Evolve 80 Results: Two Titles Are On The Line, Plus Fightful's Matt Riddle & Jason Kincaid Compete

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Evolve Title Match: Zack Sabre Jr. def. ACH to retain the title

Evolve Tag Team Title Match: Catch Point (Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi) def. Michael Elgin & Donovan Dijak to retain the titles

Drew Galloway def. Matt Riddle

Ricochet def. Keith Lee

Timothy Thatcher w/Stokely Hathaway def. Chris Dickinson

Lio Rush def. Jaka & Jason Kincaid

Ethan Page w/The Gatekeepers def. Austin Theory

The Gatekeepers w/Ethan Page def. Black, Blonde & Neon

Match By Match Recap

Drew Galloway is in the ring as the show begins and he grabs the microphone from Lenny Leonard, then sends him and the ring announcer from the ring. Galloway says this is no ordinary weekend and these are the biggest shows in the company’s history, Galloway welcomes everybody to the show and says that he’s the only person he can trust to do things right. Galloway puts over the fans who attend these shows during wrestling week and they are helping make the sport grow.

Galloway says last year during wrestling week, he started a war of good versus evil and there is only one obstacle left in Matt Riddle. Galloway says that nobody understands what is really going on right now, also saying that Riddle shouldn’t be the face of the company. Matt Riddle makes his way to the ring as Galloway continues ranting on the microphone, the match between the two is up first.

Drew Galloway vs. Matt Riddle

The match begins with Galloway attacking Riddle with a headbutt before the bell sounds, Galloway then attacks Riddle with a series of punches before trapping him in the corner. Riddle fights back by nailing Galloway with chops and kicks, Riddle then hits a charging Galloway with a pele kick and a release northern lights suplex. Galloway rolls to the arena floor and Riddle follows him out there, Galloway drops Riddle with a boot to the midsection before standing on his feet. Riddle fights back and the two have a forearm strike exchange, Galloway then drops Riddle on the barricade. Galloway removes the mat from the arena floor and then he places Riddle on top of the ring steps, Galloway slams Riddle on the ringside edge while standing on the ring steps.

Galloway picks up Riddle and he drops him on top of the barricade again, Galloway and Riddle get into a chopping exchange on the arena floor. Riddle recovers to nail Galloway with a Go To Sleep on the arena floor, Riddle finds a table and he sets it up on the arena floor. Riddle follows up his attack on Galloway by kicking him in the midsection, Riddle nails Galloway with a few knee strikes before putting him on the table. Riddle sets up for a dive and Galloway trips him up on the ringside edge, Galloway stands over Riddle and stomps on his head. Galloway then pile drives Riddle from the ringside edge through the table on the arena floor, Galloway throws Riddle into the ring and he just gets a near fall on the pin attempt.

Galloway then crushes Riddle with a Future Shock DDT and a pile driver to get the three count.

Winner: Drew Galloway

After the match, Drew galloway attempts to do more damage to Matt Riddle, but Chris Dickinson and Jaka come out to help their friend.

Chris Dickinson vs. Timothy Thatcher w/Stokely Hathaway

The match begins with Thatcher taking down Dickinson, Dickinson quickly locks Thatcher in the head scissors. Thatcher breaks free and both wrestlers roll for leg locks, Dickinson reapplies the head scissors to Thatcher. Thatcher breaks free and he briefly locks Dickinson in a single leg Boston crab, Dickinson breaks free and he locks Thatcher in the Trailer Hitch. Thatcher breaks free and he gets a quick pin attempt on him, Dickinson gets up and he kicks Thatcher in the chest. The wrestlers lock up again and Thatcher nails Dickinson with a few European uppercuts, Dickinson gets mad and drops Thatcher before kicking him in the back.

Thatcher trips up Dickinson before wrenching on his leg, Dickinson mounts Thatcher before attacking him with hard strikes. Dickinson gets up and he locks Thatcher in the pendulum hold, Dickinson carries Thatcher to the corner while holding him in the pendulum hold to smash his head into the turnbuckles. Dickinson then crushes Thatcher with a curb stomp in the corner, Thatcher gets up and Dickinson attacks him with more kicks. Thatcher catches the leg of a kicking Dickinson and he locks him in the ankle lock, Thatcher mounts Dickinson and he attacks him with forearm strikes. Thatcher picks up Dickinson and he nails him with a gut wrench suplex for a near fall, Thatcher hits Dickinson with a few more punches before getting another near fall.

Thatcher traps Dickinson in the ropes to assault him with a forearm strike, Dickinson gets made and the two have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Thatcher regains control by catching Dickinson with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall, Thatcher goes for a sleeper hold and Dickinson counters with a Saito Suplex. Dickinson traps Thatcher in the corner before nailing him with a few running clotheslines, Thatcher recovers and Dickinson winds up nailing him with a release German suplex for a near fall. Dickinson sets up for a power bomb and he winds up chopping Thatcher instead, Dickinson then cracks Thatcher with an enzaguri. Thatcher counters a hold from Dickinson to lock him in the sleeper hold to force a tap out.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher w/Stokely Hathaway

Jaka vs. Jason Kincaid vs. Lio Rush

The match begins with Jaka attacking Kincaid as the bell sounds, Jaka then sends Rushright to the arena floor. Kincaid then sends Jaka to the arena floor after landing a head scissors takedown, Rush then drops Kincaid and knocks him outside the ring with a series of kicks. Rush looks for a suicide dive and Jaka catches him with a clothesline instead, Jaka then nails Rush with some chops and a bunch of stomps. Kincaid eventually drags Rush out of the ring and Jaka nails both of them with a suicide dive, Jaka brings Kincaid into the ring for a pin attempt. Jaka catches Kincaid with an exploder suplex and a roaring elbow, Rush returns to the ring and Jaka knocks him back to the arena floor. Kincaid then hits Jaka with a slingshot neck breaker followed by a knee strike for a near fall, Rush and Kincaid exchange suplex attempts until Jaka interferes.

Jaka German suplexes Kincaid as Kincaid suplexes Rush into the ring, all three wrestlers are on their knees and exchanging strikes. Then all three wrestlers get up and continue exchanging strikes, Rush and Kincaid start double teaming Jaka until Rush nails Kincaid with a series of kicks. Jaka then nails Rush with a spinning heel kick for a near fall, Kincaid uses a hurricarana to knock Jaka to the arena floor. Rush then hits a charging Kincaid with a boot to the face, Rush then nails Kincaid with a reverse hurricarana before going to the top rope. Jaka meets Rush on the top rope and Kincaid eventually goes up there as well, Kincaid nails Rush and Jaka with a double hurricarana from the top rope.

Kincaid gets near falls on both of his opponents during separate pin attempts, Jake attacks both of his opponents with headbutts and chops. Jake eats a double forearm strike before dropping both opponents with a double clothesline, Rush and Kincaid then nail Jaka with a double super kick. Kincaid then cracks a swinging Rush with an enzaguri, Rush then hits a charging Kincaid with Rush Hour. Rush then hits Jaka with a suicide dive, Rush follows that up by hitting Kincaid with Dragon’s Claw to get the three count.

Winner: Lio Rush

After the match, Jason Kincaid remains in the ring doing some kind of prayer/mantra chant.

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