AEW Rampage Results For 9/24/21 Grand Slam CM Punk vs Hobbs, Adam Cole and Young Bucks In Action

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- Excalibur begins the telecast with, "It's Friday, and you know what that means." We are welcome to AEW Rampage: Grand Slam. They are coming to us from Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. Now, Excalibur begins introducing his broadcast colleagues Taz and Ricky Starks.

Cody Rhodes Needs Flaming Table, Golden Shovel, Sledgehammer, And T-Pain To Defeat Andrade El Idolo

CM Punk vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook)

Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook make their way to the ring first. CM Punk follows as the crowd sings Living Colour's "Cult of Personality." CM Punk looks over to Hobbs and tells him that he is going to put him to sleep. Punk goes right in on Hobbs; Punk gets a few shots in before Hobbs hits him once and knocks Punk down.

Punk sends Hobbs to the ropes and takes Hobbs down with a drop-toe hold. Punk takes Hobbs down again with a Russian leg sweep. Hook gets on top of the apron, and that takes Punk's attention off of Powerhouse Hobbs. Punk runs toward Hook but is too late, and Hobbs capitalizes. Hobbs sends Punk into the corner sternum first.

Hobbs then sends him over to the opposite corner with his back first. Hobbs hits Punk with a massive body block. Hobbs begins to smile as he continues to beat down CM Punk. We go to the first picture-in-picture commercial break of the evening with Hobbs just toying around with CM Punk and baiting the crowd.

Powerhouse Hobbs lifts Punk and has him in a bear hug; Punk then delivers a few stereo back elbows to get out of Hobbs's grasp. Punk and Hobbs exchange strikes and Punk is in control after hitting Hobbs with a leg lariat and swinging neckbreaker. Punk then nails Hobbs with a running knee. Punk goes to the top turnbuckle, Punk points to the heavens Randy Savage style, and Punk lands it. Punk goes for the pin, and Hobbs kicks out. The crowd is chanting, "you still got it." Punk goes for the GTS, Hobbs gets out of it, and now is going for the Town Business.

Punk counters and has Punk in a sleeper hold. Hobbs escapes by dropping Punk straight to the canvas. Hobbs hits Punk with the stampede slam. Hobbs goes for the pin, and Punk kicks out at two. Hobbs goes to the top rope, but Punk meets him up there to hit a Frankensteiner. Punk hits it, however, not that well as Hobbs lands on his head.

Punk puts the triangle hold on Hobbs; Hobbs powers out of it and slams Punk to the canvas. Now, Punk and Hobbs are exchanging shots. Punk then lands multiple forearms and a big roundhouse kick. Hook gets on the apron again, and Punk goes after Hook. CM Punk moves right in time to avoid getting attacked from behind. Hobbs runs into Hook and then walks into GTS, and CM Punk pins Hobbs gets his first televised win in over seven years.

Winner: CM Punk

- We get a video featuring the feud with Nyla Rose, Jade Cargill, and Thunder Rosa.

Super Kliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) (w/ Don Callis, Doc Gallows, and Brandon Cutler) vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) & Christian Cage (w/ Marko Stunt)

The Young Bucks are out first, and they come out with Don Callis, Doc Gallows, and Brandon Cutler. Then, Adam Cole has his entrance. Christian Cage and Jurassic Express follow him as the crowd sings along to Jurassic Express's theme as they make their way to the ring. Adam Cole and Christian Cage begin the match; however, Cole tags Matt Jackson. Christian takes a few shots in on Matt Jackson, Jackson comes back and gets a few strikes in. Cage then delivers multiple punches and uppercuts to Matt Jackson.

Cage tags in Jungle Boy, and they hit Matt with a hip toss. Matt rakes the eyes of Jungle Boy; Jungle Boy hits The Young Bucks with a double arm drag. Jungle Boy then focuses on Adam Cole and begins chasing him. Nick Jackson hits Jungle Boy with a superkick.

The Super Kliq are now in complete control; The Young Bucks start running the ropes multiple times and go over-the-top with it. Cole has Jungle Boy in a camel clutch. The Young Bucks stop and kiss Adam Cole on his cheek and then kick Jungle Boy in the face. We head out for another commercial break.

They return from the break, and The Young Bucks are double-teaming Jungle Boy; Jungle Boy rolls out of it and gets to Luchasaurus for the hot tag. Luchasaurus hits a big back body drop on Matt Jackson and then hits The Young Bucks with a double clothesline. Luchasaurus chokeslam's Adam Cole on top of Nick Jackson; Matt Jackson saves his brother from getting pinned. Christian comes in and hits Matt Jackson with a reverse DDT. Cage goes for the Killswitch Nick Jackson, but Matt Jackson takes down Cage.

Jungle Boy hits combo and takes out The Young Bucks. Jungle Boy has Matt Jackson in the snare trap; Doc Gallows jumps on the apron, and Jungle Boy lets go. Now, all six men are in the ring exchanging strikes. Jungle Boy runs into a Superkick by Matt Jackson; Nick Jackson hits Jungle Boy with a superkick, Christian Cage now hits Nick Jackson with a spear. The Young Bucks smashed Cage with a low blow and then took out Jungle Boy.

It's just Adam Cole and Luchasaurus; Cole hits Luchasaurus with the Panama Sunrise. The Young Bucks come in and hit Luchasaurus with The Superkick Party. Cole then ends it by hitting The Boom and the pin. The Superkliq celebrate their win.

Winners: Super Kliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) (w/ Don Callis, Doc Gallows, and Brandon Cutler)

Men of The Year (w/ Dan Lambert) vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Chris Jericho and Scorpio Sky begin the match with a tie-up; Jericho takes Sky down with an arm-drag shot. Sky gets a few punches, but it does not last long as Jericho hits Sky ten times before tagging in Jake Hager. Sky hits Hager with an uppercut, and this allows Sky to "All Ego" Ethan Page. Hager gets a few strikes in on Page before he tags in Jericho. Ethan Page takes over and is in control; the ref is being distracted, which causes Dan Lambert to get in some shots on Chris Jericho. They head out to a picture-in-picture commercial break with Scorpio Sky in control.

Jericho avoids a Scorpio Sky suplex from the top turnbuckle; Jericho makes it to Hager for the tag. Page and Hager are the legal men. Page wallops Hager in the face, and Hager gets sent to the outside of the ring. Hager and Page run into each other as if they were both going for a shoulder tackle. Hager comes back and hits Page with a massive clothesline. Jericho gets tagged in, and he clears the ring and hits Sky with the Lionsault. Jericho goes for the pin; however, Sky kicks out. Jericho tags in Hager, Hager hits the Hager Bomb right away and then puts Sky in an Ankle Lock. Hager takes Sky down with a big slam and then a high boot. Lambert then trips up Hager, and Sky rolls up Hager for the win. Jericho and Hager both pull in Dan Lambert; however, Lambert's American Top Team saves. They all attack Jericho and Hager.

After the match, Jorge Masvidal, Junior dos Santos, and American Top Team come in and beat down Jericho and Hager. First, Masvidal hits Jericho with a running knee, and then Paige VanZant hits Jericho with about a dozen punches to the gut.

Winners: Men of The Year (w/ Dan Lambert)

Santana & Ortiz and Lucha Bros. (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs. Hardy Family Office (The Butcher and The Blade & Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy & Jack Evans)

The bell rings, and all eight men are in the ring; Lucha Bros. hits Private Party with superkicks. Now, Santana & Ortiz and Lucha Bros. go over the top rope simultaneously, taking Hardy's team out. Rey Fenix and The Butcher are the legal men after the referee gets control of the match. The Butcher hits Rey Fenix with a powerbomb.

Matt Hardy has some scissors, and it is about to cut Santana's hair before he does Orange Cassidy comes out. Jack Evans meets him on the ramp; however, Orange Cassidy hits Evans with the Orange Punch. Hardy watches Cassidy walk away as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the commercial break; Pénta El Zero M hits Isaiah Kassidy with a big roundhouse kick. However, the Butcher is the legal man and hits Pénta with a big crossbody. Fenix then gets hit with a big pump kick by The Blade. Marq Quen goes for the shooting star press, but he misses; Santana and Ortiz hit the Street Sweeper to get the victory.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz and Lucha Bros. (w/ Alex Abrahantes)

- Tony Schiavone is with Matt Hardy, who demanded interview time. Hardy says Penelope Ford will beat a returning Anna Jay. Hardy then challenges Orange Cassidy to a Hair vs. Hair match; however, he says, "it will be Jack Evans facing Cassidy," and Evans says, "hell no." Hardy says he will do fine, and we go to a commercial break.

- Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol come out with poster boards for the commercial break. Miro comes in and attacks both Guevara and Del Sol, and Miro destroys both men. Miro then puts Guevara in the "Game Over."

- Andrade El Idolo cuts a promo talking about his big win over PAC; Andrade says he doesn't need help, and that's why Chavo is gone. Andrade then says next time, PAC will not have any excuses.

Penelope Ford vs. Anna Jay

Anna Jay and Penelope Ford both begin going after each other after a few punches and excellent takedowns. First, Anna Jay goes for the Queen Slayer but does not get it off, and now The Bunny comes down to ringside and distracts Anna Jay. The Bunny distracting Anna allows Penelope Ford to directly control the match as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break with Anna Jay and Penelope Ford exchanging strikes. Ford sends Anna Jay hard into the corner, The Bunny distracts the ref and throws some brass knuckles to Ford, and Ford hits Anna Jay with the brass knuckles and ends it by pinning Anna for the win. After the match, Tay Conti comes out to save Anna Jay, but Ford and The Bunny take her out right away.

The Hardy Family Office comes out, and they are there to stop anyone from stopping The Bunny and Penelope Ford. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander come out, and they are not alone; The Dark Order comes out for the rescue. The Hardy Family Office retreats. The Dark Order members are standing across from each other and deciding if they will bury the hatchet, but they don't as Evil Uno walks away.

Winner: Penelope Ford

- Mark Henry is backstage to interview Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki. They talk about their upcoming match and what they will do to each other. Moxley says Lance Archer has been trying to kill him for over a year now. They cut the interview and go to a commercial break.

Light's Out Match
Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki

Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki are out, Suzuki's music plays, and they don't cut it off. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston make their way to ringside, and Suzuki begins attacking Jon Moxley. Suzuki walks away and challenges Moxley with a chair. Suzuki and Moxley exchange chair shots, Suzuki gets the upper hand taking down Moxley.

Suzuki walks back to the ring, and now Suzuki and Kingston begin exchanging chops. Kingston puts a table into the ring, Suzuki hits Kingston with a big boot, and Kingston goes through a table. Now, Archer and Suzuki both hit Moxley with big boots to the face. Archer gets out of the ring and starts attacking the ring crew. Archer lays the ring crew out and puts all members of the ring crew in a section outside the ring. Archer then powerbomb's Moxley on top of them. We go to the last commercial break with Moxley choking him out with a belt. Archer is hanging Moxley by using the ropes.

We return from the commercial break with Jon Moxley's arm taped together; Suzuki then slashes Moxley with a belt. Archer grabs a trash can lid and begins beating Moxley with it. Now, Suzuki has a Singapore cane. Archer then slams down Moxley hard; Suzuki starts biting the head of Moxley. Archer begins swinging the cane now and hitting Moxley with it. Kingston makes it back to the ring; Kingston hits Kingston with machine gun chops. Suzuki starts choking Kingston, and then Archer slams Kingston down hard.

Archer is about to end it, and then Homicide appears, and Homicide begins attacking Suzuki and Archer with a chair. Finally, Moxley gets untied and hits Suzuki with the Paradigm Shift; Moxley then hits Archer with the Paradigm Shift. Homicide then hands a trash can to Kingston. Kingston puts it over Archer, and Eddie Kingston smashes the trash can with the Singapore cane. Kingston then pins Archer to get the victory. After the match, Kingston, Moxley, and Homicide celebrate together as we go off the air.

Winners: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston

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