IMPACT Wrestling Presents Victory Road Results Christian Cage vs Ace Austin

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for IMPACT Wrestling's Victory Road event!

TJP vs Steve Maclin vs Petey Williams

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Steve immediately goes after Petey and TJP before Petey gets two on TJP off of a small package before Steve is sent out of the ring and Petey takes out TJP and Steve with a suicide dive at ringside. Steve takes out TJP on the ramp before getting back into the ring with Petey and dropping him with a back elbow before suplexing Petey and knocking TJP off of the apron when he tries to get back inside. Steve stomps Petey and hits a backbreaker for a two count that TJP breaks up before Steve stomps and chokes TJP in the corner and crotches him up top. Petey rolls Steve up for two before Steve puts Petey and TJP in a double tree of woe before hitting a running shoulder tackle for two before Petey gets two off of a crucifix. Petey hits a release German into a shining wizard that sends Steve out of the ring before hitting a slingshot head scissors to the outside and tossing Steve back inside before hitting a slingshot code breaker for a near fall that TJP breaks up. Everyone hits a move before collapsing before Petey and TJP work together and double team Steve before Petey sends TJP out of the ring and locks in a sharpshooter on Steve before TJP gets back inside and locks in an octopus stretch on Petey. The two break the holds before Petey teases a Destroyer before TJP counters and suplexes Steve before hitting Steve with the Detonation Kick for a near fall that Petey breaks up. Steve then dodges the Mamba Splash before Petey hits TJP with a Destroyer and Steve hits Petey with a reverse piledriver before covering TJP for the pin and the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin defeats TJP and Petey Williams via pinfall.

Black Taurus vs John Skyler vs Jake Something vs Laredo Kid vs Trey Miguel

Jake is immediately sent out of the ring before John goes for a tope and Jake catches him before Trey takes them out with a dive and Laredo hits Black with a head scissors in the ring before Black hits a headbutt into a powerslam. John and Black try to knock each other over before Jake clotheslines them and Trey before Jake runs over Laredo and Laredo hits an enzuigiri into a missile dropkick before running the ropes with Trey until Trey hits a head scissors. Trey hits a running uppercut in the corner into a monkey flip into a jumping stomp before John sends Trey sternum first into the corner and rocks him with a knee lift before hitting a slingshot spear. Black comes in and hits a flurry in the corner into a pop-up Samoan drop before Jake hits a discus clothesline and Trey makes Jake DDT Laredo as he hits a diving meteora for a near fall on both Laredo and Jake. Jake chokeslams Laredo onto Trey before Black spears Jake and hits Laredo with a head scissors into a crucifix bomb and John hits Trey and Black with a double slingshot spear for a near fall. Everyone then take turns hitting topes before Laredo hits John with a Spanish fly for the pin and the win.

Winner: Laredo Kid defeats John Skyler, Trey Miguel, Jake Something, and Black Taurus via pinfall.

Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb & Madison Rayne) vs Taylor Wilde (w/ Rachel Ellering & Jordynne Grace)

Taylor and Tenille exchange standing switches before Taylor drops Tenille with a knee and chops her before they run the ropes until Taylor hits a head scissors and Kaleb distracts her in the corner before Tenille drops her onto the back of her head. Tenille takes control and stomps Taylor before choking her in the ropes and Taylor comes back with a jawbreaker and forearms before Madison attacks Taylor and is ejected from ringside. Madison then shoves Jordynne before Jordynne shoves Madison and the referee ejects everyone from ringside. Back in the ring Taylor rolls Tenille up for a near fall before they exchange pin attempts and strikes until Taylor clotheslines Tenille repeatedly and hits a backbreaker for two before Tenille counters a German into a drop toe hold. Tenille then hits a sliding cross body for two before snapping her neck in the ropes and Taylor counters the Spotlight Kick into a bridging German for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taylor Wilde defeats Tenille Dashwood via pinfall.

No Disqualification Match
Rohit Raju (w/ Shera) vs Matt Cardona

Matt attacks Rohit when he's coming out to the ring before he's beaten down by Shera and Rohit before Shera hits Matt with a chokebreaker and Shera leaves before the match starts and Matt goes right after Rohit. Matt beats Rohit down and clotheslines him over the top rope before Rohit kicks him in the midsection and slams him head first into the floor before Matt hits a side Russian leg sweep into the railing. Matt tosses Rohit back inside and Rohit knocks Matt off of the apron and into the railing before beating on him at ringside and brings chairs into the ring. Rohit hits a Helluva Kick in the corner before hitting a cannonball into a chair in the corner before Matt boots Rohit and hits a slingshot into a chair in the corner before hitting a code breaker. Matt hits a TKO through a trash can for a near fall before Rohit counters Radio Silence and hits Matt with a jumping flat liner for a near fall before dropping Matt onto a pair of chairs. Rohit hits a diving stomp for a near fall before hitting Matt with a chair and Matt low blows him before hitting a missile dropkick and Matt takes out Shera when he comes back at ringside before Rohit takes out Matt and Chelsea saves Matt from a stomp onto a chair. Matt then pins Rohit with Radio Silence for the win.

Winner: Matt Cardona defeats Rohit Raju via pinfall.

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs FinJuice

Chris and Juice start the match off before FJ double up on Chris and Chris hits a chop block to Juice and focuses on his leg as Hikuleo enters the match. Hikuleo beats on Juice in the corner before distracting the referee and Chris chokes Juice in the corner. BC isolate Juice until he gets the hot tag to David who drops Chris repeatedly and knocks Hikuleo off of the apron before David misses a running splash in the corner before Hikuleo saves Chris and hits David with a powerslam for two. Chris whips David into the corner and Hikuleo hits a delayed suplex for two before David gets the hot tag to Juice who hits Chris with clotheslines in the corner and hits a high angle back drop. Juice then rocks Chris with jabs before hitting a DDT and FJ clothesline Hikuleo over the top rope and down onto the floor before Hikuleo comes back with a running splash in the corner into a falcon arrow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bullet Club defeat FinJuice via pinfall.

Moose & W.Morrissey vs Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan

Moose and W immediately boot Sami and Eddie before Eddie and Sami clear the ring and double up on W in their corner before he comes back with a double chokeslam after they take out Moose. Moose and W take turns beating on Eddie before Moose knocks Sami off of the apron and Eddie comes back with a back suplex and gets the hot tag to Sami who stomps Moose down in the corner. Sami hits Moose with a DVD for two before Moose hits Sami with Go to Hell for a deep two count before Eddie gets the hot tag and exchange strikes with Moose until Sami drops Moose and gives him to Eddie who hits Moose with a Tiger Driver for a near fall that W breaks up. Everyone hits a move before Eddie superkicks Moose into a brainbuster by Sami for a near fall before Eddie dodges a kendo stick strike by Moose and hits Moose with a piledriver before W grabs Alisha from ringside and demands Eddie put the kendo stick down before he puts her down. Moose spears Eddie before W stalks Alisha and grabs her by the hair before tossing her into the ring and hits her with a powerbomb before Eddie takes Alisha to the back and leaves Sami to face W and Moose alone. Sami then gets back into the ring and fights W and Moose before W boots Sami and Moose spears him for the win.

Winner: W.Morrissey and Moose defeat Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards via pinfall.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
Decay (c) vs Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Decay immediately attack Tasha and Savannah and clear the ring before Rosemary clotheslines Tasha and Decay double up on Tasha for two before Savannah comes in and exchanges with Havok until Savannah rocks Havok. Savannah misses a splash in the corner before Havok hits a running splash and beats on Savannah in the corner before Decay double up on Savannah and Savannah overpowers Rosemary. Rosemary comes back with an Upside Down before Tasha takes her out from ringside and tosses her back inside before Savannah stomps her and tags in Tasha who rocks Rosemary with a flurry of running moves in the corner into a PK for two. Havok comes back in and drops Savannah before hitting a running boot in the corner and Savannah drops her with a boot when she counters a backbreaker before tagging in Tasha who kicks Havok repeatedly. Havok hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall that Savannah breaks up before sending Rosemary out of the ring and Havok sends Savannah out of the ring before Rosemary mists Savannah. Havok misses a running splash in the corner before Tasha hits an enzuigiri and Havok hits a military press with Tasha onto Savannah at ringside before Rosemary tosses Tasha back inside. Havok then pins Tasha with a tombstone for the pin and the win.

Winner: Decay retain their Knockouts Tag Team titles by defeating Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans via pinfall.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match
The Good Brothers (c) vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Willie and Doc kick things off for their respective teams before Karl comes in and Rich hits him with a head scissors before hitting a PK and smashing his face into the top turnbuckle before Willie comes back in and drives his shoulder into Karl's midsection. Karl rakes the eyes of Willie and tags in Doc who gets dropped with a double dropkick for two before driving Rich into the corner and tagging in Karl who hits a back suplex for two. Karl rips at the face of Rich and bites him before Doc comes back in and drops Rich with a roundhouse kick for two before GB isolate Rich until he gets the hot tag to Willie who drops Karl repeatedly. Willie slams Karl and hits a jumping leg drop before hitting Doc with a Samoan drop before hitting a sling blade for two before tweaking his knee and Karl hits a spine buster for a deep two count. Rich hits Karl with a Lethal Injection before Karl hits Rich with a Gun Stun after Doc and Willie take each other out before Doc and Willie exchange strikes until Doc superkicks Willie. Rich takes out Doc before Doc drops him across the apron and Willie hits a wrecking ball dropkick before sending Doc into the apron and Doc grabs Willie's foot before Karl hits the Gun Stun. Karl and Doc then hit Willie with the Magic Killer for the pin and the win to retain their titles.

Winner: The Good Brothers retain their IMPACT World Tag Team titles by defeating Willie Mack and Rich Swann via pinfall.

X-Division Championship Match
Josh Alexander (c) vs Chris Sabin

Josh and Chris exchange wrist locks and arm drags before Josh backs Chris into the corner and chops him before dropping him with a back elbow before sending Chris out of the ring and hitting a sliding cross body. Josh tosses Chris back inside before Chris hits a dive and tosses Josh back inside before hitting a snap DDT for two before locking in a front headlock and following up with a neckbreaker. Chris hits another neckbreaker for two before choking Josh in the corner and hitting him with clubbing blows in the corner before hitting a snapmare into a nerve lock. Chris hits Josh with a forearm before Josh counters a Destroyer into a flapjack before Josh locks in an ankle lock and Chris gets to the ropes for the break before hitting a backbreaker for two. Josh locks in a rear chin lock before Chris counters a suplex into a pin attempt for two before Josh drops Chris with a back elbow and hits a jumping knee before locking in an abdominal stretch. Josh chops Chris in the corner before whipping him across the ring and hitting a running splash in the corner before hitting a scoop slam for two before Chris hits an inverted atomic drop and Josh hits a rolling senton. Josh misses a moonsault before Chris hits a missile dropkick that sends Josh out of the ring before hitting a running neckbreaker at ringside before hitting a twisting draping neckbreaker off of the apron. Back in the ring Chris hits a missile dropkick for two before they exchange standing switches and Josh boots Chris before Chris counters Divine Intervention into a jack knife cover for a near fall before Josh spears the post. Chris goes for a Fujiwara before focusing on the arm of Josh and hitting a sunset flip into a cross face before turning it into a pin attempt for a deep two count before Josh hits a bridging German for a near fall. Chris locks in a hammer lock submission before Josh slams him to get free before locking in an ankle lock that Chris turns into a clutch for a near fall before Josh reapplies the ankle lock and grape vines the leg of Chris. Chris then stands up and rolls back into a bridge for a near fall before countering Divine Intervention and Josh hits a release German into Divine Intervention for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander retains his X-Division title by defeating Chris Sabin via pinfall.

- After the match Chris says something in Josh's ear and hugs him before raising his arm and leaving.

IMPACT World Championship Match
Christian Cage (c) vs Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton)

The two lock up and exchange headlocks and wrist locks before Christian drops Ace with a shoulder block before sending him out of the ring and hitting a suicide dive before Ace rocks Christian who gets distracted by Fulton at ringside. Ace sits in the ring after attacking Christian from behind off of the distraction before going back out and tossing Christian back inside for two before choking him in the ropes and playing to the crowd. Ace gives Christian a paper-cut with a playing card before they exchange strikes and run the ropes until Ace sends Christian out of the ring before the referee ejects Fulton from ringside. Back in the ring Christian hits a tornado DDT for two before choking Ace in the ropes and slapping him across the face before hitting a diving uppercut for two before hitting a reverse DDT for two. Ace dodges a spear before hitting a whirlwind kick for two before Christian snaps Ace's neck in the ropes and misses a frog splash before Christian spears Ace when he goes for The Fold for a near fall. Ace then goes to rip off the top turnbuckle pad and distracts the referee as Fulton comes back and snaps Christian's neck across the top rope before Ace hits a dive for a near fall before Christian hits Ace with the Killswitch for the pin and the win.

Winner: Christian Cage retains his IMPACT World title by defeating Ace Austin via pinfall.

- After the match Christian celebrates before he's interrupted by Josh Alexander who comes out to the ring and gets on the mic before saying Option C which would entail him vacating the X-Division title to earn a shot at Christian and the IMPACT World title as we go off the air.

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