IMPACT Wrestling Results (8/10/2022): X-Division Championship Match, Killer Kelly In Action + More

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Match Card.

Jacques Rougeau Is Open To Participating In AEW

- X-Division Championship Match: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Rocky Romero.

- Killer Kelly In Action.

- Madison Rayne vs. Mia Yim.

- Deaner (w/ Joe Doering) vs. Kushida.

- IMPACT World Championship Contract Signing.

- Karl Anderson vs. Kenny King.

Live Coverage.

- After a video package highlighting the Derby City Street Fight between PCO and Doc Gallows from the 8/4/2022 edition of IMPACT, Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt welcomed the audience to the broadcast before quickly transitioning to the opening match.

Karl Anderson vs. Kenny King.

The two began the match locking up, with King getting Anderson in a drop-toe hold on Anderson. King hit two arm drags on Anderson before he got reversed by Anderson with leg scissors. Anderson got King a headlock before hitting a shoulder tackle on King. Anderson hit a hip toss on King before King and Anderson exchanged pins before standing off. King kicked Anderson in the abdomen, but Anderson hit a superkick on King's abdomen. Anderson launched King into the ropes before connecting him with a back elbow. King got on the apron before King caught Anderson's leg and slammed it into the middle rope. King hit a chop block on Anderson and hit an elbow drop on Anderson's left knee for a near fall. King swept Anderson before kicking Anderson in the head for a near fall. King got Anderson in a submission, but Anderson broke the hold by striking down King's abdomen. Anderson and King exchanged strikes before Anderson connected a Dragon Screw on King's left leg. King hit two punches, but Anderson responded with an uppercut. Anderson hit three lariats, a body slam, and a running senton on King. King punched Anderson's knee, but Anderson responded with a punch and a Claymore kick on King for a near fall. Anderson carried for a fireman's carry, but King hit a scorpion kick on Anderson. King hit a rolling elbow on Anderson before hitting an Exploder Suplex on Anderson. King got Anderson in an inverted Figure Four, but Anderson got a rope break. King went for a Death Valley Driver, but Anderson reversed it with a picture-perfect Gun Stun for the pinfall win to the IWGP Never Openweight & IMPACT Tag Team Champion.

Winner: Karl Anderson.

- King attacked Anderson with a steel chair after the match and attempted to pillmanize Anderson's left leg, but Heath came from behind and hit a Wake-Up Call on King from out of nowhere. Heath celebrated his attack on King with the crowd.

- There was a video package highlighting Alex Shelley and IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander ahead of their match for the title on Emergence.

Deaner (w/ Joe Doering) vs. Kushida (w/ Chris Sabin).

Deaner hit two dropkicks on Deaner's left leg before getting a wrist lock on Deaner. Deaner got a wrist lock headlock on Kushida, but Kushida reversed it with a headlock of his own. Kushida hit a shoulder tackle and two arm drags before Deaner responded by stomping Kushida. Kushida hit two Shotei Palm strikes on Deaner before kicking Deaner out of the ring. Kushida chased down Deaner before Doering got in front of Kushida to stop his tracks. Deaner took advantage and ran across the ringside before attacking Kushida from behind and biting Kushida in the forehead. Back from the commercial break, Deaner placed Kushida's neck in the middle turnbuckle before hitting a shotgun dropkick in his bum. Deaner then hit a neck breaker on Kushida for a near fall. Deaner slammed Kushida's head into the corner before gauging his eyes. Kushida hit three vertical kicks to the arm, a running cross-body, and a Pele Kick on Deaner. Deaner went for a hip toss on Kushida, but Kushida reversed it with a shotgun dropkick on Deaner for a near fall. Deaner hit a Fireman's Carry Knee strike on Kushida for a near fall. Deaner went to the top rope, but Kushida met him there and locked him in the Hoverboard Lock from the top rope. Doering tried to interfere, but Shelley hit a running Senton on Doering off the apron to the outside. Deaner gauged Kushida and went for a diving headbutt from the top rope, but Kushida evaded and hit a running kick on Deaner's left arm before connecting a hammerlock suplex on Deaner for the pinfall win.

Winner: Kushida (w/ Chris Sabin).

- Bhupinder Gujjar challenged IMPACT Digital Media Champion Brian Myers to a match for the title. After weeks of teasing Myers, Myers said that if he wanted the match so badly, he would see him in Emergence.

- Eric Young said that he gave Deaner and Doering opportunities to get rid of the disease time and time again, but they have failed him in every step. Young said that the world belongs to him, stating that he would get things on his hands.

Killer Kelly vs. Tiffany Nieves.

Nieves slapped Kelly in the face, but Kelly responded with a forearm strike and a snap mare/ running kick. on Nieves. Kelly launched the forearm strikes on Nieves in the corner before hitting a low-shotgun dropkick on Nieves. Kelly kicked Nieves in the left arm before locking in the Killer Clutch for the emphatic submission victory.

Winner: Killer Kelly.

- There was a video package highlighting the feud between Honor No More & Bullet Club ahead of their match on Emergence, where if Honor No More lose they would be forced to disband as a faction.

- Eddie Edwards huddled with PCO, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Vincent, Kenny King, and Matt Taven backstage ahead of their match against Bullet Club, where Edwards said that it was about Honor No More remaining together. Edwards put over PCO and King for damaging Anderson & Gallows before saying that they would show that wrestling truly has Honor No More.

Madison Rayne vs. Mia Yim.

The two began the match locking up before Yim backed Rayne into the ring corner for the rope break. The two locked up again before Rayne backed Yim to the ring corner before getting her in a wrist lock, but Yim reversed it with a hammer wrist lock on Rayne. Rayne transitioned into a headlock, but Yim reversed it with a side headlock, but Rayne broke the hold with leg scissors. Yim rolled over Rayne to lock in a side headlock on Rayne, but Rayne broke the hold by slamming Yim to the mat. Yim got Rayne in a victory roll for a near fall before locking in La Casita for another near fall. Yim got a leg-lock pin for a near fall before hitting Rayn with two arm drags and Japanese arm drag on Rayne. Rayne hit a tackle on Rayne's left leg before hitting a low-running dropkick on Rayne. Yim chased Rayne around ringside before she slammed Yim's face into the ring post. Back in the ring, Rayne got Yim in a lateral press for a near fall. Rayne hit two forearm strikes and a snap mare lariat on Yim for a near fall. Rayne laid in knee strikes on Yim's abdomen. Yim hit a boot on Rain before locking in the Tarantula on Rayne in the corner. Yim went for a top rope move, but Rayne evaded before hitting Yim with a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Rayne tossed Yim across the ring before laying her boot on Yim's chin in the corner. Rayne got her legs on Yim's neck before slamming her face into the mat for a near fall. Rayne got in the top rope for a Hurricanrana, but Yim reversed it with a deadlift powerbomb on Rayne. Yim hit two lariats, a corner shotgun dropkick, and a corner cannonball on Rayne for a near fall thanks to Rayne getting a rope break. Rayne hit a back-body drop on Yim before hitting a crucifix bomb on Yim for a near fall. Yim hit a Pele Kick on Rayne before connecting the Eat Defeat for the pinfall win.

Winner: Mia Yim.

- Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo were backstage talking about Purrazzo defeating Rosemary on the 8/11/2022 edition of IMPACT Wrestling, before saying that they will party like it's 1999 when they win the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Titles.

- IMPACT Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace confronted Mia Yim backstage, with Yim telling Grace that at least she was used to short reigns.

X-Division Championship Match.

Mike Bailey (c) vs. Rocky Romero.

The two shook hands to begin the match before locking up. Bailey got Romero in a wrist lock, but Romero got a wrist lock of his own. Bailey got Romero in a headlock, but Romero caught Bailey in leg scissors, to which Bailey broke off with a kip-up. Bailey and Romero continued to exchange lateral presses before standing off. Bailey and Romero exchanged arm drags and dropkicks before Romero got Bailey in La Casita for a near fall. Bailey did a cartwheel before hitting a chop on Romero. Romero and Bailey exchanged kicks before Bailey hit Romero with a dropkick. Romero threw Bailey out of the ring and went for a baseball slide to the outside, but Bailey evaded and attempted an apron moonsault on Romero to the outside, but Romero evaded by sliding back in the ring. Bailey got back in the ring, but Romero attempted a middle rope Hurricanrana, but Bailey cartwheeled out of the move and attempted a spinning heel kick, but Romero got to the corner to evade Bailey's offense. The two exchanged strikes on the outside before exchanging strikes outside of the ring. Bailey kicked the ring post before Romero hit a Hurrincanrana on Bailey outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Romero got to the top rope and hit a knee drop on Bailey's left arm. Romero hit a back elbow on Bailey before hitting the forever clotheslines on Bailey, but Bailey responded by evading a back suplex and hitting a shotgun dropkick on Romero. Bailey it a series of kicks on Romero's chest before hitting a standing corkscrew on Romero for a near fall. Bailey hit a spinning kick on Romero's abdomen, but Romero responded by kicking Bailey's left arm before locking him in a Fujiwara arm bar. Bailey rolled through to break the hold, but Romero caught him with two chops. Romero hit a spring rope Tornado DDT for a near fall. Bailey hit a series of kicks on Romero's arms, but Romero responded with a lariat, but Bailey shook it off and hit a superkick on Romero. Romero and Bailey exchanged kicks before Romero clotheslined Bailey out of the ring. Romero hit a Tope Suicida on Bailey to the outside before sending him back in the ring. Bailey hit a spring rope moonsault on Romero to the outside. Back in the ring, Romero caught Bailey with a Shotei and hit an inverted enziguri before hitting a spring rope leg drop on Bailey for a near fall. Romero laid in a series of strikes, but Bailey responded with a running kick on Romero's chest, a standing moonsault knee drop, and a kick to Romero's head for a near fall. Romero hit another Tornado DDT, a Falcon Arrow, and an arm-bar on Bailey, but Bailey broke it off with a near fall. Romero hit a leaping knee strike on Bailey before hitting a running Slice Bread on Bailey for a near fall. Romero went for a sliced bread but Bailey reversed it with two pinfall attempts for two near falls before attempting the Ultimate Weapon, but Romero caught him with an uppercut and a pimp slap. Romero went for the forever clotheslines, but Bailey caught Romero with a spinning kick on Bailey before connecting the ultimate Weapon for the pinfall victory & title retention.

Winner & Still X-Division Champion: Mike Bailey.

- Scott D'Amore hosted the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing before calling IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander and challenger Alex Shelley to come to the ring and sign their contract for their match. D'Amore said that he was excited for their match on Emergence is a dream match. Alexander said that nobody was more excited for their match than him before stating that the first time he bought a ticket to a wrestling show in 2005, Shelley wrestled and stood out because he wanted to be original in an unoriginal business. He said that he was excited for their match because he had faced the copycats of Alex Shelley but was excited about beating the real Alex Shelley. Shelley acknowledge the similarities between him and Alexander, saying that what made him think he was not a Shelley copycat of his own, to which Alexander responded because he was more of a Chris Sabin guy because he was a former world champion. Alexander gave a motivating speech to Shelley before telling him that he needed to see Shelley at his best. Shelley told him that Sabin represented the company more than anyone despite having three torn ACLs before pointing out Alexander had a torn pec, a torn ACL, and a metal in a neck before saying that his biggest obstacle was Shelley, his hero, across the ring. Shelley said that in their match, he will see an Alex Shelley mark before emphasizing that would not be leaving with the IMPACT World Title. Shelley signed the contract before telling Alexander that it would be his contract before leaving the ring. Shelley and Alexander stared at each other before the end of the broadcast.

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