IMPACT Wrestling Results & Free Online Stream for 1/18/19 LAX vs OvE, Allie vs Jordynne Grace

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 KM vs Caleb Konley

KM comes to the ring and has a match against local talent as we see Brian Cage on a rampage backstage before he comes out and attacks KM and Caleb for the disqualification.

Winner: No Contest due to interference.

-After the match Brian attacks Johnny Bravo and calls Johnny Impact out before Johnny comes out and is attacked from behind by Moose and Killer Kross on the ramp as Brian looks on in the ring. Brian then drags Johnny down to the ring and tosses him in before he goes for an F5 and Moose spears him before Kross hits Johnny with a Doomsday Saito as we go to commercial.

Ethan Page vs Eddie Edwards

Ethan hits Eddie with right hands before Eddie comes back with chops and an overhead belly to back suplex. Eddie follows Ethan out of the ring and chops him before hitting a baseball slide and Ethan drops Eddie throat first across the railing. Ethan superkicks Eddie and yells at Eli Drake who is at ringside on commentary before rolling Eddie back into the ring as we go to commercial.

Ethan is in control as we come back to the action before Eddie hits a superplex and chops Ethan repeatedly before hitting a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Ethan suplexes Eddie for a two count before Eddie sends Ethan out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Eddie then gets back into the ring with his Singapore cane and hits Ethan for the disqualification.

Winner: Ethan Page defeats Eddie Edwards via disqualification when Eddie hits Ethan with a Singapore cane.

-After the match Eli grabs a mic and mocks Eddie and Tommy Dreamer before listing off Eddie's accolades. Eli tells Eddie to give up hardcore and return to his old style before challenging Eddie to give it up before he leaves as we go to commercial.

-We get a GWN match between Abyss, Raven, CM Punk and more in a cage match.

Dark Allie vs Jordynne Grace

Allie mocks Jordynne and hits her with forearms before hitting a delayed suplex and Allie hits a backstabber before beating on Jordynne in mount. Allie then rakes Jordynne's eyes before Jordan hits Allie with a Michinoku Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace defeats Dark Allie via pinfall with a Michinoku Driver.

-Rosemary appears after the match before Allie runs away as we go to commercial. 

-We come back to the Smoke Show before Moose comes out to the ring for his match against Brian Cage.

Moose vs Brian Cage

Brian drives Moose back into the corner and drops him when Moose runs into him before Moose gets out of the ring and tries to leave. Brian gives chase and drags Moose back to the ring before Moose sends Brian into the ring post and misses a chop. Brian comes back with chops of his own before Moose whips him into the ring post shoulder first. Brian powerbombs Moose into the ring post and rolls him back into the ring before Moose catches Brian in the ropes and starts focusing on his leg. Brian comes back with a jawbreaker before they exchange a variety of strikes until Moose goes back to the knee of Brian as we go to commercial.

Moose hits a pop-up powerbomb before Brian kicks out at the count of one and powerbombs Moose before hitting a buckle bomb and a lariat that turns Moose inside out. Moose then hits Go to Hell for a near fall before grabbing a chair and Brian hits the Drill Claw for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Cage defeats Moose via pinfall with the Drill Claw.

-Tessa Blanchard attacks several people including Gail Kim backstage before getting suspended.

Rich Swann vs Trey Miguel

They wring each other's arms before doing several flips and exchanging arm drags and flips before Trey hits a suicide dive. Trey rolls Rich back into the ring and they exchange open hand palm strikes before Rich hits a frankensteiner and a frog splash for a near fall. They then exchange pin falls until Rich drops Trey and hits a 450 for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rich Swann defeats Trey Miguel via pinfall with a 450 splash.

-After the match OvE come out and surround Rich before giving him a shirt. Rich then takes the shirt and leaves before LAX come out to the ring for the main event.

LAX vs OvE

We come back from commercial to OvE Jake and Ortiz in the ring after OvE having taken out Santana at ringside during the break. OvE triple team Ortiz before Jake hits a northern lights suplex for a quick two count and the Crists hit Ortiz with several unique moves for a near fall. Santana gets the tag and takes out Dave on the apron before Ortiz gets a blind tag and LAX hit a splash into a jumping headbutt for a near fall. LAX hit double topes to the outside before Jake hire Santana with a flurry of kicks before OvE hit a superplex into a sit-out powerbomb for a surprising and defiant one count. LAX then hit a code breaker into a superkick and a reverse suplex for the pin and the win.

Winner: LAX defeat OvE via pinfall. 

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