AEW Dynamite Results 4/21/21 Conti vs Shida, Hangman vs. Starks, Allin vs Jungle Boy, and more

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Jim Ross begins the show with his normal introduction, "It's Wednesday, and you know what that means." Ross then welcomes the viewer to Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida, "The Home of the Jags."

Dan Lambert Says Junior Dos Santos Has Shown A Great Interest In Wrestling

Ricky Starks (w/ Hook) vs. "Hangman" Adam Page

Before the match begins, Taz joins the commentary team. Adam Page and Ricky Starks start off countering each other's holds. Starks goes for a leapfrog; however, Page catches him and bodyslams him. Starks then is sent to the corner, and Page gets a few strikes in. Ricky Starks attempts to get away from Page by going outside the ropes; however, Page jumps over the top rope and drops Starks.

The action goes back into the ring, and Page essentially trips Starks, who gets back up and trips Page and Page hits the ropes hard. Starks picks up Page and now throws him hard into the corner turnbuckle; Starks follows it up with an elbow to the middle of Page's back. Page hits Starks a German Suplex, and Starks lands right on his head. Now, Starks appears to have hurt his ankle; he could just be selling it really well. Starks hits Page with a Liger Bomb. Starks goes for the pin, but Page kicks out at two.

Starks goes to the corner and gets on the top turnbuckle; Page hits Starks with a fallaway slam. Page follows it up with a very hard lariat. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat; Ricky ducks and comes back and hits Page with a spear. The fight goes to the mat, and Page grabs the ankle and then begins pulling back with a chokehold submission. Starks taps out, and Page gets the win. After the match, Taz begins distracting Page, and Hook takes the legs out on Page. Brian Cage now comes out, but The Dark Order makes the save,

Winner: "Hangman" Adam Page

Pentagon Jr. vs. Trent? (w/ Orange Cassidy)

The match begins with both men locking up; Pentagon and Trent exchange wristlocks. Penta throws his glove at Trent and then gets in his face; Trent returns with a few strikes. Trent then hits a back suplex on Pentagon; Pentagon rolls out of the ring. Trent then gets in the ring and comes back, and hits a dive on Pentagon. Pentagon and Trent are back in the ring; Pentagon hits Trent with a sling blade and then follows it up with a lariat. Pentagon hits Trent with a destroyer, and both men are lying on the mat as they go to their first picture-in-picture commercial break.

They are back from the break, and Trent hits Pentagon with a half and half. Pentagon gives Trent a heavy chop; Penta goes for a piledriver, but Trent reverses it and nails Pentagon. Trent then follows it up with a spear; Alex Abrahantes gets on the microphone and begins insulting Trent's friends and then insults Trent's Mom, Sue. Orange Cassidy gets in the ring to confront Abrahantes. Pentagon appears behind Cassidy and hits him with a thrust kick. Then Pentagon finishes off the match with the distraction, and that gets the victory.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. (w/ Alex Abrahantes)

Jim Ross now has a sitdown with The Pinnacle. Jim Ross asks MJF, "What he thought about last week's promo?" MJF says he has been wearing scarves since he was on the Rosie O' Donnell. Wardlow says Jericho "cut his best promo until he got to Wardlow, then you messed up because you knew you did something wrong." MJF says that "he is a mark but not a mark for Jericho but a mark for Jericho's spot."

AEW Women's Championship Match
Tay Conti vs. Hikaru Shida (C)

We begin the match with each Tay Conti, and Hikaru Shida begins with a quick bow. Then we have a lockup; Conti and Shida both exchange heavy strikes until Shida takes control after kneeing Conti in the midsection. Shida and Conti constantly reverse each other's moves until Conti nails Shida with two massive knees to the chin. Shida then goes to the outside, and she now has Conti on the outside, and Shida gets the upper hand and throws her into the guardrail; Shida follows it up by hitting Conti with a brainbuster onto the mat outside the ring.

Conti gets rolled back into the ring; Shida puts her in a bow and arrow. Shida is now stretching the arms of Conti by pulling them back. They go to another picture-in-picture commercial break with Shida in control. Shida attempts to put a variety of submissions on; however, Conti escapes them. Conti makes a little comeback when she gets a pump kick in on Shida. Conti then begins doing a variety of Brazilian Judo. She follows it up with a pump kick. Shida now gets strikes in, now Conti hits Shida with a big knee follows it up with a Senton.

Conti goes for the pin, but Shida kicks out at two. The action nows to the top rope, and Shida hits a backbreaker-style move where she dropped Conti on the top rope. Tay Conti hits the Tay-KO, Conti goes for the pin, but Shida kicks out. Shida and Conti both exchange strikes until Shida hits the Katana. Shida goes for the pin and gets the victory. After the match ends, Britt Baker walks out, and the updated rankings are shown, and it shows Baker is now the number one contender. She waves to Shida and walks off; Shida then celebrates her victory.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

We get a promo of Miro saying it's his destiny to be a champion, and he needs to decide which title he will go for.

Tony Schiavone is now in the ring and introduces The Inner Circle. Chris Jericho begins the promo stating what they are going to do at The Pinnacle. He mentioned Mike Tyson punch on Cash Wheeler last week. Jake Hager and Santa talk about Blood and Guts they plan on doing. Jericho takes the microphone and sings a show tune about MJF that is filled with insults.

Billy Gunn vs. QT Marshall (w/ Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow)

The match begins with Billy Gunn attacking Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow. Gunn gets QT Marshall into the ring and starts beating him down. Gunn throws Marshall into the turnbuckle hard; Marshall goes outside the ring. Gunn goes outside after him and gets a few strikes in on the outside.

Gunn and is continuing the attack on the outside; Comoroto takes advantage when the referee is not paying attention and pushes Gunn into the ring post. The Gunn Brothers now jump over the barricade and begin fighting Comoroto and Solow. The Referee sends them away; the action goes back in the ring. Marshall has the advantage of getting some shots in, but Billy now counters and goes for the Famouser, but Marshall escapes it, Marshall attempts to hit the Diamond Cutter, but Billy escapes it and then goes to the outside. The referee is distracted again, and Anthony Ogogo throws his heavy punch to Gunn's midsection.

This allows Marshall to hit Gunn with the Diamond Cutter; Marshall then pins Gunn for the victory. After the match, Ogogo hands Marshall a wooden chair, but Dustin Rhodes makes the save. Comoroto is now in the ring, and Dustin hits him with the chair, and it breaks; however, it does nothing to him. The referees come in and break it up.

Winner: QT Marshall (w/ Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow)

We go to a promo with The Elite on their trailer. Callis says that Kenny Omega will become the Impact World Champion this weekend. The Young Bucks begin talking about how they created a movement called All Elite Wrestling. Kenny Omega is starting to talk, but someone on the outside is honking their horn.

It's Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, and they drive a truck into the trailer, but nobody is in the trailer. Kingston and Moxley begin cutting a promo about how The Elite was scared of them, and Kingston asked about their fake shoes. Moxley and Kingston decide to leave the scene.

Christian Cage vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Taz joins commentary and says that Team Taz is banned from ringside, and he's mad about it. Powerhouse Hobbs and Christian Cage start with a tie-up, but he easily pushes Cage to the turnbuckle. They break it up, and again they tie up; this time, Hobbs sends to the outside. Hobbs gets Christian back in the ring and basically drops Christian on his face. Christian attempts to get away from Hobbs, and he succeeds, which then allows him to get a few strikes in on Hobbs.

Cage does not get many strikes in on Hobbs; Hobbs then throws Christian into the guardrail. Hobbs then throws Cage over the barricade; he then pushes Serpentico, who is watching the action in the seats. They then go to a commercial break with Hobbs in control. Cage goes for the Killswitch when they come back from a commercial, and he gets out of it easily by flipping Cage over onto the mat. Cage now in control, getting more shots in; it does not last long again, but Hobbs hits Cage with a huge spinebuster. Hobbs then gets Cage in the corner; Cage escapes and grabs the legs of Hobbs and powerbomb's him. Cage then hits a frog splash and then goes for the pin; Hobbs kicks out at the last second.

Hobbs is soon back in control for a split second until Cage hits the Killswitch out of nowhere. Cage then pins Hobbs to get the victory.

Winner: Christian Cage

They run a promo for Jade Cargill about how good she is, and they have both Matt Hardy and Vickie Guerrero talking about how they would like to sign and manage her. Cargill then appears and says that she does not need a manager.

TNT Championship
Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus) vs. Darby Allin (w/ Sting)

The match begins with Jungle Boy and Darby Allin getting into a staredown, and they lock up. Allin and Jungle Boy go into the corner, and it has to be broken up by the referee. Allin takes Jungle Boy down and goes for the quick pin, but Jungle Boy kicks out. They then begin reversing holds until Jungle Boy takes Allin down with a side headlock.

Allin now gets a few strikes in; however, Jungle Boy has the ability to stop him and sends him to the outside. Jungle Boy hits two tope con hilo's and then dives over the top rope. Allin takes over the match again and hits the Coffin Drop. Jungle Boy gets helped back into the ring by Luchasaurus, and this gets Sting's attention; and he confronts Luchasaurus, and Sting throws a punch, and both men begin fighting, and it goes backstage. Darby goes for the Last Supper to get the pin.

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page run in and start attacking Allin. Now, Lance Archer makes the save, and he gets a few strikes in; however, Page and Sky start taking control and begin trying to beatdown Archer. Sting now makes his way back with the bat, and both Page and Sky retreat and the show goes off the air.

Winner: Darby Allin (w/ Sting)

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