AEW Rampage (6/2/2023) Results: Shibata vs Moriarty, Zack Sabre Jr, Willow, Vikingo & More Compete.

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Here's what is set for the show.


AEW Rampage (6/2/2023).

  • AAA Mega Championship Match: El Hijo Del Vikingo (c) vs. Komander vs. Dralistico.
  • NJPW STRONG Women's Championship Match: Willow Nightingale (c) vs. Emi Sakura.
  • NJPW World TV Championship Match: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Action Andretti.
  • ROH Pure Championship Match: Katsuyori Shibata (c) vs. Lee Moriarty.

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Live Coverage.

- Excalibur, Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning into the opening match.

AAA Mega Championship Match.

El Hijo Del Vikingo (c) vs. Komander vs. Dralistico (w/ Jose The Assitant).

The match began with all three Luchadores evading each other before doing a staredown. Dralistico dropkicked Vikingo & Komander to the outside before hitting a Tope Con Giro on the two to the outside. Dralistico attacked both Vikingo & Komander on the outside before bringing Komander back in the ring and hitting a Springboard Swanton on Komander for a near fall as the crowd chanted at Dralistico "CULERO (Asshole in Spanish)". Dralistico hit a wicked chop on Komander in the chest before catching him with two more and tossing him into the apron with a Bandera. Dralistico got Komander in between the ropes before catching him with a Double Stomp to the apron, but Vikingo caught him with a Moonsualt to the outside. Back in the ring, Vikingo hit a Gamonguri, an Implosion Rana and an Inside-Out Phoenix Splash on Dralistico to get the pin, but Komander broke the pin. Komander & Vikingo double-teamed Dralistico, but Dralistico tossed Komander to the outside. Vikingo & Dralisitco exchanged chops before Vikingo hit a Corkscrew Kick on Dralistico for a near fall.

During the break, Vikingo got Dralistico in the corner before tossing him with a Bandera, but Dralistico responded with an enziguri kick followed by a Springboard Code Breaker on Vikingo for a near fall. Dralistico & Jose The Assistant set a table on the outside before Dralistico got Komander back in the ring. Back from the break, Dralistico hit a Running Thrust Kick on Komander in the corner before going for a Helluva Kick, but Komander bevaded before hitting Double-Springboard Hurricanrana on Dralistico. Komander hit two arm drags and a dropkick on Vikingo to send him to the outside. Vikingo & Dralistico brawled on the outside before Komander caught them with a Walk-Rope Fosburry Flop. Back in the ring, Komander hit a Walk-Rope 450 Splash on Dralistico to get a pin, but Vikingo broke the hold with a Double Stomp before spiking Komander with a Corkscrew Poison Rana. Komander rolled to the outside to a table, but Vikingo caught him with a Springboard 630 Splash on Komander to the outside. Dralistico got Vikingo back in the ring and went for a Powerbomb on Vikingo, but Vikingo caught him with a Frankensteiner for the pinfall win.

Winner AND STILL AAA Mega Champion: Hijo del Vikingo.

- Sonjay Dutt, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal & Karen Jarrett were interviewed after being suspended for Karen Jarrett hitting referee Aubrey Edwards with a Guitar. Mark Briscoe confronted Jarrett and said that he talked to Tony Khan and said that he would make sure that they give The Jarretts an ass-whooping. Referee Aubrey Edwards & Karen Jarrett brawled backstage.

NJPW World TV Championship Match.

Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Action Andretti.

Sabre Jr & Andretti began the match locking up before Sabre Jr locked in a Cravat into a Guillotine on Andretti, but Andretti reversed it with a snapmare. The two locked up again before Sabre Jr hit a takedown on Andretti with a Wrist Lock, holding wrist control for a lengthy amount of time. Andretti reversed the hold with a Monkey Flip, but Sabre Jr still held on to the wrist. Andretti reversed it with an Arm drag before hitting a springboard arm drag, a dropkick, and a Springboard Corkscrew Splash onto Sabre Jr's legs for a near fall. Andretti hit a Diving Hurricanrana to send Sabre Jr to the outside before hitting a Tope to the outside on Sabre Jr. Andretti got on the apron, but Sabre Jr caught him on the ropes with a hanging Juji Gatame before hitting a Wrist Lock Takedown on Andretti. Sabr Jr locked in a Disarmer on Andretti followed by him twisting the arm before stomping Andretti's elbow.

Sabre Jr got a wrist lock once again on Andretti before rolling through into the Disarmer once again, but Andretti broke the hold with a rope break. Sabre Jr got Andretti with a Kimura Lock before locking in the body scissors for the hold, but Andretti broke the hold with a Deadweight Suplex before hitting a Springboard Enziguri Kick on Sabre Jr for a near fall. Andretti got up, but Sabre Jr hit a Pele Kick on Andretti's injured arm before hitting a Drop toe-hold into a stomp on Andretti's arm. Andretti caught Sabre Jr with an enziguri kick before placing Sabre Jr on the top rope. Andretti went for a Spanish Fly on Sabre Jr, but Sabre Jr dropped him. Andretti caught Sabre Jr with an enziguri kick before hitting an Avalanche Frankensteiner on Sabre Jr for a near fall. Andretti went for. Torture Rack, but Sabre Jr caught him with a Choke before transitioning into a Sleeper, but Andretti reversed it with a Victory Roll for a near fall. Sabre Jr hit two kicks on Andretti's arm, but Andretti responded with a Thrust Kick, a Poison Rana, a Shotgun Dropkick into the corner, and a Split Leg Moonsault for a near fall. Andretti went for a Frog Splash on Sabre Jr, but Sabre Jr caught him with a Fukiwara Arm Bar before transitioning into the Venus de Milo. Andretti still did not give up, which led Sabre Jr to transition into the "You Can't Play Conkers In England" Double Arm Bar for the submission win.

Winner AND STILL NJPW World TV Champion: Zack Sabre Jr.

NJPW STRONG Women's Championship Match.

Willow Nightingale (c) vs. Emi Sakura.

The two exchanged shoulder blocks to begin the match before Willow hit a shoulder tackle and a Snap-Suplex on Willow. Willow hit a series of chops on Sakura before hitting the Machine Gun Chops in the corner. Willow got to the apron and tried to suplex Sakura, but Sakura racked her eyes before dropping Nightingale to the outside with a running crossbody. Sakura tossed Willow into the barricade before hitting a side splash on Willow into the barricade. Back in the ring, Willow fired away with strikes on Sakura, but Sakura dropped her with two vicious chops. Sakura got Willow in the corner before catching her with two vicious chops, but Willow responded with two chops & a forearm strike before Sakura hit a Third chop to drop Willow and lock in the Dragon Sleeper on Willow into a pin for a near fall. Sakura hit two more chops on Willow before gauging her eyes and hitting a headbutt before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Willow hit a Hip Attack on Skaura in the corner before hitting a Shotgun Dropkick off the Middle Rope on Sakura for a near fall. Willow went for a Powerslam, but Sakura reversed it with a Cross Roads before hitting a corner Splash and a Twisting Vader Bomb on Willow, but Willow kicked out at the count of two. Sakura went for a Piledriver, but Willow flipped her over before hitting a basement crossbody on Sakura for a near fall. Sakura got a Schoolboy before going for Magistral, but Willow blocked It. The two exchanged clotheslines with one another, but Sakura caught her with a lariat. Sakura got Willow and hit the Fairy Tale Ending on Willow. Sakura caught Willow with more chops on Willow, but Willow responded by hitting THE POUNCE, followed by the Cannonball on Sakura for a near fall. Willow went for the Doctor Bomb, but Sakura blocked it before hitting three slaps on Willow, but Willow responded with a vicious lariat followed by, not the Doctor Bomb, but with a Liger Bomb for the pinfall win.

Winner AND STILL NJPW Strong Women's Champion: Willow Nightingale.

- Mark Henry introduced a video package promoting the Main Event before saying "IT'S TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT!!".

ROH Pure Championship Match.

Katsuyori Shibata (c) vs. Lee Moriarty.

Shibata & Moriarty began the match locking up before Moriarty caught Shibata with a headlock, but Shibata rolled over to be over Moriarty. Shibata went for the Juji Gatame before transitioning into a Triangle Choke, to which Moriarty responded by getting his first of three available rope breaks. Moriarty & Shibata continued to exchange holds before Moriarty escaped Shibata's waist lock and stomped away at Shibata in the corner. Moriarty hit a forearm and a dropkick to Shibata's knee before the picture-in-picture break.

Moriarty hit a Dragon Screw before playing the Air Guitar. Moriarty locked in a modified Knee bar before going for a pin, but Shibata broke the pin almost immediately. Moriarty continued to work on Shibata's left leg before locking in a Double Ankle Lock on Shibata and attempting to push Shibata's shoulders down, but Shibata kicked out before going for a Reverse Figure Four, but Shibata dropped him before locking in the Figure Four Leg Lock on Moriarty, especially hooking Moriarty's heel to tighten up the hold. After the break, Moriarty finally got a rope break to break the hold. Shibata fired away with strikes on Moriarty, but Moriarty responded with double-knee strikes before hitting a Suplex & Ridge Hand Strike. Shibata caught Moriarty with a Gut Kick before catching him with a Helluva Kick, a Series of Forearm Strikes, the Shibata Dropkick on Moriarty in the corner, and a Snap-Suplex for a near fall. Shibata went for. Sleeper on Moriarty, but Moriarty got his third rope break before transitioning into a Schoolboy Roll-Up into the Border City Stretch, but Shibata reversed it with a pin for a near fall. Moriarty went for a strike, but Shibata caught him with a Pimp Slap before locking in the Sleeper and ending proceedings with a Penalty Kick for the win.

Winner AND STILL ROH Pure Champion: Katsuyori Shibata.

- After the match, former ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia confronted Shibata in the center of the ring. The were face-to-face to end the broadcast

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