IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender Results Sami Callihan Retains, Triple Threat Tag Team Match

IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for IMPACT Wrestling's No Surrender!

-We open the show with a promo by OvE before we open the show in the arena.

Trey vs Logan James vs Tyler Matrix

Trey counters a double arm drag and hits a huricanrrana before Logan drives him into the corner and Trey dropkicks him. Tyler rocks Trey with an enzuigiri and sweeps him before hitting a shotgun dropkick and slapping Logan across the face before Logan hits a rolling foot stomp. Tyler knocks Trey from the apron before Logan rolls him up for a quick two count before Trey takes out Logan, Tyler and the cameraman at ringside with a moonsault. Back in the ring Tyler and Logan exchange superkicks before Trey hits a northern lights suplex to Tyler while having Logan in a submission for a two count before all three men exchange strikes. Trey hits a back flip into a jumping stomp for a two count before Tyler hits a falcon arrow for a near fall that Logan breaks up and Trey hits a cheeky nandos into a 619 before hitting a meteora off of the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trey defeats Logan James and Tyler Matrix via pinfall when Trey pins Logan with a diving meteora.

Madison Rayne vs Rosemary

Madison calls Rosemary out and says that she has authority as the locker room leader and that she could fire Rosemary before telling her to lie down and take the fall if she doesn't want to be fired. Rosemary then teases she's going to let Madison win before biting her leg and locking in a tarantula in the ropes before Madison boots her off of the apron when she tries to get back into the ring. Madison hits a running forearm in the corner before Rosemary drops her with forearms and a clothesline before Madison drops her with a knee and Rosemary sits right back up. Rosemary then hits a wing clipper Ala former IMPACT star Angel Garza for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rosemary defeats Madison Rayne via pinfall.

-After the match we go backstage to an interview with Larry D before he's interrupted by his opponent for tonight, Michael Elgin who tells Larry that it will be his honor to show Larry why he's called Unbreakable.

-We go to Jeremiah in the ring where he introduces himself and says that he's The Hooked and that he loves whiskey, women and wrestling and that he rides on lightning and brings the thunder before he's interrupted by Rhino.

Rhino vs Jeremiah

Rhino immediately Gores Jeremiah for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rhino defeats Jeremiah via pinfall with a Gore.

Rhino vs Clayton Gains

Clayton attacks Rhino from behind when he's celebrating his victory over Jeremiah before Rhino comes back with right hands and Clayton drops him with a back elbow for a quick two count. Clayton chokes Rhino in the ropes and slams him down by his hair before Rhino rolls out of the way of a splash and sends Rhino into the ring post for a two count. Clayton locks in a rear choke before Rhino gets to his feet and clotheslines Clayton before hitting a shoulder thrust in the corner and an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rhino then Gores Clayton for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rhino defeats Clayton Gains via pinfall with a Gore.

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