NWA Worlds Women's Championship
Serena Deeb (c) defeated Allysin Kay

  • The PPV starts in 21 minutes, but they announced this as a 60 minute time limit lol.
  • I love Allysin Kay's blue gear.
  • It's weird to think Serena Deeb was out of the ring for so long.
  • You could see Kay calling spots at times.
  • AK lands a great choke bomb, it hits hard.
  • Double clothesline spot that planted both.
  • I can't put over how good Serena Deeb's offense is
  • Deeb wins with the Tequila Sunrise. This was a good, solid match.
  • Thunder Rosa is back in AEW and faces off with Deeb!
  • NWA Women's division gets more story time than AEW on AEW programming.

Top Contender Tournament Finals
Kenny Omega defeated Hangman Page

  • Omega and Page get physical early. Omega changes the pace with an Asai moonsault off the barricade. Omega sells his knee after.
  • This match has great psychology and huge moves. Powerbombs on the ramp, double underhook piledrivers.
  • The Buckshot Lariat doesn't hit for Page, but several V Triggers do for Omega.
  • One Winged Angel and a pin. Wow.
  • I expected this match to be a lot longer, but this left me wanting more.
  • Page looks super frustrated and dejected after the match.
  • I fully believe Hangman vs. Omega for the title main events a PPV in the future.

Orange Cassidy defeated John Silver

  • John Silver tore the pockets out of Orange Cassidy's pants! Amazing spot.
  • Silver did his great tornado bomb.
  • Orange Cassidy wins with an Orange Punch and Beach Break.
  • This was solid, but I get the feeling it would have actually been better featured on the Buy IN

AEW TNT Championship
Darby Allin defeated Cody (c) (w/ Arn Anderson) to win the title

  • Cody is announced as Cody Rhodes. He has a huge entourage.
  • I thought Cody Rhodes being joined by a swelling Nightmare Family and Darby Allin just being out there by himself added so much more to both.
  • There's some great one upsmanship early on. The story here is solid too.
  • That avalanche Cross Rhodes looked amazing. Breaking the plane instead of kicking out was a great way to avoid burying the move, too.
  • Cody Rhodes does the ol' Bam Bam Bomb!
  • Cody does a press slam.
  • When Cody takes off his weight belt, Allin trips him with it and almost wins with Last Supper. Coffin Drop for two.
  • The two trade pin attempts, and Allin gets one for the win!!
  • I didn't think Darby Allin was going to win after going through all his signature spots and not getting the pin. Great swerve.
  • Cody presents the title to Darby Allin and raises his hand.
  • Taz comes out and talks trash. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks attack. Great way to get them on the show. Starks and Cage both want the title.
  • They attack Darby Allin and Will Hobbs makes the save.
  • Cody Rhodes has helped build and make MJF, Brodie Lee and Darby Allin all this year.

AEW Women's World Title
Hikaru Shida (c) defeated Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

  • Aubrey is trying to keep Nyla from using the chair.
  • Nyla works over the leg of an aggressive Shida.
  • There's a LEG CLAW. I didn't expect to see that one.
  • Shida fights back one-legged.
  • Nyla lets Shida up at one point, which doesn't make any sense. I don't get the "let her up" spots. Had this been built more aggressively it would have made more sense. Shida does one too.
  • Vickie whiffed on a trip. I'm emotionally out on this one.
  • A Falcon Arrow and Avalanche hit, but again, it's hard for me to care about who wins, when the characters didn't care.
  • A series of knees win it for Shida.
  • Letting each other up undermined this match for me.
  • Vickie screams at Nyla Rose.

AEW Tag Team Championships
If Young Bucks Lose, They Can't Challenge For The Titles Again

  • Matt Jackson starts the match with his injured leg. It will for sure loom huge.
  • Dax messes up his thumb and the doc has to tape it up.
  • Matt Jackson steals the Arn Anderson duck DDT spot from Dax!
  • FTR bust out a Hart Attack.
  • Cash Wheeler does a Big E YOLO Dive after a Steiner Bulldog!!
  • They're doing a lot of classic tag team wrestling finishers. I am adoring the love letter to the history of pro wrestling in this match.
  • Dax connects with a right hand, Matt with a superkick at the same time.
  • FTR do DIY's finish!!
  • Bucks have Sharpshooters on inside and outside the ring.
  • Dax is begging Matt to hit him with a chair so he'll win.
  • Instead, Nick gets SICKLY powerbombed over an announce table while Matt eats a spike Tombstone.
  • Cash Wilder hits a series of superkicks!
  • Matt Jackson loses a boot, and superkicks Cash to win the titles after Cash misses A 450 SPLASH!
  • Outstanding match.

Elite Deletion
Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara

  • Matt Hardy has a MONSTER TRUCK!
  • Hardy uses a sceptor while he's being drowned in a fountain.
  • They have a full AEW ring set up at Matt Hardy's compound, much like Ultimate Deletion.
  • Ortiz and Santana jump Hardy, but Hardy radios in Private Party. A really fun way to get Santana, Ortiz and Private Party on the show. It also starts a feud with them.
  • There are some nice suplexes from the former LAX.
  • Matt Hardy is shooting fireworks at everyone. Sammy Guevara running from shit that Matt Hardy does will NEVER get old.
  • GANGREL AND SHANE HELMS ON ELITE DELETION!!!! Hardy tells Helms he couldn't save him after House Hardy Halloween until he got to AEW.
  • Sammy throws Hurricane in the lake, but he comes back as reporter Gregory Helms, then back as Hurricane. Everyone is brawling.
  • Hardy and Sammy go into the "dome." Sammy does a Swanton off a ladder through a table, and they redo a version of the All Out spot.
  • Hardy wins with a one main concrete conchairto.

If MJF Wins, He's In The Inner Circle
MJF (w/ Wardlow) defeated Chris Jericho (w/ Jake Hager)

  • MJF has a Jericho jacket.
  • It's not a full house, but it sure felt like it when they sang Judas
  • MJF's own cockiness and ego gets in his way.
  • MJF dodges a Judas Effect and Jericho cracks the pole.
  • "OH SHIT" - MJF getting back body dropped.
  • MJF targets the arm and elbow of Jericho, he also runs Jericho into the corner on a bulldog attempt.
  • They almost go into their own finishes, but MJF catches a Fujiwara armbar out of a Judas Effect attempt.
  • Wardlow gives MJF the ring, but he misses. Jericho calls for a bat, but MJF acts like he got hit.
  • When Jericho is arguing with the ref, MJF rolls him up for the win. MJF had the tights, too.
  • Clever finish.
  • Chris Jericho welcomes MJF and Wardlow to the Inner Circle.

Other Stuff

  • After the match, QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes trash talk Allie for leaving them. Dustin Rhodes wants a Bunkhouse match! Sweet!
  • Lance Archer and Jake Roberts aren't happy about not being on the show.
  • Miro and Kip yell at Best Friends & OC. Kip slaps OC for almost running into Penelope. OC apologizes before the slap, but says "it's cool."

AEW World Championship
I Quit
Jon Moxley (c) defeated Eddie Kingston

  • Big fight feel for this.
  • They're knocking the shit out of each other.
  • Eddie breaks a bulldog choke by biting. There's a gnarly roll into the barricade.
  • Moxley brings a barbed wire bat into things, Kingston a chair.
  • Kingston uses a barbed wire strip as well. He brings out rubbing alcohol! Nasty
  • Moxley applies the Bulldog Choke with barbed wire.
  • Kingston quits.
  • This one was fine. This style of wrestling just isn't for me. It hits reccomended for historical value alone, though.
  • Omega comes out and looks at Moxley, and that's about it.

Rating Guide
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Each match starts at a 5 and slides up and down based on entertainment, execution, time, environment, reaction and stakes. The ratings are in no way an indication of a "star rating," which is a completely different system. A standard, non-offensive "TV match" lands at a 5. The gap between 5.75-6 is generally the largest, with anything reaching 6 being recommended viewing.
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