IMPACT Wrestling Presents Slammiversary 2018 Results

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Fatal Four Way Match 

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Fenix sends Taiji out of the ring before Johnny and Taiji clear the ring and lock up before Johnny drops Taiji repeatedly. Johnny hits a PK before missing a moonsault, but landing in his feet, then Fenix comes in and hits a huricanrrana that sends Johnny out of the ring. Fenix hits a thrust kick to the side of the head before Petey hits a side Russian leg sweep and puts Fenix in the tree of woe. Petey kicks Fenix in the midsection before he rolls out of the ring and Taiji comes in and dropkicks Petey before everyone takes turns hitting topes to the outside. Petey hits a code breaker to Johnny before they hit a variation of a tower of doom with a Samoan drop before Petey teases a Canadian Destroyer before turning it into a sharpshooter on Taiji.

Johnny hits a rolling neckbreaker for a near fall that Fenix breaks up before Fenix hits a rolling cutter for a near fall that Taiji breaks up. Taiji hits a shotgun dropkick in the corner and running knees before hitting a gut buster that Petey breaks up. Taiji and Petey exchange forearms until a superkick party ensues that leaves everyone on the mat. Taiji hits a uranage into a 450 splash before Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer and Johnny hits Starship Pain.

Winner: Johnny Impact defeats Taiji Ishimori, Fenix and Petey Williams via pinfall when he pins Fenix with Starship Pain.

Allie vs Tessa Blanchard

Tessa is in control to start the match before Allie comes back with a diving cross body and Tessa drops her throat first across the railing. Tessa rolls back into the ring before Allie rolls back in and Tessa mounts and beats on her with punches and forearms. Tessa gets a quick two count off of a roll up before hitting a series of wrist lock lariats. Allie comes back with a suplex into the corner before Tessa catches a superkick and they end up at ringside on the floor. Allie hits a DVD onto the floor before they both make it back into the ring at the count of nine. They exchange forearms once they're back in the ring until Allie drops Tessa repeatedly and hits a dropkick in the corner before finishing with a lung blower for a near fall.

Tessa side steps Allie in the corner before setting her up top, but Allie fights her off only for Tessa to hit a frankensteiner for a very close near fall. Tessa misses a high angle senton before Allie hits a code breaker, but Tessa immediately rolls out of the ring and falls onto the floor to avoid the pinfall. Allie then gets Tessa back into the ring and hits a superkick for a very close near fall before Tessa counters a DVD into a hammer lock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard defeats Allie via pinfall with a hammer lock DDT.

House of Hardcore Match

Eddie Edwards vs Tommy Dreamer

They brawl as soon as the match starts before Tommy hits Eddie with a trash can and hits a neckbreaker in the ropes once Eddie rolls back into the ring before Eddie falls back out of it. Eddie sends Tommy into the ring post before bringing a staple gun into the ring before Tommy counters a sunset flip by stapling Eddie in the forehead. Back at ringside Tommy hits Eddie with an ECW title he got from a fan in the crowd before Eddie hits a suicide dive and crotches Tommy onto the railing. Once they're back in the ring Eddie beats on Tommy with a kendo stick before Tommy gets the stick and assaults Eddie with it. Tommy sets up some chairs in the ring before Eddie catches him up top and Tommy low blows him before hitting a super DVD onto the chairs for a very close near fall.

Tommy brings a table and lighter fluid into the ring before setting the table on fire, but Eddie low blows him before hitting the Boston Knee Party with the chair for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards defeats Tommy Dreamer via pinfall with the Boston Knee Party with a chair.

-After the match Alisha comes out and Tommy hands Eddie the stick before leaving.

X-Division Championship Match

Matt Sydal (c) vs Brian Cage

Brian drives Matt back into the corner and hits several shoulder tackles before hitting a standing moonsault for a quick two count. Matt rolls out of the ring before attacking the knees of Cage when he starts to go out after him. Matt hits a back drop before Brian sends him off of the top turnbuckle and onto the floor before sending Matt into the barricade. Brian rolls Matt back into the ring before Matt catches him and hits a dropkick in the corner. Brian rolls out of the ring before Matt hits a meteora off of the apron and Brian sends him back into the ring.

Matt locks in a variation of the tarantula in the ropes before hitting a standing moonsault, but Brian sends Matt halfway across the ring for a near fall. Matt counters a huricanrrana into a powerbomb for a near fall before Brian hits a gutwrench facebuster for a near fall of his own. Matt lands on his feet when he misses a shooting star press before Brian turns him inside out with a discus clothesline for a near fall. Matt counters the Drill Claw into a snap huricanrrana for a very close near fall before Brian catches Matt in midair and goes for another Drill Claw, but Matt turns it into a roll up for another near fall. Brian then hits the Drill Claw for the pin and the win after Matt misses a shooting star press.

Winner: Brian Cage defeats Matt Sydal to become the new X-Division champion by defeating Matt Sydal via pinfall with the Drill Claw.

-After the match we have Austin Aries interviewed backstage ahead of his title defense against Moose in tonight's main event.

Knockouts Championship Match

Su Yung (c) vs Madison Rayne

Rayne attacks Su on the ramp before tossing her into the ring and hitting a diving cross body before hitting a northern lights suplex for a quick two count. Rayne knocks the bridesmaids off of the apron before sending Su out of the opposite side of the ring. Rayne hits a huricanrrana on the floor all the while keeping the bridesmaids at bay before yanking Su off of the apron and to the floor. Rayne rolls Su back into the ring for a quick two count before Su comes back and one of the bridesmaids holds onto Rayne, but Su accidentally mists her when Rayne moves. Rayne hits a sliding forearm for a quick two count before Rayne hits a cutter for a near fall when Su teases the mandible claw. Madison hits the Rain Drop for another near fall before Su locks in the mandible claw. Su then applies it until Madison passes out for the referee stoppage and the win.

Winner: Su Yung retains her Knockouts Championship when the referee calls a stop to the match when she applies the mandible claw. 

IMPACT Tag Team Championship 5150 Street Fight Match ​​​​​​

LAX (c) vs The OGz

They brawl to start the match before LAX clear the ring and hit duel flipping sentons over the top rope. LAX bring two tables into the ring before everyone hits each other with trash can lids until the OGz choke Ortiz with a chain and send Ortiz and Santana out of the ring. Hernandez hits a tope to the outside and takes out LAX before Hernandez beats on Santana first in the ring before they end up on the stage where Hernandez man handles both members of LAX single handedly. Hernandez hits a sit-out powerbomb for a quick two count before Ortiz brings a ladder into the ring. LAX put Hernández on a ladder before hitting several springboard moves for a near fall.

LAX hit a Street Sweeper for a near fall before Hernandez sends Ortiz into the crowd and he sends Santana out of the ring before Homicide hits a cannonball through the ropes and into Santana through the table at ringside. Ortiz hits a DVD through a table in the corner to Homicide before Hernandez hits a razors edge through another table. Santana takes out Hernandez before he and Homicide exchange right hands and Santana throws thumbtacks in the eyes of Homicide and suplexes him on them before hitting a huge splash off of the top onto the thumbtacks for the pin and the win.

Winner: LAX defeat the OGz via pinfall when Santana pins Homicide with a splash off of the top.

-After the match the OGz attack LAX before spray painting the title belts and leaving with them.

Hair vs Mask Match

Sami Callihan vs Pentagon Jr.

They exchange kicks to start the match until Pentagon hits a sling blade and chops Sami in the ropes, Sami egging him on and telling him to do it harder. Sami rolls out of the ring, but Pentagon follows him and sends him into the railing. Sami rakes the eyes of Pentagon before chopping him until they both miss and chop the ring post before Pentagon drops Sami with a slap to the face. They end up on the apron and Pentagon sends Sami to the floor before Pentagon goes for a tope and eats a chair for his troubles. Sami tossed chairs into the ring before he tries to rip off the mask of Pentagon and tries to drive railroad spikes into his forehead.

Pentagon fights Sami off when he tries to hit him with a bat and hits a lung blower before driving the spike into the forehead of Sami, busting him open. Pentagon tossed Sami one and they drive them into each other's heads until they collapse on the mat. They sit on chairs and chop each other until they pick them up and hit each other with the chairs until they fall back down. Pentagon superkicks Sami repeatedly before he tries to break Sami's arm, but Sami fights him off and tries to piledriver him on a pile of chairs. OvE come out and try to save Sami, but Pentagon fights them off before Sami tosses something into the eyes of Pentagon who drops the referee and breaks his arm. Pentagon hits a package piledriver, but the referee is incapacitated before Sami hits a piledriver onto a chair for a very close near fall that another referee counts. Sami sets up chairs in the center of the ring before Pentagon piledrivers him on top of them for a very close near fall. Pentagon then breaks the arm of Sami before hitting a package piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr defeats Sami Callihan via pinfall to keep his mask and gets to shave the head of Sami.

-After the match OvE come out and attack Pentagon when Sami acts like he'll let him shave his head before Pentagon takes them out and Sami escapes to the back. Fenix comes out and sends Sami back to the ring as security subdue OvE as Pentagon shaves Sami's head.

IMPACT World Championship Match

Austin Aries (c) vs Moose

-Current Toronto Bluejays player Curtis Granderson comes out for the introductions and gets to hold the belt. 

Austin counters everything Moose does to start the match before reclining on the top turnbuckle and dropkicks Moose who gets right back up. Austin slaps Moose before Moose tosses him into the corner and chops him until Austin rolls out of the ring. Moose tosses Austin into the railing before Austin ducks and Moose ends up in the crowd. Back in the ring Austin hits a slingshot elbow drop for a quick two count before they exchange chops. Moose drops Austin with a headbutt before hitting a series of rapid fire chops and two dropkicks in the corner for a near fall. Moose hits Go to Hell for a near fall before

Austin counters a lariat into a crucifix they sends Moose out of the ring. Moose catches Austin when he goes for a tope before turning Austin inside out with a lariat. Austin counters a spear into the Last Chancery, Moose getting to the bottom rope for the break before Austin piledrivers Moose onto the apron. Austin hits a tope to the outside before Moose swings Austin into the railing repeatedly and hits a running kick before rolling him back into the ring. Austin pushed the referee in the way before low blowing Moose and goes for a brainbuster, but Moose hits one of his own and spears him for a very close near fall.

They go out onto the ramp before Moose launches Austin into the crowd before Moose misses a tope and lands on the ramp once Austin is back up before Austin hits a discus forearm and a running double knee strike before finishing with a brainbuster onto the floor. Moose gets back into the ring at the count of nine before Austin hits a PK and Curtis grabs the belt from Austin when he tries to hit Moose with it. Austin then hits a PK into the brainbuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Austin Aries retains his IMPACT World Championship by defeating Moose via pinfall with a brainbuster. 

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