IMPACT Wrestling & Global Force Wrestling Presents Slammiversary 2017 Results

This is the live coverage for Global Force Wrestling Presents IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2017! We have an action packed show as in our main event Lashley defends his IMPACT World title against the GFW champion Alberto El Patron, with the winner getting the others belt! We also have EC3 and James Storm in a strap match, Rosemary defends her Knockout's title against Sienna and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for what should be a great show!

Four-way Tag Team match for the Impact Wrestling World and GFW Tag Team Championships

WWE 205 Live Results for 5/7/21 Jiro "Ikemen" Kuroshio Debuts

Marufuji and Santana start it off with Maru showing off his athleticism by flipping and always being one step ahead of Santana. Maru hits a back roundhouse kick into a dropkick before Santana tags in Laredo Kidd, kid sending Maru out of the ring before he tags in Taiji who hits a springboard roundhouse kick. Ortiz tags in and hits a bridging suplex for a quick two count, then Ortiz hits a death valley driver before Garza Jr gets tagged in. Drago gets tired of waiting and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before he and Fantasma clear the ring, then LAX get a near fall with the help of Diamante. Drago and Fantasma get a near fall on Taiji before Maru and Fantasma exchange chops before Fantasma clotheslines him over the top rope, then hits a tope onto him.

Homicide then hits a Gringo Killer to Garza on the apron while the referee is distracted for a near fall, then hit their finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: LAX via pinfall

-We get JB and Joseph Park talking backstage, Joseph telling Jeremy that their match will be no disqualification, then we get a video package for DeAngelo Williams joining Moose to take on Chris Adonis and Eli Drake.

Moose & DeAngelo Williams vs Eli Drake & Chris Adonis

Chris hits Moose with a series of chops before Moose hits a dropkick into a twisting moonsault before Drake tags in, then DeAngelo gets tagged in. They lock up and Eli puts DeAngelo into a headlock that he gets out of quickly, but Eli drops him repeatedly before DeAngelo comes back with a series of arm drag takeovers. Moose and DeAngelo double team Eli, DeAngelo hitting a cannonball and Moose a dropkick in the corner before Adonis tags in and he and Eli team up on Moose for a one count. Moose and DeAngelo come back and Moose hits a moonsault from the apron before they get a table out from under the ring. Adonis and Drake team up on Moose after taking out Williams at ringside before they set up the table and goes to put Moose through it. DeAngelo knocks Eli off of the top rope and Moose Adonis on the table, then Williams hit a frog splash, but misses the table for the pin and the win. 

-Moose and DeAngelo then put Eli through the table after the match.

Winner: Moose & DeAngelo Williams via pinfall

James Storm vs EC3 Strap Match

Storm is in control to start the match, hitting EC3 with the strap before EC3 comes back and does the same the same to him on the outside, then clotheslines him before they get back in the ring and Storm comes back, dropping EC3 repeatedly before kicking the back of his head. Storm misses a move off of the top rope, then EC3 hits a TK3 before getting out a pair of handcuffs, EC3 trying to handcuff Storm to the turnbuckle, but he turns it around and EC3 gets cuffed. Storm hits EC3 over thirty times before the referee uncuffs him, then EC3 counters a superkick, but Storm hits EC3 with his own finisher; the One Percenter for a near fall. EC3 pulls Storm into the ring post when the referee tries to get the strap back on EC3, then EC3 rolls him back in the ring and plays to the crowd before mocking Storm and hitting the One Percenter for a near fall. Storm superkicks EC3, but immediately collapses to the mat before EC3 hits a variation of an Angels Wings for the pin and the win.

Winner: EC3 via pinfall

-After the match we see how Bruce missed the show and neither Dutch or Karen know why.

Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park vs Josh Matthews & Scott Steiner

Joseph and Josh start it off with Josh showing off his speed until Joseph knocks him over, then Joseph tags in JB, but Josh quickly tags in Scott. JB then tags out and Scott beats on Park before sending him out of the ring, Josh hitting a move from the apron. They go backstage and JB and Joseph try to leave, but Scott and Josh chase after them before Josh and JB end up fighting in a pool, then James Mitchell comes out of no where and gives Joseph his Abyss mask before they make their way back to the ring with Joseph now dressed as Abyss. Abyss then takes out both Scott and Josh before he hits a Blackhole Slam to Josh on thumb tacks for the pin and the win.

Winner: Joseph Park & Jeremy Borash via pinfall

Davey Richards & Angelina Love vs Eddie & Alisha Edwards Full Metal Mayhem Match

Davey beats on Eddie to start the match after the brawl at ringside, then Davey puts Eddie through a table before Davey makes Eddie eat tacks before superkicking him. Alisha then spears Angelina after breaking up a near fall before they set two tables up in the ring as we see Angelina busted open. Eddie puts Davey on the table, but Angelina sends Alisha out of the ring before she distracts Eddie, Davey getting on his feet on the table before Alisha comes back in and powerbombs Angelina through a table. Eddie then hits a sunset flip powerbomb off of the ladder through the table for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie & Alisha Edwards via pinfall

-We then get a video package for Low-KI and Sonjay Dutt's X-Division title match.

Sonjay Dutt vs Low-Ki X-Division Title 2 out of 3 Falls Match

They start off evenly, Low-Ki matching Sonjay move for move before kicking him and hitting a headbutt that drops Sonjay before hitting a series of European uppercuts. Sonjay comes back with a huricanrrana and a deep arm drag before Low-Ki slides out of the back and gets the back of Sonjay before they get their feet and square off. Sonjay plays to the crowd as we hear dueling chants, then Dutt takes Low-Ki down and tries for a double wrist lock before transitioning into a head scissor. Low-Ki flips and gets a quick two count from a bridge before Sonjay drops him with a shoulder block. Sonjay hits a tornado DDT and misses a moonsault, Low-Ki hitting a running shotgun dropkick for a near fall. Sonjay catches Low-Ki on the top rope, but Low-Ki rolls through a sunset flip powerbomb and hits a double foot stomp for the pin and the first fall.

First fall goes to Low-Ki

Sonjay sends Low-Ki out of the ring before dropkicking him into the barricade, but he comes right back and counters a moonsault, pushing Sonjay into the barricade before playing to the crowd. Sonjay counters a muscle buster on the apron, but Low-Ki pushes him back first into the ring post before he rolls Low-Ki up, but Low-Ki goes for another double foot stomp. Sonjay gets out of the way and Low-Ki hurts his ankle, collapsing to the mat and holding his ankle afterwards, Low-Ki comes back and hits another double foot stomp, but cannot capitalize and Sonjay rolls him up for the pin and the second fall.

Second fall goes to Sonjay Dutt

Low-Ki gets back to his feet and  loses the jacket, then hits Sonjay, but seemingly hurts his hand and he has to take a glove off.  Dutt comes back with a series of forearms and chops, but Low-Ki hits a spinning kick for a near fall. They exchange chops, then Sonjay sets Low-Ki on the top rope, but he counters, then Sonjay counters and pulls Low-Ki off by his tie before Sonjay hits a moonsault double foot stomp for the third fall and the win.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt via pinfall

Rosemary vs Sienna Knockouts & Global Force Wrestling Womens Title Unification Match

-Gail Kim comes out before the match, the commentary telling us how she'll award the new belt to the winner.

Rosemary is in control early until Sienna hits a Release German suplex, then Sienna locks in a submission, but Rosemary gets to the ropes for the break. Sienna plays to the crowd before putting Rosemary in the tree of woe and hitting her with a series of elbows, but Rosemary sits up and hits a release suplex before hitting a missile dropkick. Rosemary hits another suplex before hitting a boot for a near fall. Sienna then hits the Silencer, but Rosemary somehow manages to kick out, then Rosemary hits the Red Wedding for a near fall of her own. Laurel comes down and distracts the referee before Allie comes down and chases her off, but Sienna uses the opportunity to hit Rosemary with a belt for a near fall. Rosemary then goes to mist her, but Sienna gets it on her hand and puts her hand in Rosemary's eyes before locking in a submission for the tap and the win.

Winner: Sienna via submission

-Jeff Jarrett comes out and talks about the company and how grateful he is before our main event.

Lashley vs Alberto El Patron IMPACT World & Global Force Wrestling World Title Unification Match

They lock up to start the match, Alberto in control until Lashley comes back and sends Alberto out of the ring, smashing Alberto's face into the announce table before hitting a powerslam onto the steps. Lashley rolls him back in the ring for a quick two count, then Alberto counters a spear that sends Lashley into the ring post before hitting a DDT. Lashley comes back with a spinning neckbreaker before Alberto catches him on the top rope, Alberto hitting a superplex, but cannot capitalize. They exchange right hands on their knees, then feet before Lashley forces Alberto back into the corner, hitting a series of shoulder tackles. Alberto catches him coming in and hits him with a series of right hands in the corner as the crowd chants.

Lashley then hits a powerbomb out of nowhere for a near fall before setting him on the top rope, but Alberto puts in an armbar in the ropes before the referee breaks it up. Alberto hits a backstabber once he's back in the ring for a near fall, then misses a tope to the outside when Lashley ducks, Alberto going face first into the floor. Alberto hits a tornado DDT into a cross armbar once they're back in the ring, but Lashley powers out and hits a one armed powerbomb for a near fall. Lashley then hits a death valley driver off of the top rope for another near fall, then starts slapping Alberto repeatedly when he's on his knees before he collapses face first into the mat. Alberto hits a double foot stomp for a near fall, then Lashley hits a rolling armbar of his own, but Alberto slides his arm out after stomping on the face of Lashley.

Lashley then hits a spear out of nowhere for a near fall before Alberto counters a second and they tumble out of the ring, Alberto's father low blowing King Mo at ringside before Lashley pushes him away and up the ramp. Alberto hits an enzuigiri to Lashley on the apron before hitting a double foot stomp off of the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Alberto El Patron via pinfall

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