AEW Dynamite Beach Break Results For 1/26/21 Lights Out Match Adam Cole vs. Orange Cassidy, and more

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- AEW Commentator Jim Ross kicks off the telecast with "It's Wednesday Night, and you know what that means." Ross then welcomes the viewer to AEW Dynamite Beach Break. They are coming to us live from Cleveland, Ohio. Ross then welcomes his broadcast colleagues Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

Will Ospreay: I Trust Tony Khan With The Aura And Character Of Will Ospreay

Ladder Match For Undisputed TNT Championship
Sammy Guevara vs. Cody Rhodes (C) ( w/ Arn Anderson)

The bell rings, and the two shake hands before going at it. Cody Rhodes has a side headlock on Sammy Guevara, and Rhodes sends him down. Guevara then hits Rhodes with a quick takedown. Cody attempts to go for a Tiger Driver, but Sammy escapes. Sammy tries to go for a GTS; however, Cody gets away from Sammy.

Sammy grabs the ladder and attempts to bring it to the ring; Rhodes stops him, and now the fight has gone into the crowd. Sammy and Cody are exchanging shots. Sammy hits Cody with a cutter; while Cody is down, Sammy gets the ladder and puts it into the ring. Sammy tries to go up the ladder first, but Rhodes grabs the ankles of Guevara and pulls him off the ladder.

Cody and Sammy are on top of the sixteen feet ladder, and Cody hits Sammy with a suplex. The suplex does damage to both men. Then, they head out for their first picture-in-picture commercial break.

We return from the break, and Cody tosses Sammy onto a ladder. Now, Cody Rhodes applies the figure-four on Sammy Guevara. Guevara gets out of it; however, Rhodes punishes Sammy with considerable chops. Guevara hits Rhodes with an enzuigiri.

Cody Rhodes is on the top of the ladder, Sammy Guevara leaps from one ladder to another, and he hits Cody with the cutter! Both men are back up, and both are on a ladder of their own. Cody hits Sammy with the Cross Rhodes. Cody is on top of the ladder and grabs the belts; however, Sammy makes it to the top and hangs onto the belts. They cannot hold on, and both fall off and hit the canvas.

Cody begins using the ladder as a weapon; Fuego Del Sol comes out and attempts to stop Cody. Cody attacks Del Sol, Sammy enters the ring and gets into it with Cody. Sammy hits Cody with the GTS, Sammy lays Cody out on top of a ladder, and Sammy hits a somersault senton onto Cody.

Now, both men are on the top of the ladder. Sammy grabs the belt and swings it into the face of Cody Rhodes, and Cody falls from the top of the ladder. Guevara then grabs the titles for the win and is now the undisputed TNT Champion.

Winner and New TNT Champion: Sammy Guevara

- Ricky Starks and PowerHouse Hobbs are being interviewed. Hobbs challenges Dante Martin and Ricky Starks challenges Jay Lethal.

Wardlow ( w/ Shawn Spears) vs. Elijah Dean and James Alexander

Wardlow takes both his opponents down right away and delivers multiple powerbombs on each of his opponents. Wardlow then puts one boot on both of his opponents and pins them for a quick victory.

Winner: Wardlow ( w/ Shawn Spears)

Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz vs. 2Point0 and Daniel Garcia

The match begins with Santana and Daniel Garcia starting things off; Santana gets the upper hand to start the match. Santana tags in Ortiz, and they double-team Garcia. Chris Jericho wants in, so he tags himself in. He gets a shot in on Garcia; however, Santana tags himself in and gets into Jericho's face. They head out for a picture-in-picture commercial break.

During the break, Daniel Garcia and 2Point0 control the match easily. We return from the break, and Jeff Parker is beating down Santana. Santana and Ortiz are doing everything they can to avoid tagging in Jericho. 2Point0 is working on double-teaming Santana; Jericho grabs the leg of Parker and then hits Matt Lee with the Judas Effect. Santana hits Lee with the piledriver and then pins him for the victory.

After the match, Santana and Ortiz celebrate their victory. Jericho is mad and flips the bird and walks up the ramp.

Winners: Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz

- We get a video highlight package setting up a Texas Death Match between "Hangman" Adam Page vs. "Murderhawk" Lance Archer on February 9th.

- We get a backstage segment between Matt Hardy, Private Party, Jurassic Express, and Christian Cage. They announce that this week on Rampage, we will see Jurassic Express vs. Private Party.

- CM Punk comes out for a promo. Punk says it's been a minute since he's been in Cleveland; he's in Cleveland and is ready to fight. Punk says he owes Cleveland a fight. CM Punk was referencing when he walked out on WWE; Raw was in Cleveland that night in 2014. He tells the crowd to go ahead and chant for the person he wants to fight; it will be the first and last time someone will chant his name. Punk calls out MJF, and MJF's music eventually hits, and MJF says he will fight him in Chicago on next week's Dynamite.

MJF says the match will be spectacular, but people will see the real CM Punk after he loses. MJF takes a shot at Cleveland and talks about Lebron leaving. MJF says that CM Punk was scheduled for an event in 2014, and he turned his back on everyone. CM Punk says leaving was the best thing he did, and coming back was the best thing he ever did. Shawn Spears attacks Punk from behind; now we see FTR and Wardlow enter the ring. MJF tells Wardlow to powerbomb CM Punk and he obliges.

- The Acclaimed did a backstage promo about Jon Moxley; they announced that we would see Jon Moxley vs. Anthony Bowens on Rampage this week.

- We see a backstage interview between Griff Garrison and Julia Hart. Mark Sterling brings a contract over to Hart and tells her that Jade Cargill wants to challenge her on Rampage.

"Legit" Leyla Hirsch vs. Red Velvet

The match begins with Red Velvet taking down Leyla Hirsch with a quick leg lariat. After that, the action goes back and forth between Red Velvet and Hirsch as we go to another commercial break. Hirsch controls the action during the break.

Red Velvet hits Hirsch with a stunner and some back elbows and then hits Hirsch with double knees to the back of Hirsch. Velvet hits Hirsch with a spear, Velvet goes for the cover, but Hirsch kicks out. Hirsch has the Legit Lock on Velvet; Velvet makes it to the ropes. Hirsch goes for another pin, and this time she wins by holding onto the tights. After the match, Leyla locks in an arm submission before Kris Statlander saves.

Winner: "Legit" Leyla Hirsch

- House of Black promo airs calling out PAC.

- Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. is out and cuts a promo about her year in 2021. They show the awards that she has won over the past year. She talks about how she is the face of AEW. She tells Cleveland, "let's talk about the Baker that actually wins shit in Cleveland." She says that "Cleveland has a Baker they can count on."

- We see FTR setting up their match against Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson for AEW Rampage.

Light's Out Unsanctioned Match
Orange Cassidy vs. Adam Cole

Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole begin things by exchanging right hands. Cole goes in for a knee strike; however, Cassidy moves out of the way, and Cole gets the worst. Cole goes underneath the ring to get a chair, someone comes out of the bottom from the ring, and it's Danhausen! Danhausen appears to the bewilderment of Adam Cole. Orange Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch, but Cassidy hits the ring bell.

Cole then places Orange Cassidy's hand between the steel steps and the ring and kicks the steps. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break with Adam Cole in complete control. He hits Cassidy with a backstabber. Cole sends Cassidy outside the ring; Orange Cassidy has a fire extinguisher, and he uses it on Adam Cole.

Cole goes for a brainbuster; however, Cassidy counters it into Stundog Millionaire. Cassidy then hits Cole with the Michinoku Driver onto two metal chairs. Cole hits Cassidy with a superkick. Brandon Cutler comes out, but he gets attacked behind by Wheeler Yuta. The Young Bucks, Trent Beretta, Chuck Taylor, Rocky Romero, and ReDragon are all ringside. Cole goes for a low blow, but Cassidy blocks it. The fight goes outside, and now they are backstage; Cole sends Cassidy through the table near Tony Khan after pushing Jerry Lynn into Cassidy.

Cole climbs on top of the staging area; he loses track of Cassidy. Cassidy is behind him and hits Cole with a low blow. Cassidy then hugs Cole, and they both go through the staging area. Finally, Cassidy pins Cole to get the victory.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

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