IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV Results 3/22 Feast or Fired Cases Revealed, Knockouts Title Match & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV. Tonight we have a great show as in our main event the Feast or Fired cases will be revealed, Allie defends her Knockouts title against Sienna, Austin Aries and Alberto El Patron square off and more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of the action!

-We open the show with a recap of Feast or Fired Match from last week before Alberto El Patron comes out to the ring and talks about his match against Austin Aries before talking him up momentarily. Alberto says that Austin isn't the greatest man who ever lived; he is, then Austin makes his way out to the ring with all of his belts. They talk about their match before Alberto tells the back to play Austin's music, then Austin says for them to play Alberto's, that it will be the last time it's played last, insinuating that he will never be champion again as long as he holds the title before leaving as we go to commercial.

Trevor Lee vs Fallah Bahh

Bahh sends Lee across the ring and nearly out of it when Lee shoves him before Caleb distracts him and Lee comes back with a series of kicks. Bahh misses a running cross body and falls out of the ring before Caleb sends him into the ring steps before rolling him back into the ring. Bahh sits on Lee before rolling over both Lee and Caleb when Caleb tries to pull Lee out of the ring. Bahh then goes for a splash, but Trevor distracts the referee before Caleb hits Bahh and Lee hits a powerbomb off of the second rope before rolling him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trevor Lee defeats Fallah Bahh via pinfall with a powerbomb into a roll up.

X-Division Championship Match

Matt Sydal (c) vs Rohit Raju

They lock up to start the match before Matt takes Raju down, then Raju comes back with a flurry of offense for a quick two count. Matt hits a shotgun dropkick before they exchange chops until Matt puts Raju in a surfboard stretch that he fights out of. Raju then hits a spinning neckbreaker for a quick two count as we go to commercial.

Matt is in control as we come back from commercial, hitting a standing moonsault for a quick two count before the two exchange kicks until Raju drops Matt with s leg sweep. Raju hits a series of running knees for a near fall before Matt hits a sliding German suplex for a near fall of his own. Raju catches Matt on the top before Matt fights him off and hits a sunset flip powerbomb into a shooting star press for the pin and the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal retains his X-Division Championship by defeating Rohit Raju via pinfall with a shooting star press.