AEW Rampage Results The First Dance 08/20/21 Huge Announcement, Jon Moxley vs. Daniel Garcia

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- AEW Commentator Excalibur begins the telecast with, “It’s Friday, and you know what that means.” Then, Excalibur welcomes the viewer to the sold-out United Center in Chicago, Illinois, for AEW Rampage: The First Dance. First, Taz, Mark Henry, and Jim Ross go over tonight's card. Next, Excalibur says that Chris Jericho is taking some days off after his loss against MJF.

Darby Allin Explains Taking Risks In The Ring, 'I’d Rather Go Through The Physical Pain Than The Mental Pain'

- The crowd is going absolutely crazy, and the song “Cult of Personality” begins playing. It is official CM Punk has arrived at AEW. The crowd is chanting CM Punk! Punk is emotional, and the crowd is emotional. One fan is shown in tears; Punk hugs one fan and then jumps into the crowd. Before the Punk speaks, AEW goes to a commercial break.

We are back from commercial break, and the crowd is still chanting CM Punk. He says, "you guys know how to make a guy feel like Britt Baker in Pittsburgh." Punk says he had to know feels and hears you, Chicago, and he knows if he would have never gotten healthy if I stayed in that place. He is sorry to his fans, but he needed to go. Punk sits down, and the crowd goes nuts; he said he cried when he left Ring of Honor. Punk says it wasn't going to be easy where he went. Punk said he left wrestling the day he left wrestling, and on August 20th, he came back.

He came back because he wants to work with young guys; he is back to settle some scores. He calls out Darby Allin and looks into the rafters; Allin is standing beside Sting. Punk tells Darby that he is tough; Punk challenges Darby Allin and will face him at All Out. Punk says, "seven years is a hell of a long time to wait for someone and that when people leave United Center, grab an Ice Cream Bar on him."

- Christian Cage is standing in the back with Jurassic Express, and Cage tells The Young Bucks won't be able to do anything when they face Jurassic Express in a Steel Cage match.

Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Jurassic Express (w/ Marko Stunt)

Both teams are out in the ring, but before the match begins, The Young Bucks come out with Brandon Cutler and sit down in chairs by the entrance. The match begins with Jungle Boy and Isiah Kassidy counter each other's moves. Jungle Boy hits a nice hip toss and then kicks Marq Quen in the head. Jungle Boy gets stopped by Isiah Kassidy and cannot tag in his partner Luchasaurus. Aubrey Edwards is distracted by Luchasaurus; this allows Matt Hardy to get in a few cheap shots on Jungle Boy. Then, they head out for their first picture-in-picture commercial break.

Private Party controlled everything throughout the break; they are beating him down. Jungle Boy uses Marq Quen as a stepping stone to take out Isiah Kassidy. Jungle Boy makes it to Luchasaurus for the hot tag; he takes out both members of Private Party with ease. Luchasaurus destroys Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy with a double clothesline. Private Party hits a big Canadian Destroyer, Cassidy goes for the pin, but Luchasaurus makes the save. Marq Quen hits Luchasaurus with Shooting Star Press. Matt Hardy is on the ropes to distract the ref. Marko Stunt joins him, and Hardy throws him right off. Cassidy rolls up Jungle Boy and holds the tights but still only gets a two-count. Jurassic Express ends it with their combination powerbomb/pin combo and gets the win.

Winners: Jurassic Express (w/ Marko Stunt)

Kenny Omega and Don Callis cut a promo and say they will retire Christian Cage for another seven years.

Kiera Hogan vs. Jade Cargill (w/ "Smart" Mark Sterling)

The match begins with Jade Cargill taking Kiera Hogan down with ease. Hogan gets a few strikes in, but it does not last long as Cargill throws Hogan onto the ropes and hits Jaded. Cargill pins Hogan for the quick win.

Winner: Jade Cargill (w/ "Smart" Mark Sterling)

- Mark Henry is backstage to interview both Jon Moxley and Daniel Garcia. If he wants to be the best in AEW, Garcia says he needs to beat the best, and that's Jon Moxley. Henry asks Moxley how he feels, and Moxley says that he "is pissed off and it is fitting that they are in the United Center because he's going to bounce Garcia's head off the ground like it's a basketball."

Jon Moxley (w/ Eddie Kingston) vs. Daniel Garcia (w/ 2.0)

The match begins, and Jon Moxley goes right after Daniel Garcia. Moxley takes Garcia down with ease, with multiple kicks and strong strikes. Garcia recovers and starts going after the left leg of Jon Moxley. Garcia continues to work on it; however, Moxley counters a has Garcia in an arm lock submission. Garcia gets out of it quickly.

Moxley is up real quick and hits Garcia with two quick German suplex's; Garcia goes back after the legs of Moxley. Moxley gets back up, and he and Garcia exchange multiple punches. Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift, and Garcia counters it into a Sharpshooter. Moxley counters it into a Bulldog Choke, and Garcia taps out.

2.0 begins attacking Eddie Kingston and Moxley. Darby Allin and Sting make the save and clear the ring after hitting multiple moves. Sting hits the Stinger Splash on 2.0, and Darby Allin hits the Coffin Drop right after that on 2.0. Next, Moxley hits Garcia with the Paradigm Shift. Sting, Allin, Kingston, and Moxley stand tall as the show goes off the air.

Winner: Jon Moxley (w/ Eddie Kingston)

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