AEW Results for 2/2/22 CM Punk vs. MJF, PAC and Penta El Zero M vs. Malakai Black and Brody King

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- "It's Wednesday Night, and you know what that means," says lead AEW commentator Jim Ross. First, Ross welcomes the viewer to Chicago, Illinois, for AEW Dynamite. Ross then welcomes his colleagues Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

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Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta ( w/ Orange Cassidy and Danhausen)

Jon Moxley's music hits, and he is out first. The bell rings, and Wheeler Yuta goes for a dropkick, but he misses. Moxley hits Yuta with a shoulder tackle. Moxley goes for a wristlock; however, Yuta counters it and takes Moxley down with an arm drag. Moxley exits the ring to take a few seconds for himself.

Yuta goes for a tope suicida; Moxley catches him, but Yuta gets out of it, and he hits Moxley with a shotgun dropkick. The action goes back into the ring; both men exchange chops. Moxley hits Yuta with a piledriver, and then he locks Yuta in with the STF.

Moxley begins hitting Yuta with more chops, and he also begins scratching Yuta. Yuta hits Moxley with an enzuigiri. Finally, Yuta goes up to the top turnbuckle; however, Moxley escapes the ring. Moxley gets in a few punches in on Yuta.

Moxley gets into the face of Orange Cassidy; he turns around, and Danhausen is there to surprise him. Yuta flies down from the turnbuckle. The action goes back inside the ring, Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift, but Yuta gets out of it. Yuta attempts a roll-up pin; however, Moxley kicks out.

Jon Moxley begins clubbing Wheeler Yuta with massive elbows; Moxley puts Yuta in the sleeper hold. Moxley lets him go, and then he Yuta with the Paradigm Shift, and Moxley pins Yuta for the victory.

After the match, Moxley is still in the ring. He turns around, and Bryan Danielson is in the ring. Danielson asks the crowd if they should fight one-on-one. Danielson says that "we should not be fighting, we should be teaming." Danielson then says, "there is no reason we should have a millennial cowboy be the AEW Champion. There is no reason why a Dinosaur should be a Tag-Team Champion, and there is no reason why a guy who creates Vlogs should be the TNT Champion.

Danielson says that they could change the industry and train others. Danielson brings up Daniel Garcia, Wheeler Yuta, and Lee Moriarity. Danielson tells him to think about it, and he sticks his hand out and tells Moxley to think about it. Danielson exits the ring and walks up the ramp while Moxley stays in the ring.

Winner: Jon Moxley

- There is a recap showcasing the feud between MJF and CM Punk.

- We return from the commercial break, and Brandi Rhodes is in the ring. Brandi says, "everyone is so nice in Cleveland or Chicago, wherever they are. Dan Lambert, Scorpio Sky, and Ethan Page come out, and Lambert begins insulting Brandi Rhodes.

Rhodes says, "I don't know why you are laughing, Ethan; the only reason why we hired you was to get close to Josh Alexander." Rhodes continues with the insults, and Lambert returns with more insults himself. Brandi slaps Lambert, and Lambert says, "I figured you'd be in a feisty mood, so I have something for you." Former UFC Fighter Paige VanZant comes to the ring and attacks Brandi. The AEW Women's locker room empties, and the wrestlers come out to break up the fight.

- Hardy Family Office has a backstage promo, and he tells Private Party that he is upset with them for not winning the AEW Tag-Team titles. Andrade El Idolo appears and asks Hardy, "what happened last week." Hardy asks why Darby Allin has not signed, and Andrade says he is working on it.

Malakai Black and Brody King vs.PAC and Penta El Zero M

PAC comes out with an eye patch on, and he intends to wrestle with it. But instead, PAC begins the match with Malakai Black; PAC gains control right away and shows that the eye patch was just a ruse to get to Malakai.

We go to our first picture-in-picture commercial break with Brody King taking control of the match. We return with PAC still getting beaten down. PAC manages to get away and tag in Penta for the hot tag, Penta clears the ring, and PAC hits Malakai with a shotgun dropkick.

Now, PAC and Malakai are the legal men. First, Malakai hits PAC with a rising knee strike, and then he hits PAC with two sliding knee strikes. PAC recovers and hits Malakai with a German suplex.

PAC then hits Malakai with a brainbuster. Penta hits Brody King with a dive, and then he hits another for good measure. PAC is about to go for the Fear Factor, but he gets pushed off the top rope. Malakai sprays the black mist into the eyes of Penta; the referee does not see it, which allows Brody King to hit Penta with Dante's Inferno to get the victory.

Winner: Malakai Black and Brody King

- Adam Cole cuts a promo and says that he is tired of hearing about Orange Cassidy and wants more respect. Cole says he will be wrestling Evil Uno this week on AEW Rampage.

Ruby Soho vs. Nyla Rose ( w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Before the match begins, the announcers show the lead singer of the band "Rancid," Lars Frederiksen. Then, Ruby Rose throws her jacket at Nyla and attacks her. However, Soho does not get much offense as Rose hits Soho with some heavy shots.

Ruby is gets walloped by a Nyla Rose headbutt. Then, Nyla hits Soho with a Death Valley Driver; Nyla goes for the pin; however, Soho kicks out. So we go to another picture in picture commercial break with Nyla in control.

We return with Soho getting back into the match by escaping Nyla's powerbomb. Soho lifted Rose and slammed her down onto the ring canvas. The action goes to the outside, Soho gets into the face of Vickie Guerrero. Soho takes out Rose with the Future Shock; she goes for the pin; however, Vickie Guerrero pulls Nyla Rose under the ropes.

Nyla hits Soho with a Senton and then hits the Beast Bomb on Ruby. Nyla then pins her to get the victory.

Winner: Nyla Rose ( w/ Vickie Guerrero)

- There is a backstage promo featuring The Gunn Club. They start beating down Jungle Boy; they go outside to continue the fight. They throw him into some snow and runoff as Christian Cage and Luchasaurus appear.

- Tony Schiavone is in the ring to interview "Hangman" Adam Page. Tony begins promoting next week's Texas Death Match against Lance Archer. First, Adam talks about how he is ready to fight; "he knows Lance wants a Texas Death Match, but "he doesn't really give a shit." Then, Dan Lambert and Jake, "The Snake" Roberts, start insulting Page. Finally, Lance Archer appears, and he and Page begin fighting. Archer gets the best of Page after taking two chair shots and going through a table.

- Chris Jericho calls out Santana and Ortiz for disrespecting and embarrassing him last week by not tagging him last week in their six-man tag match. Jericho demands a mandatory meeting next week on Dynamite.

- There is a video package showing how the Jay Lethal and Ricky Starks feud began. Excalibur begins going over this week's AEW Rampage.

CM Punk vs. MJF

Before the bell rings, CM Punk and MJF stare across the ring at each other. The bell rings, and the crowd chants Punk. Punk walks over to MJF, and MJF leans between the ropes, and Punk has to stop. MJF takes a cheap shot at MJF.

Punk sends MJF between the ropes, and Punk then starts hitting MJF multiple times. Punk shows respect to his old friend Harley Race and does the seesaw spot with the ropes. The fight goes into the crowd; Punk hits MJF with a beer can. CM Punk takes his time and even poses for someone's photo. MJF gets lifted and dropped on one of the stair rails in the aisle.

Cm Punk is in complete control; he hits MJF with multiple strikes and slams. Punk runs toward MJF, MJF moves out of the way, and Punk hits the corner post shoulder first. Punk rolls outside the ring; he grabs his arm as the referee checks on him. MJF grabs Punk and stomps on his hand multiple times. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break with MJF in control.

We return from the commercial break with CM Punk gaining control again; Punk hits MJF with a knee breaker and then a running bulldog. Punk wants to go for the GTS; however, MJF rolls outside the ropes. Punk is holding MJF up, and he tells UFC Fighter Belal Muhammad to hit MJF with a chop, and the Belal, does. Punk brings MJF back into the ring.

CM Punk goes to the top rope; MJF runs into the ropes and knocks Punk down. MJF gets a few strikes; however, CM Punk hits MJF with a Pepsi Twist, MJF gets back up, and the referee is distracted, and MJF grabs some tape and begins choking out CM Punk. Punk is out, and the referee calls for the bell. While MJF celebrates the tape he used falls down, the referee then tells the AEW Ring Announcer Justin Roberts that the match will continue. The bell rings again, and Punk goes for the quick roll-up pin, but MJF kicks out. We go to another picture-in-picture commercial with MJF in control.

We return from the commercial break, and Punk hits MJF with a dive between the ropes. Punk begins selling an injury to his knee along with his left arm. MJF goes after Punk's knee and puts him in a submission hold. Punk counters the hold and puts him into the STF, but he must let it go because of his knee. CM Punk goes for the GTS, but his knee goes out. MJF takes advantage and starts going after the leg again. Punk counters again and sends MJF into the middle turnbuckle face first. Now, both men recover and begin exchanging punches; CM Punk hits a Poisonrana on MJF out of nowhere.

Now, both men are down and are trying to get on their feet. MJF goes for the Fujiwara armbar, but he cannot do it. He hits a pump handle driver, both men are now up, and they go into the corner, and MJF hits Punk with a low blow. MJF goes for the pin with his feet on the ropes, but Punk still kicks out. We go to another picture-in-picture commercial break with MJF in control.

We return from the commercial break, MJF goes for the figure four, but Punk goes for the roll-up pin; however, MJF kicks out again. MJF begins biting Punk on the head; Punk returns the favor and hits the Pepsi Plunge on MJF. MJF rolls out of the ring; CM Punk sells a potential knee injury.

MJF goes for the Tombstone Piledriver, Punk reverses it, and now MJF counters it with a pin attempt. Punk hits MJF with a heel kick. Punk hits MJF with the big elbow drop. MJF and Punk are on the outside, and Wardlow comes down, and he gets in the face of CM Punk. The referee is watching Wardlow intently; however, he does not see Wardlow passing off the Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF. MJF gets back into the ring, CM Punk and the referee are distracted, allowing MJF to hit Punk with the ring and knocking him out. MJF pins CM Punk to get the victory. MJF is lying on top of Punk after the bell, and then we see MJF celebrating his big win over CM Punk as the show goes off the air.

Winner: MJF

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