Ken Shamrock defeated Madman Fulton

  • The lighting of the ramp and ring is great, but the crowd isn't lit well at all. It looks very ROH-ish.
  • Ken Shamrock can still move around the ring pretty well, but he gets tired pretty quick.
  • Ken Shamrock should not be able to do that dive better than the Usos.
  • He does an odd waistlock slam on the floor and throws some SHOOT KNEES at Fulton's face.
  • OVE get ejected.
  • They trade a few submissions, and Shamrock ends up getting the tap.
  • Fulton tapped to the Rings of Saturn with his head. Shamrock seems a little bit confused.

X-Division Championship
Ace Austin defeated Trey Miguel

  • This feud is primarily about Ace Austin making comments about Trey Miguel's mother.
  • Ace Austin had a very underrated 2019. He's going to be a guys you see all over the place for the next 15-20 years. Already very good.
  • Space Flying Tiger Drop from Ace Austin.
  • I LOVE Ace Austin's Bangarama move.
  • These guys are throwing everything at the wall, and it's amazing. The pace is incredible.
  • Austin retains after a great corner head scissors. The Fold hits and he wins. That's an amazing finish.
  • After the match, he tries to get a kiss from Miguel's mom. Miguel attacks.
  • This match was good enough to want to watch again, but if it's continuing with not much story advancement, I don't need to see that much more.

Knockouts Championship
Taya (c) (w/ Bravo) defeated ODB and Jordynne Grace

  • Jordynne Grace looks like she has TITLE VICTORY GEAR.
  • Grace has Taya lifted with one arm while ODB hits a facecrusher off the middle rope. A really good spot. It took a little bit to set up, but ended up aces.
  • Jordynne Grace's slams look effortless.
  • A good pop up knee hits for Taya.
  • ODB fits right into this match. I know a lot of people watching this that don't stay in the loop for IMPACT might see ODB as a third wheel, but she's not. She's working amazingly well with these two.
  • Grace hits a senton and a Grace Driver on ODB, but Bravo distracts. Taya then steals the pin.

Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) vs. Brian Cage doesn't happen
Rob Van Dam defeated Daga

  • RVD is backstage making out with Katie Forbes. He mistakes Daga for a fan.
  • Last year, Rob Van Dam told me that he'd extended his agreement with Impact into this month. I haven't heard whether or not it's been extended further.
  • Katie Forbes' girlfriend distracts Cage, and RVD attacks. After working him over, he hits a Van Terminator and Cage is busted open.
  • RVD tells the ref to ring the fuckin' bell.
  • Daga makes the save
  • Daga gets a whole lot more offense than Cage did.
  • The point of these matches is to show RVD can still do everything.
  • He wins with a Five Star Frog Splash

Call Your Shot Trophy
Eddie Edwards (trophy holder) defeated Michael Elgin

  • Elgin lays one in hard to Eddie Edwards.
  • A great double suplex spot hits for both men.
  • Edwards lands on his feet off a German suplex and does a Blue Thunder Bomb.
  • Elgin's sliding forearm hits amazingly well and follows up with his brainbuster.
  • Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin are going off! They're slugging it out and going move for move.
  • Elgin's crucifix Last Ride sold me a ticket.
  • Edwards survives a Buckle Bomb and wins with a sunset flip.
  • This match was outstanding.

Moose defeated Rhino

  • Rhino told me in our interview "If I hit a Gore and it doesn't get the pin, then it's a spear."
  • I've digged the build to this.
  • Moose hits his NJN, but Rhino back body drops him onto the ramp.
  • Rhino powerbombs Moose through a table.
  • Rhino wears out Moose with a chair and superplexes him onto a bunch of them.
  • Moose pulls the ref in front of him and they both get Gored through the table.
  • Moose recovers and wins with his No Jackhammer Needed after a low blow.
  • This was a fun match.

IMPACT Tag Team Championships
The North (c) defeated Willie Mack

  • This is an ultimate spot for Willie Mack, he's such a babyface. Rich Swann got hurt on Friday.
  • As reported on Fightful Select, we're getting a handicap match.
  • Page is battling salmonella.
  • All three of these guys are so good and innovative.
  • Willie Mack ends up doing a SUPER Canadian Destroyer.
  • The North overwhelm and get the win with their finish. This was a really good match.

Impact World Championship
Tessa Blanchard defeated Sami Callihan (c) to win the title

  • Immediate Piledriver from Sami, immediate Magnum from Tessa.
  • Blanchard does a great senton dive to the outside. When it happens later, Sami powerbombs her through a table.
  • In the mean time, Blanchard has her knee worked over and sells it really well.
  • She counters a piledriver on the apron with a Magnum.
  • The body language, selling and verbal aspects of this match are really good.
  • She Samoan drops Sami and sells the knee. She later hits a cutter.
  • Tessa is playing the selling babyface perfectly. Sami Callihan playing the ruthless heel amazingly well.
  • Sami Callihan just spit on the ref.......................................................................................................................................
  • Callihan grabbed brass knuckles, but gets kicked in the balls. She hits Magnum for the fourth time and he kicks out.
  • Blanchard kicks out of a piledriver. She hits a flying Canadian Destroyer and a Buzzsaw DDT to win.
  • They cut off air RIGHT after.

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