AEW Dynamite Results (5/11/22): Owen Hart Foundation Men’s And Women’s Tournaments Begin + More!

Welcome to's live coverage & discussion for AEW Dynamite (5/11/22)!

We'll be bringing you full, fight-by-fight results of every match on the card.

Six-Man Tag Team Match Set For 5/27 WWE SmackDown


  • Adam Cole vs. Dax Harwood — Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament Quarterfinals
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Darby Allin — Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament Quarterfinals
  • Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter — Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Quarterfinals
  • Ricky Starks (C) vs. Jungle Boy — FTW Championship
  • CM Punk vs. John Silver
  • MJF & Wardlow Contract Signing
  • Jericho Appreciation Society 'Victory Speech'

Live Coverage

The show begins and our commentary team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcome us to tonight's show from the UBS Arena on Long Island, New York and it's time for an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Quarterfinal!

Adam Cole vs. Dax Harwood — Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament Quarterfinals

Cole sends Dax to the corner to start. Dax shoves Cole back and they lock-up. Cole pushes Dax to the corner and does his 'bay bay!' gesture but Dax kicks him in the gut. Cole trips Dax to the mat and slams him. Dax fights back with some shots and looks for the sharpshooter but Cole kicks him back and we have a series of roll ups but nothing comes of it and Cole drills Dax with a kick to the chest before launching him through the middle turnbuckle and into the ring post. Dax falls to the outside, Cole follows and fires him into the steel steps. Cole kicks Dax then throws him right back into the steps and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Cole’s working over Dax in the corner and launches him to the opposite corner, chest-first. A striking exchange ensues, Dax lands a pair of German suplexes, Cole rolls out of a third one and lands one of his own but Dax comes back with a third! Dax goes up top and dives down, Cole slides out, Dax lands a slingshot power-bomb and goes for the cover but Cole kicks out! Cole cracks Dax with a kick and a cover but Dax kicks out. Dax rolls Cole up, Cole shoves him face-first into the turnbuckle and rolls Dax back and they roll each other up but both kick out! Cole goes to the middle rope and looks for Panama Sunrise but Dax catches him and sends him to the mat. Dax looks for the sharpshooter, Cole shoves Dax back and goes for the Panama Sunrise yet again but Dax rolls out and plants Cole with a pile-driver but Cole lifts the shoulders at two-and-a-half! Dax locks-in the sharpshooter but Cole kicks Dax in the ribs to force the break. Dax rolls to the apron and Cole shoves him off and Dax goes flying into the barricade. Dax struggles but beats referee Bryce Remsburg’s 10-count. Cole immediately looks for and applies the sharpshooter. Dax tried to slide himself to the ropes but Cole drags him back to the center of the ring and Dax taps!

Winner - Adam Cole (Advances to Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament Semifinals)

We then see a video package hyping up Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy, later tonight. A THS cross-over as the Impractical Jokers are then shown in attendance and out comes AEW World Champion, 'Hangman' Adam Page, who joins commentary for our next match.

CM Punk vs. John Silver

Punk sends Silver to the corner to start. Punk slides out of the ring and tells the crowd to cheer louder. Punk gets back in the ring and they lock-up. Silver runs the ropes and cracks Punk with a shoulder tackle. Punk goes for a hip toss but Silver catches it and rolls him up but Punk kicks out and rolls to the outside to regroup. Silver chases after Punk but Punk trips Silver whilst back in the ring. Silver sends Punk to the corner and unloads kicks and then a forearm before going up top. Silver goes for a tornado DDT but Punk slides out and drills Silver with a lariat and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and strikes are exchanged in the center of the ring. Silver runs the ropes, Punk catches him in a back-slide but Silver trips Punk to the mat and unloads a bevy of kicks and then plants Punk with a brain-buster before going for the cover but Punk kicks out. Silver slams Punk and goes for another cover but Punk kicks out. Silver goes for the Spin Doctor but Punk slides out and clocks Silver back with a kick. Punk with a rising knee to a cornered Silver and then hits a leaping leg lariat. Punk leaps over the top rope and wallops Silver with the Buckshot Lariat and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner - CM Punk

After the match, Page rushes the ring and comes face-to-face with Punk, who grabs a microphone and says from the looks of it, last week, it looks like Page is taking things personal. Punk says it's not personal to him, it's just business. Punk says he used to look in the mirror and ask himself if he's the guy but now he looked himself in the mirror and asked himself if he's the champion...and he is. Punk said he just kicked Page's boy's ass and that's the blueprint for what's to come at Double Or Nothing. Punk offers his hand for a handshake but Page flips him off and exits.

We then see Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. backstage with Jamie Hayter and Rebel backstage with Tony Schiavone. Britt says it's not fair that everyone else gets to know their opponent but she has to fight the joker and won't be able to properly prepare. Britt says Hayter will beat Toni Storm tonight and if she and Hayter both win and have to face each other in the semifinals, it'll be a fair fight and the better woman will win.

Danhausen vs. Tony Nese (with Mark Sterling)

Nese flexes in Danhausen's face, Danhausen tries to curse Nese but Sterling distracts him and Nese sends Danhausen to the corner and cracks him with a running knee and gets the quick three-count!

Winner - Tony Nese

After the match, Sterling says nobody should be surprised and asks Nese what he thinks about Danhausen getting an entrance and he didn't. Nese blasts Danhausen with another knee, Sterling tells him to do it a third time, Nese removes his knee pads and HOOK's music hits! HOOK rushes the ring and Nese and Sterling retreat. Danhausen offers his hand to HOOK for a handshake and HOOK shakes it! HOOK walks out and Danhausen looks on shocked as we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Wardlow’s making his way down to the ring while handcuffed and surrounded by a number of AEW security detail. We then see a mock Dark Side of The Ring episode that highlights Wardlow’s betrayal of MJF at Revolution as well as their feud over the past number of weeks. MJF’s music hits to a massive pop in his hometown of Long Island and out he comes, donning a custom MJF New York Islanders jersey. Mark Sterling and Shawn Spears are already in the ring alongside over a dozen members of security. MJF plays the air violin on the top rope and tells production to cut his music then tells Wardlow ‘that’s a symphony, bitch!’. MJF tells the fans he loves them and then turns his attention to Wardlow. MJF says it’s a true David vs. Goliath matchup, he’s David, Wardlow’s Goliath. MJF calls Long Island the most beautiful place on earth and calls Wardlow a ‘big, dumb oof’. MJF says if Wardlow beats him at Double Or Nothing, he’ll let him out of his contract. MJF says he’ll give Wardlow a chance to speak to his people and tells the crowd [while winking] to never get out of their seat and boo Wardlow while he talks, even the ‘poor but still beautiful’ people in the ‘cheap seats’. MJF says under no circumstances does he want the crowd to create the ‘loudest chorus of boos’ in professional wrestling history. MJF gives the floor to Wardlow, the crowd boos loudly and Wardlow tries to talk but his microphone is turned off. MJF says he tried to let Wardlow talk but it looks like it just didn’t work out. MJF goes over the conditions and talks about his best friend, Cody Rhodes. MJF says the fans don’t wanna talk about 2024, neither does ‘the guy in the back’, referencing his impending free agency and Tony Khan. MJF says Shawn Spears is going to whip him with a belt 10 times and if he’s gets through that, Wardlow has to face Shawn Spears inside of a steel cage with the special guest referee…which is Maxwell Jacob Friedman and it Wardlow gets through all that, Wardlow gets his match at Double Or Nothing. MJF says if Wardlow wins, he’s out of his contract with MJF but if he loses…he can’t sign a contract with AEW. Wardlow can’t sign it because of the handcuffs, MJF tells security to take the cuffs off so he can sign it. Wardlow signs it, MJF tells security to put the cuffs back on and Wardlow attacks security. MJF hides behind Shawn Spears, Wardlow continues the beat-down of security and then locks eyes with Spears. Wardlow drops Spears with a hook, MJF tries to escape but Wardlow catches him and looks for a power-bomb but Sterling jumps on Wardlow’s back as MJF and Spears retreat. Wardlow turns his attention to Sterling and sends Sterling through the table with a power-bomb. MJF and Wardlow yell at each other from afar and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and we see a video package highlighting the feud between Ring Of Honor World Television Champion Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh.

Ricky Starks (C) vs. Jungle Boy — FTW Championship

— Taz joins commentary for this one. A lock-up to start. Jungle with a waist-lock, Starks rolls out, Jungle rolls back and applies a hammer-lock but Starks slides out and unloads a bevy of shots. Jungle with a snap-mare, Starks with a back-slide, Jungle kicks out then bridges, Starks shoves him back and looks at Jungle in shock. Starks with a knee then spring-boards himself, Jungle slides out but Starks lands on his feet and poses but Jungle slaps him and takes Starks down to the mat with an arm-drag as Starks rolls to the outside to recover and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Jungle wallops Starks with a pair of back elbows then goes for a slam, Starks flips over but Jungle cracks him with a lariat. Jungle spring-boards himself off the middle rope and looks for a DDT but Starks catches him and goes for a suplex but Jungle rolls out and ends up landing the spring-board DDT before going for the cover but Starks kicks out. Starks looks for Rochambeau but Jungle rolls out and lands a floating DDT then a cover but Starks kicks out. Starks comes back with a knee then a cover of his own but Jungle lifts the shoulders after a count of two. Jungle rolls into the snare trap but Starks crawls to the bottom rope and grabs it to force the break. Starks goes to the outside and grabs the FTW Title but Swerve Strickland comes down and tells the referee, who takes it, Starks gets back in the ring, Jungle rolls him up, the referee’s still distracted and Starks plants Jungle with Rochambeau for the 1-2-3!

Winner - Ricky Starks (C) (STILL FTW Champion)

After the match, Christian and Luchasaurus come down to check on Jungle Boy. Christian and Luchasaurus tell Swerve to leave, which he does and Powerhouse Hobbs and Starks surround Swerve but Keith Lee comes down to even the numbers and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia and 2point0 of Jericho Appreciation Society make their way down to the ring for their ‘victory speech’. Ang addresses the ‘AEW galaxy’ and welcomes the fans to their victory speech. Matt asks the crowd if they wanna know what turns him on and ‘makes’ his ‘nipples hard’. Matt says it’s because he’s a member of the Jericho Appreciation Society. Jericho says he was actually born on Long Island but he moved away very quickly because ‘this place sucks’. Jericho tells a fan he’ll throw a fireball in his face because he’s a ‘wizard’. Jericho says JAS has done exactly what they said they were gonna do and says Jericho 2:16 says he just burned your face. Jericho tells Eddie Kingston stay home and take care of his wife and if she doesn’t feel any better, to just give him a call. Daniel Garcia says any time a sports entertainer steps into the ring with a professional wrestler, the sports entertainer wins every single time. Jon Moxley’s music hits and out comes the former AEW World Champion! Jericho tells Moxley to leave because there’s 5 of them and only 1 of him. Moxley laughs and out comes Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta and William Regal of Blackpool Combat Club! Jericho says there’s still 5 of them and only 4 of them…and Kingston, Santana and Ortiz pop up from behind and now it’s 7 on 5 (not counting Regal). Everyone starts to brawl and Jericho escapes but Regal wallops Jericho with a hook and JAS retreats!

We then see a video package hyping up the AEW Women’s Championship match between Champion Thunder Rosa and challenger Serena Deeb, which is set for Double Or Nothing. We then kick it back to the ringside area where it's time for the first Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Quarterfinal.

Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter — Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Quarterfinals

Hayter with a takedown to start. Storm sends Hayter to the corner and backs off and asks for a test-of-strength, to which Hayter obliges. Storm bridges, Hayter rolls out and slaps Storm in the mid-section. Storm sends Hayter to the outside, follows her out and tosses her right back in but Hayter drills her with a running knee that sends Storm into the barricade and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and both competitors struggle to their feet, Storm’s up first and pumps the crowd up before drilling a downed and cornered Hayter with a back-slide. Hayter rolls to the outside, Storm lands a tornado DDT and tosses Hayter back in. Storm goes up top and drills Hayter with a cross-body and goes for the cover but Hayter kicks out. Hayter comes back and drills Storm with a back-breaker and goes for the cover but Storm kicks out. Storm kips up and hits her finisher out of nowhere for the 1-2-3!

Winner - Toni Storm (Advances to Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Semifinals)

We then see a video package highlighting Scorpio Sky’s TNT Championship defense against Frankie Kazarian, set for this Friday night’s episode of AEW Rampage.

Commentary rums down this Friday's card for Rampage as well as next Wednesday's card of Dynamite before we head to a commercial break ahead of our main event.

Jeff Hardy vs. Darby Allin — Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament Quarterfinals

Earlier in the night, Darby says he talked to Tony Khan and got this one cleared to be a no DQ match. Darby kicks Jeff the second the bell rings and sends Jeff to the corner, Jeff rolls to the outside and Darby dives through the ropes and takes Jeff out. Darby gets back in the ring and sets up a bunch of chairs and Jeff gets back into the ring and trips Darby into the them. Jeff grabs a ladder, sets it up and climbs it, Darby follows and drops Jeff down and Jeff lands awkwardly onto the ropes and into the chairs. Darby goes for a Coffin Dorp but Jeff slides out and ends up on the apron, Darby goes for another Coffin Drop but Jeff evades yet again and Darby takes a nasty spill onto his back. Darby grabs Jeff and sets him up on the chairs, goes up top and goes for a Swanton Bomb but Jeff moves and Darby goes crashing into the chairs! What a spot! Both competitors struggle back into the ring Darby trips Jeff, goes up top and nails him with a Coffin Drop and goes for the cover up Jeff kicks out at two-and-a-half and rolls it into a pin of his own and gets the three-count!

Winner - Jeff Hardy (Advances to Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament Semfinals)

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