IMPACT Wrestling on Pop TV Results 8/31 The Eli Drake Era Begins!

This is the live coverage for IMPACT Wrestling on Pop TV. Tonight we begin a new era in IMPACT after Eli Drake won the Gauntlet for the Gold to become the IMPACT World Champion when he teams up with Chris Adonis to take on Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact. We also have Petey Williams in his first match in over eight years when he takes on Caleb Konley and much more so be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST for all of the action!

-Eli Drake and Chris Adonis come out to the ring, Eli celebrating winning the belt and saying that no one on earth could stop him before Johnny Impact interrupts them. Johnny says that he is there for the title before Eddie Edwards comes out, the two teaming up to face Eli and Chris later tonight. Eddie talks about wanting the belt back and that it belongs to him, Eli trying to turn them against each other before Johnny says that he doesn't care who he has to get through to get to the belt. Jim Cornette comes out to the ring and says that he thinks anyone can win the belt and makes the previously announced tag match for later tonight. Jim goes on to say that if Eddie and Johnny win then Eli has to defend the belt against the one who pins him and if Eli and Chris win then he doesn't have to defend it.

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-Allie then talks to Taryn backstage before Taryn lays her out as we go to commercial.

OVE vs Mario Bokara & Fallah Bahh

OVE are in control to start the match as we see LAX watching from their clubhouse. Bahh tags in and drops Jay with a running cross body before tagging Mario back in. OVE take out Bahh before hitting a double team move to Mario for the pin and the win.

Winner: OVE via pinfall

Caleb Konley vs Petey Williams

Petey goes right after Caleb to start the match before Caleb turns it around and chops him repeatedly. Petey hit a huricanrrana and a shotgun dropkick in the corner before he's distracted by Trevor Lee at ringside. Caleb chokes Petey in the ropes before raking his back and rolling him up for a quick two count. Petey fights out of a headlock before Caleb drops him with an elbow to the forehead for a quick two count. Caleb hits an arm drag into the corner that turns Petey end over end for a near fall before Petey goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Lee distracts him at first. Petey then hits the Canadian Destroyer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Petey Williams via pinfall

-After the match Trevor attacks Petey before he's saved by Sonjay Dutt who chases him off as we go to commercial.

Richard Justice vs Kongo Kong

Kong drops him before hitting a diving splash halfway across the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kongo Kong via pinfall

-Shera comes out after the match to save Justice before sending Kong out of the ring as we go to commercial.

James Storm vs Low-Ki

Low-Ki goes after James immediately, beating on him in the corner until the official pulls him off. Low-Ki drops Storm with a headbutt before Storm comes back and drops Low-Ki with a shoulder block and a sling blade. Low-Ki hits a snapmare into an abdominal stretch before dropping him with a scissor kick. Low-Ki beats James back down to the mat before he comes back with a flurry of offense before hitting a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Storm hits a monkey flip that sends Low-Ki onto the top rope before he hits a double foot stomp.

Low-Ki misses a Warrior's Way before Storm hits the Last Call superkick, but Santana hits him with a belt when the referee is distracted by Low-Ki allowing Low-Ki to hit the Warrior's Way for the pin and the win.

Winner: Low-Ki via pinfall

Eddie Edwards & Johnny Impact vs Eli Drake & Chris Adonis

Eddie and Johnny tag in and out to start the match, keeping Eli isolated before Eli tags in Chris who drops Johnny with a shoulder block. Chris tags Eli in, Eli beating Johnny down and stomping on him before tagging Chris back in when Johnny comes back. Chris rakes the eyes of Johnny before tagging Eli back in, Eli missing a tope to the outside before Eddie hits a tope to the outside through the legs of Johnny. Johnny then takes out Adonis with an Asai moonsault as we go to commercial.

Chris and Eli are in control as we come back from commercial, tagging in and out and keeping Johnny isolated in their half of the ring before Johnny manages to tag in Eddie. Eddie gets the tag and hits a blue thunder bomb to Chris for a near fall before Ali hits the Skylord Slam off of the top rope when Eddie is distracted by Chris on the apron as we go to commercial.

Chris is in control of Eddie as we come back from commercial, dropping him repeatedly before tagging Eli in, Eli keeping the high flyer grounded before Eddie reverses a suplex and tags Johnny in who takes out both Chris and Eli with a superkick and a clothesline before hitting a double neckbreaker. Chris and Eli hit a double team move before knocking Eddie off of the apron and to the floor for a near fall. Eddie comes back in and takes out both Chris and Eli with kicks before hitting a flipping elbow drop for a near fall that Chris breaks up. Eddie gets tagged in as Johnny fights with Chris on the outside before Eli hits his finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eli Drake & Chris Adonis via pinfall

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