to a break.

Back from the break, Diamante hits a tornado suplex. Diamante tags in Ivelisse who takes down both Nightmare Sisters and gets a two-count on Brandi. Diamante comes in but gets a spear for her trouble. Allie hits the Rabbit Hole but Velez breaks up the pin. QT and Brandi try to save Allie but Diamante and Ivelisse secure the cup with a snapmare into a low kick.

Winner: Ivelisse and Diamante

AEW TNT Championship Match: Cody (c) vs. Mr. Brodie Lee

A brief attempt at offense from Cody would be all we would get from the second generation athlete. Brodie Lee won this match in quick and decisive fashion with a brutal Discus Lariat.

Winner: Brodie Lee

- After the match, Brodie told the world that executives created him because they didn't give him a chance. Cody was stretchered out but the night was far from over. The Dark Order took out Arn Anderson as well before the rest of the dark order came from the back and laid out and already beaten QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes next to their fallen brethren. Brandi Rhodes came out to protect her husband but Anna Jay choked her out as well. The night ended with the Dark Order celebrating over the fallen Nightmare Family.

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