IMPACT Wrestling Results for 6/21 IMPACT Tag Team Title Match, OvE vs El Hijo de Fantasma & Pentagon Jr.

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IMPACT Tag Team Title Match

Z&E (c) vs LAX

LAX meet Z&E on the ramp and they brawl before they get in the ring and Andrew hits a tope out of the ring. Z&E double team Santana for a quick two count before Andrew hits a missile dropkick into a standing shooting star press for a quick two count. Ortiz gets a blind tag before LAX hit a combination neckbreaker and backbreaker for a near fall before Ortiz hits a backbreaker into a reverse DDT for a quick two count. Z takes out both members of LAX before they come back with a back suplex and Andrew hits a springboard powerbomb for a near fall as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial to LAX in control until DJ hits a tornado DDT and Andrew hits a standing moonsault before DJ hits one off of the top for a near fall. Santana then drags DJ out of the ring before Andrew misses a shooting star press and LAX hit the Street Sweeper for the pin and the win.

Winner: LAX defeat Z&E via pinfall to become IMPACT Tag Team champions when they hit Andrew Everett with the Street Sweeper.

-KM comes out to the ring and says that he tried to help Fallah Bahh and calls him out to the ring. Bahh gets in the ring and hands KM a note before leaving, then KM reads it, Bahh writing that KM is a bully and needs to grow up.

Scott Steiner vs KM

KM calls Richard Justice out before Scott Steiner comes out and KM attacks him as soon as he gets in the ring. Scott sends KM out of the ring and into the stairs before rolling him back into the ring. Scott hits a belly to belly suplex for a quick two count before catching him on the top and hitting a draping DDT. Scott then locks in the Steiner Recliner until KM taps for the win.

Winner: Scott Steiner defeats KM via submission with the Steiner Recliner.