IMPACT Wrestling Results for 6/7/19 IMPACT Tag Team Title Match

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Ace Austin vs Cousin Jake

Jake lifts Ace into the air and puts him in the corner before Ace drops the much larger Jake with kicks and a huricanrrana. Ace hits a running clothesline in the corner before Jake hits a side slam and Ace sends Jake out of the ring before hitting a PK from the apron. Jake catches Ace when he goes for a tope and slams him onto the apron before Jake hits a running cross body and tosses Ace back into the ring for a quick two count. Jake drops Ace in midair when he goes for a springboard move, but Ace dodges a spear and gives Jake a paper cut before hitting a rolling kick. Ace hits a diving famouser for a near fall before dropping Jake with a roundhouse kick and a jumping stomp before Jake clotheslines him when he goes for the Fold.

Jake then hits a wrist lock forearm before hitting a Michinoku driver for a near fall and hits a running spear in the corner before Ace hits the Fold for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ace Austin defeats Cousin Jake via pinfall with the Fold.

Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary

Rosemary gets distracted by Su Yung at ringside before Taya attacks her from behind and stomps her in the corner. Taya hits a running hip attack and running knees in the corner before Rosemary comes back with the a tarantula, but misses a missile dropkick and Taya hits a release German suplex. Rosemary hits a sling blade and a reverse DDT for a near fall before she spears Taya for another near fall and locks in a submission before James escorts Jessicka Havok to the ring and the referee throws the match out.

Winner: No Contest.

-After the match Jessicka takes out both Rosemary and Taya before James trees Su Yung.

-We get an IMPACT Plus flashback match between Shane Douglas and Raven on a Hair vs Hair match.

2 on 1 Handicap Match

Madman Fulton w/Sami Callihan vs Local Talent

Fulton immediately clotheslines both of his opponents and sends one into the other several times before making one DDT the other. Fulton then hits a chokeslam to each of them before he hits them with a double chokeslam and hits a black hole slam with one on top of the other for the pin and the win.

Winner: Madman Fulton defeats two local performers via pinfall with a black hole slam.

OvE vs Fallah Bahh & Scarlett Bordeaux

Bahh hits Dave with a belly to belly suplex and gets distracted by Sami and Fulton at ringside before they're ejected and Bahh slams Dave. Bahh hits a spinning elbow drop and a running splash in the corner before Jake hits a diving cutter and Dave dropkicks him before Scarlett gets the tag. Scarlett hits a huricanrrana to the Crist brothers and a diving cross body before Bahh hits a suicide dive to the outside. Scarlett hits a flipping senton off of the top and to the outside before Scarlett hits a reverse huricanrrana and she and Bahh hit a doomsday device for a near fall. Bahh and Scarlett then miss a double sit-down splash before Dave knocks Bahh out with quarters in between his knuckles.

Winner: OvE defeat Fallah Bahh and Scarlett Bordeaux via pinfall.

-Tessa Blanchard comes out after the match and takes out OvE.

Kiera Hogan vs Jordynne Grace

Jordynne drops Kiera with a shoulder block and stomps her down before hitting a diving senton for a near fall. Jordynne hits a delayed jackhammer for a near fall and Kiera hits a running dropkick into a basement dropkick for a two count. Kiera chokes Jordynne in the ropes before she comes back with a fall away suplex and Kiera hits a variation of eat defeat for a near fall. Jordynne hits a spine buster and sends Kiera into the ring post before hitting a flurry of running moves in the corner and a splash for a near fall. Kiera then hits a draping neckbreaker for a near fall before Jordynne hits a spinning slam for a near fall and hits the Grace Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace defeats Kiera Hogan via pinfall with the Grace Driver.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match

LAX (c) w/Konnan vs The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) w/Trey

Ortiz and Wentz get things started with Ortiz hitting several hip tosses and Wentz hits a springboard corkscrew cross body before Dez comes in and hits an enzuigiri before he and Wentz double up on Ortiz. Santana comes in and gets dropped with kicks and a jumping meteora before Dez and Wentz hit topes. The Rascalz then hit an assisted moonsault for a near fall as we go to commercial.

We return to the action to Santana in control of Wentz before LAX double team him for a near fall and Santana knocks Dez off of the apron. Wentz hits a hand spring roundhouse kick and tags in Dez as Ortiz gets the tag on the opposite side and Dez hits a snapmare into a dropkick that sends Ortiz out of the ring. Dez hits Santana with a Pele kick and Santana hits a rolling cutter before everyone tries to pin each other for several near falls. The Rascalz hit their finisher for a near fall before Ortiz accidentally spits alcohol in the eyes of the referee before one referee calls for the bell and the other reverses the decision. LAX then win the match via disqualification when Trey interferes.

Winner: LAX retain their IMPACT Tag Team titles by defeating The Rascalz via disqualification when Trey interferes.

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