IMPACT Wrestling On POP! Live Coverage & Discussion 2/23 The Expedition Of Gold Continues & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE NXT! IMPACT Wrestling On POP! We have a packed show tonight as in our main event Trevor Lee will defend his X-Division title against DJ-Z , The Hardys continue their quest for gold as they set their sights on Mid-Atlantic and Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness are set to get married! Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for what is shaping up to be an unforgettable night in the IMPACT Zone!

-Cody and Brandi Rhodes come out to the ring to start the show, Cody talking about all of his travels, including the Tokyo Dome, but he/s back in the IMPACT Zone. Cody addresses when Lashley attacked him a few months ago, then Cody and Brandi talk about her wrestling now and how she faced Decay with Moose. Cody then calls Moose out to the ring and Cody thanks him before Moose says that he has their back. Cody then asks Brandi if she has Moose's number and accuses Brandi and Moose of sleeping together. Moose says he just looked after her and trained her, saying that he wouldn't do that to a friend, Cody immediately saying that they're not friends. Brandi confronts Cody and Cody says he's just joking before low blowing Moose. Cody then beats on Moose as Brandi tries to get him to stop, the two screaming at each other, Cody saying it's a joke before hitting Moose with Cross Rhodes.

-We then get a Tyrus and Eli Drake video package.

Tyrus vs Eli Drake

Tyrus drops Drake immediately then Drake scurries out of the ring and grabs a mic, saying that he wants Tyrus to take the fall, but Tyrus wants him to. Neither person lies down then Eli knocks out the referee for a disqualification.

Winner: Tyrus via disqualification

-After the match they hug and make up out of no where.

-We then have Maria, Laurel and Sienna preparing for Laurel's wedding.

-Jade then comes out and talks about her rivalry with Rosemary. Jade calls Rosemary out then they exchange words before we go to commercial.

-We then have Braxton and Mike backstage, talking about Braxton marrying Laurel. Braxton has cold feet, but Mike tells him to get drunk beforehand.

Bram vs Jessie Godderz

Jessie is aggressive early, but Kingston pulls Jessie off the apron after Bram sends him out of the ring. Bram throws Jessie into the stairs then puts him back into the ring for a quick 2 count. Jessie hits Bram with a series of forearms then Bram tosses him out of the ring for Kingston to beat on him before putting him back into the ring for another quick 2 count. Jessie makes his comeback, putting Bram into a Boston crab, but Kingston distracts the referee. Jessie then turns him over and slingshots him into Kingston before rolling him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jessie Godderz via pinfall

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