IMPACT Wrestling Motown Showdown Results IMPACT World Title Match, Elgin vs Cage, Edwards vs Fulton

IMPACT Wrestling Motown Showdown

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Tony Gunn & Kings Ransom vs Tyler Tirva, Clayton Gainz & Jackson Stone

Tony drops Tyler before they slap each other and Tony hits a high angle back drop before Clayton comes in and locks in a headlock on Tony. Maximus and Leonis come in and double up on Clayton before Kings Ransom hit Clayton with a double arm drag, Maximus hitting a huge spinebuster before Jackson gets the tag and Leonis gets a two count off of a jack knife cover. Jackson muscles Leonis up for a suplex before Tony rocks Tyler with right hands and drops him with a clothesline and counters a DVD into a flap jack. Jackson suplexes Tony before Leonis hits a spear and Tyler hits a DVD before Tony gets his knees up when Tyler goes for Splash Mountain. Tony then hits Tyler with a discus five arm for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tony Gunn and Kings Ransom defeat Tyler Tirva, Clayton Gainz and Jackson Stone via pinfall.

Ali Akhbar vs Nate Bak

Ali slams Nate down before Nate locks in a straight armbar and Ali drops him with a shoulder block once he's back up. Nate hits a hip toss and a tope to the outside before rolling Ali back into the ring, Ali meeting him on the top turnbuckle and knocking him down onto the mat for a quick two count. Ali locks in a camel clutch before Nate counters a suplex into one of his own and drops Ali with ax handles and a dropkick into a spinebuster for a two count. Nate then hits a full nelson slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nate Bak defeats Ali Ahkbar via pinfall with a full nelson slam.

X-Division Championship Match

Ace Austin (c) Dez

They exchange wrist locks before Dez locks in an abdominal stretch and Ace takes him down with a waist lock before locking in a front headlock. Ace drops Dez with a shoulder block and plays to the crowd before Dez gets several quick two counts off of a variety of pin attempts. Dez hits a huricanrrana and a dropkick that sends Ace out of the ring before hitting a drop toe hold once they're back in the ring and gives Dez a paper cut with a playing card. Ace traps Dez in the ropes and hits a neckbreaker before Dez cokes back with forearms and a running back elbow in the corner before he lands on his feet when he goes for a 450. Dez kicks Ace in the back of the head and hits a 619 for a near fall before Ace hits a sliding clothesline in the corner and they exchange before Dez hits an enzuigiri in the corner. Ace then kicks Dez when he does a back flip before hitting The Fold for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ace Austin retains his X-Division Championship by defeating Dez via pinfall with The Fold.

Larry D vs Jamal King

Larry backs his opponent into the corner before hitting a power slam and Jamal hits a shoulder breaker before focusing on the now injured right arm of Larry. Larry hits a front suplex when Jamal goes for a suplex and turns King inside out with a lariat before hitting a snap mare into a thrust kick. Larry hits a jumping Allah for a two count before Jamal manages to suplex Larry and hits a diving splash before dropping Larry with a running knee for a near fall. Larry then rocks Jamal with a headbutt before knocking him out with a right hand.

Winner: Larry D defeats Jamal King via pinfall with a right hand.

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