IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV Results 1/18 Barbed Wire Massacre 3, IMPACT Global Championship Motor City Mayhem Triple Threat Match & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV! Tonight we an action packed show as in our main event we have a Motor City Mayhem match where Eli Drake will defend his IMPACT Global Championship against Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact, Taiji Ishimori defends his X-Division Championship against Dezmond Xavier and right after the show exclusively on IMPACT Wrestling's Twitch channel we have a match too violent for television as oVe and LAX square off in Barbed Wire Massacre 3 for the IMPACT Tag Team Championship! Be sure to come back here at 8PM for what should be a great show from the IMPACT Zone!

X-Division Championship Match

The Miz: Bad Bunny Earned My Respect, Door Is Open Anytime He Wants To Come Back

Taiji Ishimori (c) vs Dezmond Xavier

They squat and stare at each other from across the ring before the match starts, then lock up for a clean break when Dezmond backs Taiji into a corner. They lock up again for another clean break, Taiji backing Dezmond into a corner this time before Dezmond shoves Taiji and puts him in a side headlock. Taiji takes Dezmond down and they grapples, Taiji getting a quick two count off of a crucifix before Dezmond rolls out of the ring to regroup. Dezmond gets back in the ring and tosses Taiji out of the ring only for Taiji to run back in and dropkick him out of the ring when he goes for a tope to the outside. Dezmond comes back in and chops Taiji repeatedly before hitting a snapmare into a headlock, then trips Taiji and puts him in a unique submission.

Taiji gets back to his feet and goes for a hand spring move, but Dezmond kicks him when he's upside down and sends him out of the ring and over the barricade. Dezmond then runs and hits a flipping senton over the top tope and over the barricade and onto Taiji and into the crowd as we go to commercial.

They exchange strikes as we come back from commercial until Dezmond hits a cutter and a running European uppercut in the corner before finishing with snapmare into a dropkick to the back of the neck for a quick two count. Taiji catches Dezmond on the top before hitting a delayed superplex for a near fall, then Taiji hits a hand spring roundhouse kick for a very close near fall. Taiji hits double running knees in the corner before missing a double foot stomp, then Dezmond hits a corkscrew senton for a very close near fall of his own. Dezmond counters a gutbuster into a standing corkscrew moonsault for a near fall before Taiji hits the knees and finishes with a 450 splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori defeats Dezmond Xavier via pinfall with a 450 splash to retain the X-Division Championship

-We get a video package for Barbed Wire Massacre 3 where oVe will defend their IMPACT Tag Team Championship against LAX as well as their entire rivalry the past several months. We then get a video package for the rivalry between James Storm and Moose and American Top Team and Lashley. Next we get a match between Eddie Edwards and Aron Rex that you can watch on the Global Force Network. Lastly we get a video package where Matt Sydal talks about his rivalry with EC3 and how desperate he is to become the new IMPACT Grand champion as we go to commercial.

-We come back from commercial to a video package for the Knockouts division and everything that happened the past several months between Gail Kim and her tutelage of Allie on her road to challenging for the title before she's interviewed and says that she deserves a shot at Laurel Van Ness' belt.

Kongo Kong vs Chandler Park

Chandler tries to punch Kong only to be smashed in the corner with a running splash before Kong misses another splash. Chandler then gets in several punches in the corner before Kong hits an ushigaroshi and a cannonball in the corner before finishing with a sit down piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kongo Kong via pinfall

-After the match Kong hits a splash off of the top and lays Chandler out as we go to commercial.

IMPACT Global Championship Motor City Mayhem  Triple Threat Match

Eli Drake (c) vs Alberto El Patron vs Johnny Impact

We get recap of the match at Board City Wrestling and not in the IMPACT Zone as they keep doing jump cuts. They brawl in the ring and at ringside to start the match before Alberto hits Johnny with a chair, then they get back in the ring is about to fall down in this match as the ropes are barely hanging on. Alberto hits a backstabber  for a near fall, Johnny dragging the referee out of the ring at the last second to break up the count, then the referee who appears to be a wrestler hinself gets into a shoving contest with Eli. They all start arguing until they hit a triple superkick to the referee, then a new referee comes in and Eli argues with him before chaos ensues as several of the promotions' talent hits the ring and the IMPACT wrestlers have to fight them off with the match being ruled a no contest as we go to commercial.

Winner: No Contest therefore Eli Drake retains his IMPACT Global Championship

Rosemary vs KC Spinelli

KC runs at Rosemary only to be sent face first into the top turnbuckle, then Rosemary smashes her face into several others before whipping her across the ring and hitting a running forearm in the corner. Rosemary hits a roundhouse kick, but misses a splash, then elbows KC when she runs in before locking in a tarantula in the ropes until the count of four. KC comes back with a running hip attack in the corner into a bulldog for a near fall before Rosemary drops her repeatedly and goes for the Red Wedding. KC counters the Red Wedding and clotheslines Rosemary for a near fall before arguing with the referee only for Rosemary to kick her in the midsection and hit the Red Wedding on the third attempt for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rosemary via pinfall with the Red Wedding

-After the match Rosemary calls Laurel out and says that she deserves a title shot and not Allie and that they may be friends, but Rosemary only cares about the title before she's attacked by Hania. Hania lays Rosemary out after beating on at ringside and hitting a spinebuster on the ramp before draping her across the steps and sitting down nonchalantly until the officials come out and make her leave as we go to commercial.

-We get another video package for Barbed Wire Massacre 3 where everyone involved talks about what it means to be IMPACT Tag Team champions, LAX talking about how great it was to win the titles and oVe from the perspective that it made them a failure for losing them. Abyss then talks about how dangerous a Barbed Wire Massacre match can be as we see highlights of everyone making their way down to the ring for the match that happened this past November and will shown tonight on IMPACT Wrestling's Twitch channel after IMPACT goes off the air as POP refused to show the match due to its violent and graphic nature.

-We come back from commercial to a video package for all of the matches coming up at Genesis next week before a final plug for the Barbed Wire Massacre 3 match up next on Twitch.

-IMPACT Wrestling Twitch Exclusive-

Barbed Wire Massacre 3

oVe & Sami Callihan vs LAX & Homicide

Both sides square off in the center of the and pose before they start brawling, all six men exchanging right hands before LAX send oVe into the barbed wire, but they stop themselves before rolling out of the ring to regroup. Santana hits a flipping senton over the barbed wire and takes out all three members of oVe before Ortiz hits Jake with a trash can lid and a chair. Sami and Homicide get in the ring and stab each other with forks before Sami sends Homicide right into the barbed wire. Ortiz gets in the ring and beats Sami down with a trash can lid before whipping him into the barbed wire. Dave suplexes Homicide and he rolls out of the ring before Ortiz sends Dave into the barbed wire before Dave sidesteps him and Ortiz goes sternum first into the barbed wire covered ring post.

Jake rolls Homicide up for a near fall before Homicide pushes him away and into the barbed wire before Jake rolls out of the ring. oVe start throwing chairs at Homicide after hitting him with a barbed wire board, then Homicide pours alcohol on a cut Dave has. Sami spits alcohol in the face of Homicide before Ortiz suplexes Jake through a barbed wire board at ringside, then Sami counters the Gringo Killer and drops Homicide over the barbed wire. Homicide falls out of the ring wrapped up in the barbed wire before Jake falls out of the ring and over the barbed wire and to the floor. Homicide superkicks Dave before wrapping Jake in Barbed wire, then Santana cuts him free before Ortiz hits a running DVD into a barbed wire board in the corner for a near fall.

Jake spears Ortiz off of the apron and through a table at ringside before Sami brings in a chair wrapped in barbed wire and tombstones Santana onto it for a very close near fall. Sami sets two tables up in the ring before piledriving Santana and setting him on the tables, but Konnan comes in and saves him before Santana sand Dave brawl on a ladder until Santana puts several wooden skewers into his head and finishes with a superplex off of the ladder and through the two tables for the pin and the win.

Winner: LAX & Homicide defeat oVe & Sami Callihan via pinfall to win the 3rd Barbed Wire Massacre

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